Today’s horoscope – Russell Grant’s horoscope for December 23


You may not feel like it but it would be best to address problems related to legal, financial and business matters as they arise. Your judgment is good and you will make informed decisions. You can trust a senior colleague when he says you can count on him to keep a secret.

the Bull

Someone will make you an offer at the right time and this may help solve a difficult situation in which you find yourself unexpectedly. An older relative isn’t keen to face the truth but you see the importance of dealing with this and will be honest about your observations.


Some time alone would be welcome. You have a few things to think about and that’s not easy when there are so many conversations and distractions going on around you. A quiet friend will give you some helpful advice.


If something baffles you, stop for a while and notice what’s going on. Don’t ignore your instincts. It may not be immediately obvious but you feel something that has yet to be revealed.


There is hardly a moment to call yourself and there is a lot of gossip in the air. Lots of this will keep you busy and happy at times. It would be a surprise if a neighbor thought the rumor was true when you weren’t so naive.


Hard work will pay off his fair rewards. Although business matters bring a degree of confusion and in addition to being able to settle this quickly, you will also find a way to get results. Whatever you try, you will achieve it. Success to you for taking.


The person who takes everything and who gives very little will benefit from your kindness. You are beginning to resent their attitude towards you. This is a friend you can do without. At home, there is unlikely to be any peace until you succumb to a younger relative.

The scorpion

Some forms of test or interview that will come up in the near future prey on your mind. Instead of worrying about it, prepare yourself. Knowing that you did everything you could to boost your chances of success will reduce anxiety. The evening social event will be special in some way.


The more you think of a social invitation or travel invitation, the more receptive the idea will be. It may be necessary to have to drop other arrangements to fit in, but if it’s something you really want to do, it would be a shame to turn down the offer.


You care about family and financial concerns because you’re doing your best to stick to the Christmas budget you’ve set for yourself. The solution to the problem that arises today will be closer than you think and it will take a quick-thinking friend to show you this.


Think about the future and the long-term consequences of current commitments. If you agree to take over the duties of a colleague due to absenteeism, be sure to insist that this agreement is temporary. She will manage everything even if the situation seems a little unfair.


You have your sights set on a specific goal and there is nothing stopping you. You are determined that you will get to it. Your energy levels are high and you will find it easy to focus as well. You come up with some great ideas.

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