Home Alone fans were divided on the “new” details being uncovered

Home Alone It is often cited as one, if not one the The most popular Christmas movie of all time.

However, it turns out that many people were too busy enjoying the holiday season to pay attention to the details, with a “new” discovery that caught the attention of fans.

A TikTok video recently made the “rounds” suggesting that Kevin McCallister’s father, Peter, accidentally threw his son’s plane ticket into the trash while he was at home. “I was watching Home Alone All these years and he didn’t know Daddy had thrown Kevin a ticket.”

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The 1,000-plus comments on the video were divided between people who never noticed this detail before, and people who wonder how anyone could not notice it. Others wondered if the missing ticket was the reason it took the parents so long to realize Kevin was missing, or if the father did it in secret because he didn’t love his son.

A detail about the film that people may not already know was recently revealed by actor Joe Pesci, who played robber Harry Lime in the first two films.

“In addition to the expected bumps, bruises, and general aches you might associate with this particular type of physical humor, I got serious burns on the top of my head during the scene in which Harry’s hat catches on fire,” he explained. .

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“I was fortunate enough to have professional stuntmen do real, heavy-duty stunts. It was a nice change of pace doing this particular type of slapstick comedy. Home Alone Movies were a physical kind of comedy, and therefore, more demanding.”

Last year Disney released a reboot called Home sweet home alonebut received mixed reviews from critics and was criticized by the director of the original film.

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