Italy says another airline should buy a majority stake in ITA

The new Italian government is trying to end efforts to get the Lufthansa Group to take over the management of ITA.

The Italian coalition government expresses its desire to withdraw the Italian government’s investment in ITA, in stages. It follows the Italian government’s March 2020 purchase of Alitalia, an airline that was under management, and its subsequent bankruptcy in 2017, after Etihad Airways divested its 49% stake.

The Italian government wants private ownership

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Since the government and especially Finance Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti believes in federalism and free enterprise and thus disavows government intervention in a free market economy – it is only logical that this government should try to divest from an airline. According to the Italian government website and Google’s translation into English,

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The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti, approved a decree of the President of the Council of Ministers relating to the methods of alienating the ownership of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in ITA Spa.

This provision, in order to speed up the transfer, confirms the persons who participated in the previous procedure, and at the same time, cancels the restrictions imposed on the treasury to transfer the majority of the company. For selling purposes, the candidate airline buyer’s business plan assumes great importance.

There are reports from and Reuters that Lufthansa has emerged as a potential buyer for shares offered in ITA Airways (also known as ITA Spa).

Lufthansa Group’s firm interest


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Lufthansa was supposed to be in final approach to collaborate with Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) to buy ITA in February, but other potential buyers have shown interest. The Lufthansa Group has always been interested in taking over ITA Airways throughout 2022.

Perhaps this is due to the perceived potential of an Italian hub for the airline. Back in March, Simple Flying reported that, according to, CEO Carsten Spohr – pictured above – described Italy as the world’s second most important strategic aviation market. Spoor has been quoted as saying;

“Everyone who has been involved in this for a while will know that Italy is the most important international market for us in Europe, the second largest worldwide, second only to the United States.

Even after – according to a Reuters report on December 22, 2022 – MSC pulled out, Lufthansa maintained interest. It comes after Delta Airlines and others withdrew from negotiations.

Fleet scale

The discussion of airline fleets seems appropriate given these remarks made by ITA board member Alfredo Altavilla at,

“It would be a mistake to remain independent because we will always be very young compared to the three big airline groups operating in Europe. We are beautiful bachelors with a lot of fans … We hope that Lufthansa will be one of those handsome and wealthy fans who might be interested in ITA Airlines” .

It should be noted that according to, ITA Airways has a fleet of 59 aircraft in operation – all Airbus – with six aircraft in maintenance and 69 Airbuses on order.

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Broadly, Lufthansa — the flagship airline of the Lufthansa Group and pictured at the far left above — splits its orders between Airbus and Boeing, with an order of 110 aircraft. Lufthansa has 215 active aircraft. Active, of course, means Not Count those under maintenance when they are checked on December 22, 2022.

For the rest of the Lufthansa Group, it’s going right to left on the chart — Eurowings, the low-cost member of the Lufthansa Group, has 81 active aircraft and was profiled last summer. Brussels Airlines and its subsidiaries have 36 operational aircraft, Austrian Airlines has 57 active aircraft and Swiss has 83 active aircraft. This makes it easy for the Lufthansa Group to seamlessly accommodate ITA Airways Airbuses into its network with the same general aircraft parts and personnel training requirements.

Do you think ITA Airways will complete the Lufthansa group? Please let us know in the comments.

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