The boss of The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals why two episodes were cut before launch

boss to The Witcher: Origin of Blood Revealed why two episodes of the Netflix mini-series were cut.

The series, which is set 1,200 years before the original series, will be released on Christmas Day with its four episodes, but showrunner Declan de Barra has revealed that it was originally supposed to have six parts.

“When we were first talking about the show,” he said, “there were no kind of rules.” digital spy Exclusively. “[We were saying] You know, we’ll do eight [episodes]? Shall we do six? We kind of came up with: “Let’s try and do about six, shall we?”


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“The idea was to do two types of films [episodes]. The thing I always remember about great movies is: “This movie is great!” And then it takes three-quarters of the way through, and you start saying, “Please, don’t do the thing.” And then they go on for a very long time,” he said.

renderer, who also worked Iron fist And the The originalsHe continued by explaining the editing process for the miniseries, explaining that the team has free control over the creative department.

“It’s a road story and a revenge story, like Seven samurai or 13 killers. Want to get a good punch in the face – concise. And you want to go through it, to be taken for a ride. I have never wanted anything where someone is [thinking it’s too long].

Lenny Henry, Witcher Blood Origin


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So in the newsroom, it was only four [episodes]And the [which] It was awesome. We had the advantage of it being a close thing, so we could do whatever we liked,” he added.

The Witcher: Origin of Blood It stars Sophia Brown, Michelle Yeoh, and Lenny Henry, with the narrative depicting the creation of the first Witcher and the demise of the Elven civilization.

the magician Seasons 1-2 are now streaming on Netflix. Season 3 is in production and separate The Witcher: Origin of Blood It will premiere December 25, also on Netflix.

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