“ I love the air fryer, I even took it camping.

This Christmas, some lucky foodies may have gotten an air fryer for Christmas — but how exactly do they work and what can you make with them?

Hilary Steele, reveling at Maidstone’s funeral, has “fallen in love” with her kitchen gadget, and has even taken it with her on vacation.

So, the 50-year-old shared her tips and tricks for any budding home cooks who are ready and willing to learn.

She said, “I’ve had the Ninja Foodie air fryer, my multifunctional cooking machine, for over three years now.

“I just fell in love with it. It’s pricey but when I factor in what I may have saved over the last few years, it’s incredible.”

“But not only does it save money, the reduced cooking time is nice.”

According to the Ninja Kitchen brand, the air fryer gives people a quick and easy way to cook with little to no oil.

Hillary Steel and her air fryer in Maidstone. Photo: Hilary Steele

Air fryers allow you to use up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods and cook food faster than fan ovens.

Not only can you air fry with the tool, but you can also roast, dehydrate, and reheat.
Hilary continued, “A small chicken in the air fryer can take about 45 minutes to cook.

“So there’s a huge difference when you’re trying to get a quick meal on the table while still wanting to eat and cook fresh.”

Since the first time she used an air fryer, Hilary has started experimenting with a lot of different ideas.

Homemade steamed dumplings made in Hilary's Air Fryer.  Photo: Hilary Steele
Homemade steamed dumplings made in Hilary’s Air Fryer. Photo: Hilary Steele

“I can do all sorts of things,” she said, “soup, meat knuckles, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes anything.

I even took my air fryers camping with me.

“We were staying in some super fancy cottages in Swalecliffe and they had electrical appliances you could call your own.

“While we were going away for a nice weekend, I knew we’d be out in the afternoon to maybe indulge in a little prosecco, so I bought things like garlic bread that I could literally air-fry when we wanted a rush of food.”

Hilary is such a big fan of Ninja Foodie that she entered and won a competition multi-food processor during lockdown.

Hillary's chicken schnitzel.  Photo: Hilary Steele
Hillary’s chicken schnitzel. Photo: Hilary Steele

She said, “I am not sponsored by Ninja at all but my air fryers are worth it.

“It’s not cheap but if you were to buy something like that, I would definitely choose the best you can afford.

“I didn’t get a lot of money back when I first got the Foodie, so I did it on a four-month payment plan which I found easier.

“So there are a lot of options out there.”

Despite not following the recipes, Hilary did start writing her own recipes to give to friends.

Yorkshire pudding made in the air fryer.  Photo: Hilary Steele
Yorkshire pudding made in the air fryer. Photo: Hilary Steele

She added, “I’ve done a lot of trial and error meals with the air fryer.

“Friends would ask me for recipes all the time so I started writing them down and this has built up into my own collection which is fun.

“Cooking for me is a downtime. My daily routine is very sad and oftentimes completely draining of energy.

“So, to come home, I pour that glass of wine, which I love when I’m cooking because it’s the best ingredient for me, and then create something wonderfully delicious.”

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