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Pompey was struck by disease before visiting the city
Tuesday, December 27, 2022 20:21

Portsmouth chairman Danny Cowley has revealed that a disease bug swept through his Pompey team, knocking the players out to a 0-0 draw on Boxing Day in Exeter. The Hampshire Blues face off at Fratton Park on Thursday night.

Midfielder Guy Mengy and loaned Tottenham striker Dan Scarlett were both sidelined due to an error unrelated to Covid, which affects the throat and head, as well as causes fever.

In addition, defender Conor Ogilvie could not warm up despite being named on the bench and Joe Morrell was also among the divers who only recently recovered, while Marlon Buck, Josh Griffiths and Colby Bishop were all in the side although they were fine.

“We definitely had some challenges,” Cowley said. Portsmouth News. Dan Scarlett got a sore throat, so did Guy Mengy, I’ve changed teams about 15 times this week.

“Josh Griffiths wasn’t good, Marlon Buck wasn’t good, Conor Ogilvie wasn’t warming up during the game because he got sluggish during the day. We would use him, but only in extreme circumstances.

“Colby Bishop was sick, Joe Morrell didn’t train until Christmas, it was tough, it was a challenge.

“I know the group, it’s a good group, it’s an honest group and they could easily have used it as an excuse, especially around the Christmas period. They are very professional and want to help the team and the club.

There seem to be three variables [of illness]Those who’ve had Covid think it’s worse than that. It’s a throat, a head, a fever.

“I have some sympathy for them, I had it at the start of the week, but I was at work – and there’s a difference between being at work and being able to play football.

“You were in really bad shape, then [brother and assistant manager] Nikki owned it and then all the guys got it. You know what it’s like, once you’re on the bus and in the changing room, once a person or two spread like wildfire.”

Cowley is hopeful the players will be back before Thursday’s game and that no one else will give up every now and then.

He added: “I told them there, those who are sick are trying to get better as fast as they can – and those who are not sick are trying to stay away from those who are.

“It’s been a constantly changing situation and it’s not easy to manage. Hopefully some will return to Ipswich.”

Town chairman Kieran McKenna revealed an illness in the Blues squad ahead of their 3-0 Boxing Day win over Oxford.

“We had a little bit of sickness in the camp,” he said. “So I thought there were a few in the first 15 or 20 minutes finding their touch, finding their lungs, finding their legs and controlling the game tactically.”

Meanwhile, Cowley has spoken of the future of Blues loan striker Joe Piggott, whose chances have been limited since joining Pompey in the summer.

Piggott suggested he might look to move elsewhere in January unless he played, although Pompey insisted there was no Town call-up clause on his season long deal.

He added, “We hope Joe doesn’t go away, and we don’t want any of our players to go.”

“Our aim is to try to improve in January – that’s what we’re focused on.

“It’s much easier to improve if you can keep your best players and add to them.

“I thought Joe did well against Exeter, his late play and link-up was good, he got other people into the game, he was really smart with his movement. He did a good job for the team.

“He’s done really well against Stevenage recently and we were looking for the opportunity against the right opposition – and we felt Exeter was the right time.

Joe sure got some rough treatment [from Exeter]but this is the nature of the number nine in the first league.

“Joe needs to keep working. We know he has some super strengths in terms of his delay, his touch and his threat, and he works really hard for the team against the ball. Those are things he needs to keep doing to stay in the team.”

photo: TWTD

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Waco Added at 20:35 – 27 Dec

bloody boo

It’s just me Added at 20:37 – Dec 27

At least I stopped him from talking about us! He’s got one more thing to say ITFC would rather do that, spend that amount ITFC bore the bore!

jas0999 Added 21:02 – December 27th

Mind games. There are a lot of viruses out there right now, but a few years ago they were an integral part of football. it is what it is. My guess is most of these will play. But, this is a game we must win. And should.

bluelodgeblue Added 21:23 – Dec 27

Another Cowley distraction?? I’m sure McKenna would be wise to any pre-match mind games! Wolves!

Bellem Added 21:34 – 27 Dec

full of it will be released,

itfchory Added 21:42 – Dec 27

Several places are exempt from PE
In the morning !!

ip6blue Added 22:05 – December 27th

Maybe they are all tired of Cowley

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