It’s official: this is the new limited-edition BMW M3 CS, which hits 188 mph

The “tremendous” four-door performance saloon rocks with CSL power and carbon fiber

BMW revived an old badge for a new car. After the 3er Competition and 4er CSL comes this, the new BMW M3 CS; Once a Goldilocks version of one of the best compact performance cars ever made, now it’s a four-wheel-drive monster capable of embarrassing its “lightweight” sibling.

In fact it was described as “tremendous”. How great are the means by which we shall indulge in our favorite online pastime: Preparation chat. This limited edition four-door features an upgraded version of the M3’s 3.0-liter turbocharged in-line engine, producing a very healthy 542 horsepower. That’s 39 horsepower more than the “standard” M3 Competition, and the same power the BMW M4 CSL’s six-cylinder produces.

However, since the M3 CS boasts BMW’s all-wheel-drive setup (albeit with 2WD mode, which we’ll come to) it actually dusts off the M4 CSL in its standard 0-62mph sprint, taking the new kid 3.4 seconds. Only for 3.7s RWD CSL. The CSL brings it back to 124 mph, taking just 10.7 seconds, while the CS takes 11.1 seconds.

Wait, come back! The new M3 CS tops out at 188 mph because it comes with the M Driver’s Package as standard, while the M4 CSL will hit 193 mph. Is this a decisive win for the so-called “lightweight”? your call.

Anyway, this CS engine seems to be a seriously capable engine. The extra power comes from a tweak to the turbo boost pressure – from 1.7 bar to 2.1 bar – and the electronic control unit. There is also a new, specially designed engine mount with better spring rates for a stronger connection between the engine and the body for better engine response. Torque is plentiful at 479 lb-ft.

Six pots matched to an eight-speed automatic gearbox, active differential and M’s ‘xDrive’ 4WD settings. It’s been given a rearward bias of course, which can be intensified by switching to sporty four-wheel-drive mode – directing more of those horses to the rear – or actually disconnecting the front axle entirely by turning off Dynamic Stability Control and making it all-rear-wheel drive. Prepare to be friendly with your local tire supplier.

Special CS suspension tuning comes in the form of custom camber, damper, auxiliary spring and anti-roll bar, along with special steering tuning. Big M brakes are standard, but larger M carbon-ceramic brakes are of course an option, hiding behind lightweight alloy telescoping—19 inches up front and 20 inches in the rear.

Speaking of lightweight, another number you can chew on. Thanks to its standard carbon fiber roof and lightweight aero parts including the hood, front diffuser, front air intakes, rear diffuser and rear spoiler, this M3 CS is around 20kg lighter than the regular M3 Competition. There are also CFRP mirror caps and shift levers, along with M Carbon bucket seats and a titanium tailgate for the rear exhaust. More solid, as well as lighter.

You can specify it in white, green, gray or black, and there are standard “Laserlight” headlights, BMW’s “curved screen” and all the toys you’d expect from an exclusive performance saloon. Oh, and in case you’re trying too hard to ignore it, we’ll draw your attention briefly to the red color that surrounds the now-rimless kidney grilles. moving forward.

As mentioned earlier, it is limited in production although BMW won’t say how many it will build. Suffice it to say, the main markets for the new M3 CS are the UK, USA, Germany and Japan. In the UK, this old-badged new car is available from March, and will cost you £115,900.

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