Glass Onion’s Jenny Egan engineered one of the movie’s biggest transformations

Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery Spoilers follow.

middle l Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery Not just whodunnit, but why. In this latest outing starring Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, writer-director Rian Johnson teases the best parts of the murder mystery and delivers layer by layer for us to immerse ourselves in.

It turns out that it’s not one murder we have to deal with, but two. And in a true Johnson fake, for a split second we think it’s actually three. Andy (Janel Monáe) is portrayed by Miles Bron (Edward Norton) — only, she’s not Andy at all.

Once she sits down, having miraculously survived her gunshot wound, we are treated to a flashback which reveals that yes, Andy died, but not from a gunshot – instead, her twin sister named Helen believes she was poisoned, and Miles or One of his henchmen is responsible for this.

This extra layer of acting on Monáe’s part is brilliantly done, and while we don’t see much of the real Andi – save for flashbacks to courtroom scenes – we do get a glimpse of the ways Helen tries to be her sister. These clues are subtly placed by glass onionFashion designer Jenny Egan.

This is the second time Egan has worked with Johnson on the Knives Out mystery — she penned the first (and internet-breaking jacket). “It’s an honor and a privilege to be doing these movies with Ryan,” Egan said. digital spy.

The costume design of the people posing as other people adds a layer of descriptive context that Egan has incorporated into Monáe’s costume: “We started with Andi, and the idea of ​​the audience thinking this is Andi.” From there, she incorporated the idea that “Helen would always have understood [Andi’s] closet and took her clothes.”


“If who [Andi] He created that character and whoever that strong, strong woman was, he was there to prove a point. It was all very powerful, simple yet amazing.

Then it slowly started: ‘Well, who is Helen?’ ” [But] I guess the bigger question wasn’t who was Andy but who was Helen, and how do you differentiate it enough? Which I think is with a big help from her makeup and, you know, it’s like the nail color is different — it’s simple stuff. “

However, Helen wouldn’t be snooty — she is a modern woman, after all. “I didn’t want to make her And therefore Simple, like a school teacher. But she’s also sad, looking [for the answer to] Who did this to her sister? “

Janelle Mooney, Kathryn Hahn, Onion Glass Knives Out the Puzzle

John Wilson/Netflix

Egan’s main outlet for distinguishing the twins was the color palette. Andy is bold, bright, and red, but in the hotel when [Helen is] She goes through it all with Blanc, it’s that pretty yellow dress [that Helen chooses]. There was more Helen in there, and there’s a softer version – she takes her time to transform into Andy and then settles down to that. “

However, for fans, we see it first as she lands on the sidewalk and Andi/Helen – via Egan’s styling – makes a bold statement. “It’s like, Oh, there she is. This dress, for me, was one of my favorites. It’s absolutely amazing on her.”

Monáe herself is aware of the power of fashion — her own style stands out, and Egan was aware of her status as a fashion icon. “In my job, you really have to walk away and say, ‘This isn’t Janelle Monae, we’re getting dressed up.'” She’s so excellent at it, there’s never been a moment where she walked into a room and was like, “Oh, because of this, I have to be this, it was.” It’s always about the character. ”

Janelle Mooney, Rian Johnson, Onion Glass Knives of Mystery

John Wilson / Netflix © 2022

Talking to digital spyMona praised Egan’s design and the power of fashion. She said: “I think with fashion you can always tell a story, and with clothes and my personality, whether these characters were created in the world of music, film or television, you want their clothes to say something.

“I had so much fun playing this character and I have to give a big shout out to Jenny, I think he was like my first fit. When I saw it all, we kept almost everything from that first meeting. We had one conversation and she just brought up some things I just loved.”

Glass Onion: Takes the mystery out of the cutlery Available now on Netflix.

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