Ranking 15 holiday theatrical films from most to least

Happy Holidays from Playbill! As another year draws to a close, we’ve been revisiting some of the TV movie giant Hallmark’s holiday movies, many of which feature Broadway talent. Founded in 2001, the channel produces romantic, family-friendly films throughout the year. Their production hits a high in December, with 31 new holiday movies released each year.

Hallmark employs a wide variety of Broadway performers year-round, and especially favors our favorite holiday movie stars, where they can show off their singing and dancing skills. Cast in quick two-week installments, Broadway stars can easily complete a movie between theater contracts, making the network the go-to place for TV for stars like Nathan Lane, Bernadette Peters, and Anika Noni Rose (who has performed in several network dramas, including). That one is about Birmingham Alabama in 1963). For the holidays, Hallmark has hired theater favorites Kristin Chenoweth, Sherrill Lee Ralph, Jeremy Jordan (who plays a Jewish deli owner and super contractor in two separate movies), and more.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, have fun with someone you love, and turn on the TV because we’re ranking 15 Hallmark Holiday movies from most to least theatrical, with plenty of Broadway faces along the way!

1. Amazing vacation

In 1958, heiress Maggie (Jenna Claire Mason) finds herself caught between two worlds, sneaking away from her high-society wedding to pursue her dream of becoming a Radio City Rocket. With the support of Derek Klena and legend Ann-Margret, the cause of the season becomes the center of attention as Maggie finds her own happily ever after. Featuring the real Radio City Rockettes, this is definitely the most theatrical Hallmark Holiday show around.

2. Miss Christmas contest

Vera Parks (Melissa Gilbert) is a demanding Broadway executive who gets fired from another high-profile job. Disgraced, she is forced to take a holiday party to direct a small-town upstate New York Christmas pageant. Will you love staying in the suites, or will spending time away from the big city change Fira’s ways?

3. Christmas Encore

When aspiring actress Charlotte (Maggie Lawson) takes on the role of a job provider Christmas carolIt seems that everything is finally looking up. That is, until the historic theater loses its contract and the show is forced to close. Can Charlotte find a Christmas miracle to save the show and her career? Or are her dreams the ghosts of birthdays?

4. “Tis the season of love

Non-working actress Beth (Sarah Lancaster) finds herself alone in New York City this Christmas, so she’s forced to return to the hometown she fled from 10 years ago. When she gives up on her dreams, leaving a hometown boy behind, a call comes in that may make the final decade of struggle worth the wait–but only if she lets go of Christmas one last time.

5. Christmas love story

Kristin Chenoweth plays a young choir director who falls in love with her widowed father. Unfortunately, a new romance leads her to lose track of the annual Christmas Eve show, and the new song she was supposed to write to celebrate. Come on love story, carry on with the original song performed (and written by) Chenoweth.

6. Hanukkah is rye

When Brooklyn deli owner Jacob (Jeremy Jordan) is set up by a matchmaker with his rival (and intimidating neighbor) Molly, the traditional matchmaker forbids the pair to communicate via text, email, or phone calls. Instead, they have to communicate via messages. Based on an oft quoted play perfumesHanukkah movie invites fellow adaptations You’ve got mail, The store is around the cornerAnd the She loves meAnd the In the good old summer For a good old love story between enemies and lovers.

7. Christmas song

True to its wholesome image, the Hallmark Channel loves to make its main characters teachers. in a Christmas songWhen two rival high schools merge into one, the choir principals (Gabby Hogan and Natasha Henstridge) must learn to overcome their rivalry in a televised Christmas music competition. There’s only one problem: the choir director with the best performance can keep his job well into the new year. No pressure, right?

8. Christmas in my heart

In the second movie on this list that features country songs, country music star Sean (Luke MacFarlane) falls in love with violinist Beth (Heather Hemmens). Sparks fly, at risk of burning out of control. Can church choirmaster Ruthie (Sheryl Lee Ralph) help focus the flame, or are these two musicians from different backgrounds destined to fade?

9. Holly and Ivy

Nina (Marisol Nichols) is terminally ill, and her friend Melody (Janel Parrish) runs up to the plate and promises to babysit Nina’s two children. There’s one small problem: She can’t adopt the husband without renovating her loft with the help of the new contractor, Adam (Jeremy Jordan, again). Maybe a happy family can be found in time for the holidays after all!

10. Love in Iceland

When Chloe (Caitlin Doubleday) puts together a college traveling group reunion in search of inspiration for the new year, the last thing she expects to see is ex-boyfriend Charlie (Colin Donnell), who shows up uninvited. Her best friend Isabella (Patti Morin) does her best to keep the peace as the pair reopen old wounds under the northern lights for the last time.

11. Christmas in Conway

Susie (Mary-Louise Parker) returns home to hospice care just in time for the holidays. Her husband Duncan (Andy Garcia) is determined to bring her a grand souvenir of their epic Christmas romance: a backyard Ferris wheel ride to repeat his proposal many years ago. There’s just one problem: Where does one find a 45-foot Ferris wheel, and how do you sneak it into your backyard without alerting the nosy neighbor?

12. Christmas for books

Lifestyle expert Joanna (Chelsea Kane) is forced to work during the holidays when she is called upon to host a prestigious holiday party while playing out the love triangle between Ted (Drew Seely) and Dale (Chad Connell). Can she go through the event of her life and her heart is healthy?

13. Christmas treasure

When writer Lou (Jordin Sparks) meets chef Kyle (Michael Xavier) shortly before moving to New York, the timing couldn’t be more upsetting. Mix in a 100-year-old time capsule and some meddling friends, and you’ll feel like a great holiday headache as Lou tries to balance her hopes and her home.

14. Heavenly Christmas

Workaholic Eve (Kristin Davis) has died unexpectedly, and the spirit of Christmas is far from her heart. In the afterlife, she is recruited by the angel Pearl (Shirley MacLaine) to support a struggling Max (Eric McCormack) during the holiday season. The big question: How do you navigate love across dimensions?

15. Music teacher

After devastating budget cuts, music teacher Allison (Annie Potts) struggles to come to terms with the loss of the music program that led her to the tragic deaths of her husband and son. When her first class blows up at the end of the program, they descend on town en masse to remind her why music can be the best medicine of all.

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