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the The holiday season is busy. There is food to be prepared, songs to be sung, and places to travel. But, perhaps most important of all, there are movies to watch.

We’ve created a list of the best rom-coms, comedies, action movies, classic movies, and more. So, in the midst of your vacation stress, give yourself a moment and a break. You deserve it, after all!

Comedy romance

  • When Harry met Sally
    Where to watch: Netflix, HBO Max
    Overview: “When Harry Met Sally” is considered one of the greatest Rom-Coms of all time for a reason. It follows the stories of Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) who take a car ride from Chicago to New York and spend almost the entire time debating whether or not men and women can be friends. They meet ten years later in a library and find companionship in each other.
  • 10 things I hate about you
    Where to watch: Disney+, Amazon Prime, Fubo, and Sling TV
    Overview: “10 Things I Hate About You” stars Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford and Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona. Kat, a beautiful yet tough young woman, does not wish to be liked by anyone. Enter Patrick Verona: charming, funny, handsome and totally dedicated to winning her heart.

Old but good

  • West Side Story
    Where to watch: Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+
    Overview: West Side Story was first produced in 1961. It is the story of Romeo and Juliet with two teenagers from opposing gangs. The musical and dance scores are enough of a work of art to warrant adding this movie to your holiday movie list.
  • The Wizard of Oz
    Where to watch: Hulu, HBO Max, and Sling TV
    Overview: This 1931 film is a true classic, based on the book of the same name by Frank L. Baum. Little Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) and her dog Toto are swept away to the Land of Oz. There, she meets a scarecrow who needs a brain, a lion who needs courage, and a tin man who lacks a heart–all trying to help her find her way home.

an act

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Where to watch: Starz, Hulu, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime
    Overview: “Spider-Man” is a classic boy-next-door superhero movie / Everyman trope, and the characters are as engaging as the story. If you are looking for a fun and action packed action movie to binge on, then look no further!
  • black Tiger
    Where to watch: Disney+
    Overview: “Black Panther” is an amazing story with great graphics. It’s in the Marvel Universe, but takes place in an isolated society that’s culturally and financially wealthy. It tells the story of King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returning to his country, Wakanda, after the death of his father and facing a challenge from a powerful enemy.


  • Call me by your name
    Where to watch: Netflix, HBO Max
    Overview: With moving musical scores, heartwarming dialogue, and amazing twists, you can “Call Me By Your Name” It has to be the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. The film is about Elio and Oliver, two young men in the Italian countryside in 1983, how they fall in love with each other and how that desire grows into something more.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
    Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Philo, and Roku
    Overview: “The Wolf of Wall Street” It centers around Jordan (Leonardo DiCaprio) as he goes from something to everything in the Wall Street brokerage scene. How does he do this, you may ask? He is simply scamming wealthy investors out of the millions. No big deal, right?


  • Heathers
    Where to watch: Tubi, Plex, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Roku
    Overview: “Heathers” is the story of Veronica (Winona Ryder), a member of the most popular clique in her school. After accidentally poisoning the clique’s leader, Heather Chandler, Veronica, and her new boyfriend J.D. (Christian Slater) make it look like suicide. But when Veronica realizes JD is intentionally killing students he doesn’t like, she feels like she’s racing to stop him.

mean girls
Where to watch: Paramount+, Amazon Prime, and Roku
Synopsis: Cady Heron, a young girl who has just moved from Africa as a homeschooler, gets sucked into the crazy politics of suburban Illinois high school. She joins forces with the most popular girl in school, “The Plastics”, and soon learns the cost of her new friends and her fame.

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