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There’s a lot of talk about how 2022 was a “failure” year for film. The quality of the films was constantly in question without considering that many of these films were shot at the height of the pandemic when money, space, and resources were limited. No matter what anyone thinks, this year has produced some phenomenal cinema, with even better performances. My Best of 2022 list aims to highlight a few titles that made an impression on me. Choices range across genres from action, drama, documentaries, and animation.

What are your top ten films this year? Having trouble finding movies to fill the slots? Let me know in the comments!



Give these donkeys an Oscar today! I have never seen live animals functioning with more personality and passion than those in my EO. with his own position Balthazar randomDirector Jerzy Skolimowski follows a former circus donkey as he adapts (or doesn’t) to his surroundings after being led away from his owner. The film depicts the duality of humanity and how the wheel of fortune keeps turning, putting the animal in different situations, with different people, and egos. The movie travels with the main character across Europe to experience the dark side of humanity that no animal or human should have to bear.

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Cinematography credited to Michel Demic EO A surreal feel complements the film’s experimental narrative. Flashes of deep reds show the donkey’s descent into mortal lives as the wheel of fortune continues to turn. The environmental nature of the film sends a message to the audience that animals are living, breathing beings who can feel sadness, anger, envy, and love and should be treated as equals.





Todd Field storehouse Once again, it propelled Cate Blanchett to the top of all Best Actress nomination lists – and put Lydia Tarr’s character to shame on social media. The film follows Tár before, during and after her exposure as a sexual predator and how she deals with the aftermath.

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Fields lines the film with Nina Hoss, Noémie Merlant, Mark Strong, and Sophie Kauer, whose performances also deserve a standing ovation because while Blanchett is the star, this movie wouldn’t be the same were it not for those actors responding with the same energy that Blanchett brings forth. I’m still not sure if I agree with the message of Field’s story, however storehouse There is no denying that it is one of the best directed, acted, written and shot films of the year.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Waffle in Boots: Last Wish

Well, I almost forgot about the sequel to 2011 Puss in Boots It was coming but I’m so glad I remembered what a fun ride it was. Directed by Joel Crawford and Januel Mercado and again starring Antonio Banderas, the film follows Boss as he defends his honor but loses in a duel to Big Bad Wolf (Wagner Moura). In the aftermath, he hangs his sword in search of a new life. Along the way he meets Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek) again, makes a new dog friend Perro (Harvey Guillén) and connects with a map to a location where individuals can fulfill any wish they want. He is chased by Jack Horner (John Mulaney), Goldilocks (Florence Pugh) and the Three Bears (Olivia Colman, Ray Winston and Samson Kaew). The three factions are in a race against time to get to the site first.

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Puss in Boots: Last Wish It has a strong story, an intriguing cast of characters new and old and a legitimately menacing villain that’s more terrifying than many live-action human cinematic foes. The animation is rich and lifelike, and it often felt like I was watching a 3D movie, while dealing with adult themes like life, death, and fear.


Mirage Movies

St. Omar

Saint-Omer Directed and written by Alice Diop and Marie N’Diaye, it stars Kayije Kagame and Guslagie Malanda in the lead. The film deals with various themes related to motherhood, loneliness, and the transmission of generational trauma. Euripides play Medea It plays a large role in the narrative as both the play and the film explore female pain and death. Diop’s dramatic anecdote allows the audience to look into the inner struggle of a confused woman and understand her actions.

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The script does not ask anyone to sympathize with its characters, but it does ask for support and understanding for those who suffer. This is not just a courtroom drama. Saint-Omer It is about mending relationships with our loved ones and carving a new path free from the trauma of the past.

My fairy

My fictional country

Chile market

my imaginer

There is a lot that ordinary Americans can learn from Patricio Guzman’s documentary about the Chilean government’s 2019 protest in My fairy (My fairy). Natives and the poor, young and old, fight for the right to exist and understand that a boardroom filled with white male government officials cannot be the only way forward. The people of Chile stood face to face with their oppressors and refused to back down, resulting in a successful rebellion that brought hope to the people. Guzmán presents both sides of the coin, how authoritarianism breeds anger and violence but also creativity, individuality, and inspiration.

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The manager doesn’t have a self serving agenda, he just lets the Chilean public speak for themselves. Guzmán gets in the middle of the action, capturing everything up close and personal, and risking his life to do so. He also uses drones that capture wide shots and sweeping camera pans in the capital, hovering over the action showing the carnage raging on the streets of Santiago. Women dance in the street chanting, “It’s not my fault, it’s not the place, it’s not my clothes,” and the protesters use pots, pans, rocks, and whatever they can to create sounds that reverberate through the streets because they refuse to be ignored.


after shock

Documentary directors and producers Paula Isselt and Tonya Lewis Lee after shock It tells of life in the aftermath of the skyrocketing maternal mortality rate among black women in the United States. Black maternal deaths are associated with many factors related to race, gender, and income and are preventable. Shimonie Gibson and Amber Rose Isaacs were black women with tragic backstories who died due to medical negligence in hospitals. The parents of their children, Omri Maynard and Bruce McIntyre, along with Gibson’s activist mother, Shawnee Benton Gibson, were at the heart of the film to add a three-dimensional perspective to such a distressing case.

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after shock is a primer on maternal health that should be featured in every medical school and birthing center in America. The level of parental mortality is both a medical crisis and a public health crisis that is not being dealt with quickly enough. Someone was obligated to discuss this issue, and luckily Iselt and Lee covered each topic as exhaustively as possible for a 90-minute movie. The duo addresses these issues with sincerity, urgency, and the need to be part of the solution.





The history of African Americans is often buried in the bowels of the past. Subject of Margaret Brown’s documentary descending, produced by Barack and Michelle Obama Hairground, is the slave ship Clotilda, which was found in 2019 off the coast of Plateau, Alabama – a community called Africatown. Clotilda’s family arrived in 1860, although the law prohibiting the importation of slaves had been established in 1807. In her book Barkon: The Story of the Last ‘Black Charge’, Zora Neale Hurston interviews Cudjo Lewis, one of the last supposed living survivors of the Middle Corridor, specifically those of Clotilda.

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Many of the descendants featured in the film are his descendants. descending It is not only about trying to track down the ship but also uncovering a cover that has been going on for far too long. At least the people of Africa now have a direct connection to their past, which can help them navigate the future. But the question now is, how do you proceed?

“everything everywhere at once”

A 24

Everything everywhere at once

Everything everywhere at once It definitely lives up to its title. It’s an ADHD-fueled acid trip that takes up every bit of space in its 2 hours and 20 minutes of running time. Writers and Directors The Daniels create a vast universe around the concepts of love, family, tradition and how sometimes you have to go to the ends of the universe to appreciate what you have at home. For a concept so wild, there is a high degree of emotional maturity in this text. At its core, it’s a family drama that uses time and space to make these characters find value in togetherness. This is a chaotic moment for Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) because she is the glue that holds this family together, but her oppressive and unemotional nature makes her husband (Ke Huy Quan) and daughter (Stephanie Hsu) pull them even further apart. away from it in every multiverse.

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Each leap into another world gives Evelyn the drive to become a better person, and she uses that to not only fix her own life but also to brighten everyone’s lives. In the movie, nothing you see is by accident, which helps trigger a physical reaction by guiding the audience through a range of emotions to unnerve the viewer. Each topic covered is essential to moving the story forward, something that The Daniels owes its strong storytelling. And just when you think things have reached their ridiculous heights, the directors strike you again by raising the stakes even more.



the predator The franchise is the ugly stepchild of horror monster code. Fans know about her and are aware of her but they don’t necessarily give her the appreciation she deserves. With the original film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, a sequel with Danny Glover, A Bunch of Aliens vs. Predators Crossover films and attempted reboots in 2018, it’s one franchise that lacks consistency. However, director Dan Trachtenberg gives victim A new feature by introducing the titular monster in an 18th century setting to see how people hold up against the advanced technology of the warrior creature.

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victim It was a risky venture for 20th Century and Hulu. The director puts his faith in a relative newcomer, Amber Midthunder, to carry the film along. Women are rarely the protagonists of these stories, and women of color are often left out entirely. The cast mainly consists of original actors with a story that revolves solely around their lived experiences. Trachtenberg took an unprecedented risk here and succeeded. We hope this sets the standard for the genre in general.

The King's Woman

“The Woman King”


Women’s property

The King’s Woman It tells the story of the “Agogi”, an all-female unit of warriors who protected the African kingdom of Dahomey in the mid-19th century. Inspired by true events, Viola Davis plays General Nanska as she trains the next generation of recruits and prepares them for battle against other tribes and the colonialism that threatens to destroy their way of life. No other movie features black women quite like this one.

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Gina Prince-Bythewood is the only black director involved in action cinema in Hollywood. Her directing style encompasses the perfect balance of action and drama and she is not afraid to fully show the brutality of humans. She also holds the eye of strong-willed women in her films (The Old Guard, The Secret Lives of Bees, Love and Basketball, Behind the Lights). in a The King’s WomanAnd the production design and costumes are rich and luxurious, infused with deep reds and yellows. A lot of thought went into making the Kingdom of Dahomey look as authentic as possible.

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