EastEnders fans already know how ‘dead’ Mick Carter will return

Fans aren’t ready to say goodbye yet (Image: BBC)

The golden rule for EastEnders – and any soap – is that if there’s no dead body, is the character gone forever?

We saw landlord Mick Carter take to the sea to facilitate Danny Dyer’s departure, but the bosses clearly didn’t want to sign the final writ of execution.

Linda (Kelly Bright) and Shirley (Linda Henry) sadly accept that Mick is dead — but fans aren’t quite there yet.

They’ve already succeeded in Mick’s eventual return, and it’s back in the Neighbors story centering on Harold Bishop.

Harold was also presumed dead after falling off a cliff into the sea, and when he returned, he had no memory of what happened or what happened before.

So, if EastEnders didn’t kill Mick outright, surely the only thing that could keep him away from Linda, who he was willing to die for, was something as serious as amnesia.

However, not everyone is so hopeful for this outcome, with the idea that Mick has never forgotten his L is too much.

One thing viewers can all agree on is that there aren’t many ways to write Mick off without taking Linda with him.

Head of supply Chris Clinshaw recently explained the reasons for this to Metro.co.uk.

“What was challenging for us was finding a way out of Mick but keeping Linda, because Mick wasn’t going to leave Linda and he wasn’t going to leave his kids, so it was very difficult,” the producer told us.

“We actually fixed them up, I think that’s a sweet moment. I was watching them film this scene, I had a brief in my office and happened to look up and saw them kissing, and I walked out of my office into the main office and said, ‘Mick and Linda are kissing!’ “

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that.

It is beautiful and takes you back to those years when they were wonderful and glorious.

So while it was one scene, two kisses, I think it’s a nice way to end their story and their journey. Ultimately, it is a love story that ends tragically.

And the drama will continue for Linda, as Chris has already teased a big storyline for her in 2023 that the show hasn’t done before.

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