The success of Glass Onion shows that we need more funny genre films

This article contains minor spoilers for Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery In her discussion of the need for more mystery films and other comedy/genre hybrids.

The new Rian Johnson mystery glass onionA tale of murder and the betrayal of old friends, it made me laugh out loud. I’ve seen some great movies this year, but it’s really not enough Funny Like this, besides Everything everywhere at once and a Nicolas Cage movie about being Nicolas Cage.

It’s always a matter of preference when it comes to humor, but Johnson really works to keep the subtle jokes flowing throughout the entire movie. Still, Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc is fun to watch, with so many meandering speeches that it could totally fall apart in the hands of a lesser actor. There are also hilariously humorous bits here, like when Miles Bron (Edward Norton) welcomes party guests to his island playing “Blackbeard” on what he says is a George Harrison guitar, then carelessly tosses it as his friends approach.

Not every joke here is a home run. Dave Bautista’s character, Duke, a men’s rights live-streaming guy shooting from his mother’s basement, is a pretty flimsy parody on paper, but he’s still elevated by a Bautista fully committed to the bits. All in all though, glass onion is an effectively funny movie while still being an intriguing mystery. Johnson pointed out that Agatha Christie was a major influence on these films, and kept her funny and exciting mystery stories with strange characters at both ends of the investigation. You can’t say Hercule Poirot wasn’t just a little caricature, though that’s probably the mustache doing the work.

We’re not quite right when it comes to comedies getting a wide theatrical release, but funny, comedic TV shows about genre flicks are still making us laugh in 2022. It’s so strange that it seems harder than ever. Comedy as its single selling point, and it’s far from certain that a comedy will fill theater seats in the same way that a comedy film does Remnants Trilogy did years ago. glass onion It’s estimated to have grossed between $12 and $15 million in its week-long theatrical run over the Thanksgiving holiday, leaving some critics baffled as to why Netflix left money on the table and didn’t extend those shows.

As much as I miss the days of blockbuster comics, I can also admit that it wasn’t a perfect system either. For example, the extended Apatow/Rogen cinematic universe has produced incredible movies but has also been somewhat lonely for a while recasting the same cast members. But we were about to get great new comedies from different perspectives, like 2018’s funniest comedy. blockers Nobody talks about it anymore.

the Take out the knives The movies aren’t anywhere close to the first funny murder mysteries, obviously; idea And many other films before that would like to get the word out. It’s still at odds with the other extreme of detective stories you’ll see more of nowadays on TV, or dad’s favorite streaming app, BritBox. while the Take out the knives The mysteries are comic in nature and almost like old sitcoms at times. There are dark, gritty, suspenseful mysteries that take cues from other sources, including real-life murder and true crime content that’s also very popular on the US and UK airwaves.

when Take out the knives Hitting theaters in 2018, it has reinvigorated people’s interest in fun, action-packed detective stories, with more landing this year. even in Very bad Director Greg Mottola released a murder mystery this year. his movie Admit it, Fletch is adapted to Fletch Novel series by Greg MacDonald. Another dark comedy steeped in Christie’s influence, See how they run Starring Saoirse Ronan and Sam Rockwell, it premiered around the same time as Fletch last September.

Admit it, Fletch In particular it was fun and buoyed by great performances, from Jon Hamm as the titular Fletch, to Marcia Gay Harden putting on a totally wild Italian accent, to Aiden Meyere’s straight but bumbling detective. However, the tone suffered because not enough attention was paid to making the dark side of this dark comedy strong. There were plenty of scenes featuring funny supporting characters that would have made the mysterious night of the murder in question more meaningful, but they got strayed into meandering dialogue that felt like tense improvisation at times.

Glass Onion shows we need more funny mystery comedies - Confess, Fletch

Right in the tagline, they tell you to get ready for some “disorganized” crime, but it was so disorganized that I was really stumped by the unfolding of the story and wasn’t particularly satisfied when I learned what was predicted ahead of time. This movie was at its best with its hilariously funny moments and Fletch’s impressive turnaround, and it could have benefited from a tighter list of cast suspects and a more focused mystery to tie the deception together.

This does not mean that there were no fragments of glass onion Which also felt complicated, but the balance was playing more effectively there. There were hilarious visual gags that were also pivotal to reveal in the story (Jeremy Renner’s hot sauce, anyone?), and they let you howl over what’s going on while simultaneously piecing things together on your mental plot board to advance the mystery. glass onion It works because at no point does Johnson sacrifice mystery for the sake of a joke or hold back the absurdity of the characters and story for the sake of his twists, too.

We probably don’t need comedy as its own genre when it always thrives when mixed with other classic films anyway. If it makes it work to get people into theaters, I’m happy to see the filmmakers’ quirky and funny perspectives on mystery, sci-fi, horror, and any other cliches. But still, the veneer of parody will only take you away when playing in these worlds. To pull off this satirical type of flick, you still need love and deep knowledge of the genre.

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