Tonight TV: Bah crap! Suranne Jones transforms into Scrooge on Christmas Eve

Christmas Carol

8 p.m., Sky Max

“Christmas Fool, Made by American Corporations!” The great Suranne Jones gets to channel Scrooge in this modern take on the Dickens classic, playing a mean businessman who made a fortune selling a single-use party app. As a lucrative takeover looms on Christmas Eve, will Carol learn the error of her ways? In a clever twist, the comedians reincarnate in the spirits who visit, starting with Morecambe and Wise (Jonty Stephens and Ian Ashpitel) as the ghosts of Christmas past. Grace Graeme

Boy, mole, fox and horse

4.55pm, BBC One

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse on BBC One. Photo: BBC

In just three years, Charlie McCheese’s story of camaraderie has become a children’s classic. Now, the iconic illustrations have been adapted into a hand-drawn animated film, featuring the voices of Tom Hollander as the cheerful mole, Idris Elba as the honest fox, and Gabriel Byrne as the wise horse. Ellen E. Jones

His dark materials

7 p.m., BBC One

Things really start to go sour in the third season of the complex fantasy drama based on the novels by Philip Pullman, not least because acerbic heroine Lyra (Daphne Keen) is kept in a drugged stupor by her obsessive mother. Can the Knife Man (Prince Wilson) get to her before she enters the Magisterium? GV

Great Christmas Bake Off 2022

8.25pm, Channel 4

In Matt Lucas’ final foray into baked goods, Channel 4 celebrates its 40th anniversary by sending four symbols from its past into battle. “I never use a blender!” Big Breakfast anchor Gaby Roslin screams, while Popworld’s Miquita Oliver tackles mirror-painting terror. Daniel DeWolf

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gold Hunting Christmas 2022

8.40pm, BBC Two

The comedian buddy must have been eyeing a bigger travel budget, since they’re in Norway for this year’s hour-long special, a country neither Paul nor Bob had visited before. The Lofoten Islands don’t count as a postal code for Santa, but they are close. And there are certainly enough festive-looking fish to keep Paul happy. EEJ

Christmas Comedy Club with Lost Voice Guy

10.40pm, ITV

Lee Ridley returns with his second Christmas comedy. Stand-ins from ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, comedians Josie Long and Dara O’Brien, and rapper and stand-up comedian Abandoman (think Concords flight meets Eminem), complete a veritable festive feast.. DW

Movie selection

The Duke, 1.15pm, 10.55pm Sky Cinema premiere

Roger Michell’s unexpected death in September has left a hole in British cinema that has been filled by mainstream but rarely comforting dramas. His latest fantasy masterpiece, The Duke, is in this lineage, with Jim Broadbent as the prickly but wildly likable character who takes over the system. It’s a fascinating true story, in which 1960s taxi driver Kempton Bunton – whose campaign to waive pensioners the TV license fee to go anywhere – steals a Goya picture from London’s National Gallery and demands a ransom for it to be published. Simon Wardle

it’s a wonderful life, 1.25pm, Channel 4

It's a Wonderful Life on Channel 4.
It’s a Wonderful Life on Channel 4. Image: Cinetext/Rko/Allstar

Hollywood favorite James Stewart delivers a (hopefully) true soul lesson this season in Frank Capra’s clever twist on A Christmas Carol. It’s not a pleasant start, as disgraced Stewart businessman George Bailey stands on a bridge on Christmas Eve, contemplating getting rid of him. Fortunately, Clarence, Henry Travers’ guardian angel (second order), steps in and then takes him on a journey through time to show George what he’s already achieved with his life – and how much worse the world would be without him. Southwest

La La LandAnd the 1 a.m., BBC One

It didn’t win the Best Picture Oscar in the end, but honoring Damien Chazelle is part of it, and part rewriting of the classic Hollywood musical is an exhilarating experience. Aspiring actor Mia (Emma Stone) and aspiring pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) are set in the Los Angeles heartland of primary colors and perfect sunsets, and the movie is as smitten with the city as the couple. Dreams – attainable and not – temper their relationship, with Stone and Gosling’s off-Broadway singing and dancing (music by Justin Horowitz) bringing a natural touch to the slickly stylized visuals. Southwest

live sport

Premier Rugby Union: Leicester Tigers v Gloucester, 2.30pm, BT Sport 1 At Mattioli Woods Welford Road.

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