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As confusing as it may be, the GT lineup has had some great sports cars over the years. It means plenty of choice for future buyers too, with two-doors available early on for under Β£60,000 already. Some were no doubt more special than others, however, while the Black Series is easy to obsess over, there was a roundabout version with an absurdly fast Nurburgring lap time to its name before – the AMG GT R Pro.

It’s all too easy to forget the idea of ​​the Pro, sandwiched between the earlier (and often bright green) GT R that offered sleek traction control and four-wheel steering, and the later black, ultra-orange, insanely powerful. But it was a properly special car, treated to very serious updates in the pursuit of lap time. It ditched the GT R’s variable suspension for four-way manually adjustable coilovers (with a separate manual to show the owner what to do), increased body rigidity with a carbon fiber plate, fully laced the rear end and added another 100kg of downforce. Perhaps most importantly, the Pro didn’t gain a single additional horsepower over the GT R’s 585hp; Almost unheard of for an AMG special edition, and proof of its commitment to making a difference in drive with chassis and insane straight-line speed.

It certainly made a difference, not only in a NΓΌrburgring lap time seven seconds faster than the R. The GT was indeed very good, and nowhere near as exciting to drive as the Longtail, but blessed with a more charming powertrain and surprisingly livable demeanor. The term ‘bandwidth’ isn’t a good one, but it often comes to mind with the Pro, perfectly combining the best of both Mercedes and AMG. I fondly remember being scared of the silly at first, of the width and power of the four-wheel drive, only to get a feel for it over time and get a feel for the way it went. Like all the best cars, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to love; Don’t forget the best part of the 600 horsepower of the much-loved hot V8, too.

Furthermore, although the Pro model is very good and very rare – it’s believed that only about 50 cars were made for the UK – the emergence of the Black Series as a more powerful and faster GT after that meant it didn’t take off in value as some would expect. What was a Β£190,000 new car is now available for Β£150,000 with less than eight thousand miles, as this handsome blue metallic car shows. It barely now compromises Benz’s territory, sure, but somewhat against convention as far as limited-range, track-focused supercars go.

Of course, it still looks great too, the front splitter and clickers seem to be borrowed directly from the GT3 car and the rear end as aggressive as one would expect from a car capable of lapping the Nordschleife in just seven minutes. The Alcantara and leather interior show precious little wear, with the nine-stage traction control dial still taking pride of place inside. There aren’t many cars that can pull off bucket seats and a Burmester stereo, but the Pro certainly can. Just don’t confuse it with all the other GTs out there…

Specifications | Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO

engine: 3,982cc V8, turbocharged
Delivery: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 585 @ 6250 rpm
Torque (lb-ft): 516 @ 1,900-5,500 rpm
0-62 mph: 3.6sec (claimed)
maximum speed: 198 mph (claimed)
Weight: 1,575 kg (DIN, without driver)
mpg: 22.1
CO2: 284 g / km
Registration year: 2019
Recorded miles: 7,275 (at last service)
New price: Β£188,425
welcome: Β£149,995

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