Romesh Ranganathan of The Weakest Link opens up about the feud with his brother after his father’s death

weakest link Lt. Col. Romesh Ranganathan opened up about the rift he had with his brother, Dinesh, after their father’s death.

When their father died in 2011, it brought to light a number of financial problems in the family. At the time, Romesh had just quit his job to pursue being a stand-up comedian, which led to a huge falling out with his brother because he thought Romesh wasn’t pulling his weight.

“My father’s death caused huge problems with me and my brother,” Romesh told the Griefcast podcast. “We had this situation where we found out our financial situation was a house of cards, and we weren’t sure what was going to happen to the house.


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“At the same time, I wasn’t making any money from comedy, and it was a really high-pressure situation. My brother felt like I wasn’t doing enough to help,” he explained.

Then he spoke of the moment when their fight intensified.

“I remember having a huge argument with him in the foyer of the theater. I exclaimed, ‘I will never forget how you treated me.’ And the argument continues. It caused a rift between us that took months to settle.”

Romesh Ranganathan The Weakest Link


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“Every now and then… it’s like a scar. If one of us sees that the other isn’t doing the brotherly thing, we get back into that dynamic very easily,” he said.

Romesh revealed that the rift between the brothers healed when he wrote his autobiography and that his brother listened to his audiobook.

He shared, at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2018: “Just today my brother texted and said, ‘I’ve just been listening to the audiobook and I’m really sorry. You have given me a newfound appreciation for her on your part.”

The Weakest Link is broadcast on BBC One.

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