Transformers: Every Autobot Dies in the Live-Action Movies (And How)

Trailer for the seventh movie in Transformers The franchise was released recently, and the speculations of many fans have been proven true. Transformers: Rise of the Monsters It will be in theaters on June 9, 2023, and monster wars The story will finally become part of transformers movie franchise. So far, Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons are all set to appear alongside the Autobots.

The trailer shows at least one large-scale battle between factions of Transformers, so there’s a good chance one hero will die this time around. Each movie in this series has had one or more Autobots perish in violent, and sometimes sad, ways. Some heroes only last one movie while others go through many battles before succumbing to a more dangerous threat.

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Cliffjumper – Split in half by Shatter and Dropkick


cliffjumper's buzz stabbed in the chest

Cliffjumper is an Autobot that only appears in Bumblebee. While audiences don’t spend enough time with him to relate, his brutal early death sets the tone for the movie and shows the Decepticons are as formidable as ever.

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After fleeing Cybertron, Cliffjumper is captured and tortured by Shatter and Dropkick, two new villains. He refuses to give up Optimus Prime’s location resulting in the pair cutting him in half down the centre. It’s a brutal killing spree to begin with, but it turns out a loyal soldier.

Jazz – Megatron fight


Jazz was one of Optimus Prime’s closest allies and a source of light comfort compared to the more serious Transformers of the Autobots. The Jazz takes the form of a Pontiac Solstice and is something of a kinetic mouthful, cracking jokes and never letting itself down.

At the end of the first movie, he makes an important nod to transformers The humanoid characters by staying behind to fight Megatron and delay him so the humans can escape. He talks smack to the end of his life and gets a few more punches before the stronger transformer splits him in two. Jazz is the only Autobot to die in the first film, and he was honored with a military burial.

Optimus Prime – Taken by Megatron and the Decepticons

Revenge of the fallen

Optimus Prime is stabbed in the back by Megatron in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

There was no guarantee of that transformers It will end up being a seven-film franchise when Revenge of the fallen was released, so when Megatron kills Optimus Prime midway through the movie, audiences are suitably shocked.

Being one of the most powerful Transformers, it takes several Decepticons and a powered-up Megatron to finally finish off Optimus, and the fighting at the end of the movie becomes much more difficult without his leadership.

Arcee Sisters – Protecting Sam and Michaela

Revenge of the fallen

arcee shooting gun in transformers revenge of the fallen

The Arcee Sisters are a trio of field commander transformers who transform into sport bikes when they’re not fighting over one wheel. They work for NEST and the US government but disobey the politicians when the rest of the NEST decide to go to Egypt to fight the fallen.

Arcee and Elita-1 die protecting Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes, and we never hear from Chromia again. They are obedient Autobots who have special compassion for humans on Earth, so their deaths, while sad, save Sam and allow him to resurrect Optimus.

Jetfire – Sacrifices himself for Optimus Prime

Revenge of the fallen

Jet stands above humans on a cliff in Transformers as revenge for the fallen

Jetfire was once a Decepticon himself, serving the Fallen until he defected after seeing the carnage the Fallen would wreak. Sam Witwicky revives Jetfire and convinces him to join the Autobot cause. He is an old, grumpy convert trying to make up for his mistakes from the past.

And he finally does. He kills two Decepticons in battle in Egypt and then heroically sacrifices his parts so that Optimus can regain his strength again. It’s one of the few times in the franchise that Decepticons prove they care more about something other than themselves.

Ironhide – Betrayed by Sentinel Prime

The darkness of the moon

Ironhide in the dark transformers moon aiming guns

A fan favorite that has continued from the original movie to Transformers: Dark of the MoonIronhide is the Autobots’ weapons specialist. He was Optimus Prime’s second-in-command and an excellent second-in-command who was willing to stand up to his leader.

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Although he may have always been willing to fight faster than Optimus, Ironhide is still devoted to saving humanity and the Autobots. It takes complete betrayal for him to have his guard down enough to be killed. When Sentinel Prime turned it on, it was a complete shock to see one of the original Transformers quickly turn rusty, asking “Why?” His last words.

Wheeljack – executed by the Decepticons

The darkness of the moon

Transformers Wheeljack smiling in the dark moon

Also known as “Q”, Wheeljack is an Autobot capable of creating any kind of weapon for his fellow Transformers. Just before the Battle of Chicago, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and a few Autobots are captured by the Decepticons, and Wheeljack is executed.

It’s a very poignant death, as the scientist tries to coax the Decepticons out of killing him, calling everyone the “righteous chapters” they can solve. But he is unceremoniously shot as Bumblebee watches in sorrow.

Sentinel Prime – Portrayed by Optimus Prime

The darkness of the moon

The premier ranger in Transformers Darkness of the Moon

While Sentinel Prime turned traitor The darkness of the moonHe is one of the only Transformers series villains who are not Decepticon. Sentinel betrays the Autobots, even killing Ironhide personally. He is a strong-willed leader who is ready to enslave Earth to revive Cybertron.

His duplicity instantly made him a hate figure, especially because Optimus seemed to look up to him. So when Optimus Prime executes him with a shotgun, it’s the only exhilarating death for the Autobots.

Questions – the soldiers attacked her

The era of extinction

Ratchet was killed by Lockdown in Transformers Age of Extinction

Ratchet is one of the few Autobots to make it to four movies, and he’s introduced for the first time transformers. His death comes early Transformers: Age of Extinction And it’s one of the saddest things in the franchise as Doctor Autobot dies confused and alone.

Forced into hiding, Ratchet is attacked by a group of soldiers he thinks are friendly only to realize too late that they are there to kill him. It’s a dark and bleak ending for the aging Autobot, but he dies with his head held high when he refuses to give up Optimus Prime’s location to one of the most feared characters in history. transformersClose.

The era of extinction

Raises his fist to fight in the dark transformers of the moon

Leadfoot first appeared in Transformers: Dark of the Moon As one of the Autobots who survived Starscream’s assassination and fought in the Battle of Chicago. in a The era of extinctionit is only shown on CCTV being shot by Cemetery Wind.

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It is a very painful death for a transformer; He looks exhausted, as if he’s been fighting for hours, and his last lines are a desperate attempt to explain that he’s an Autobot. The worst part about Cemetery Wind is how they give the Transformer’s trust in humanity back to them.

Parachute – killed by the transformer reaction force

The last knight

Umbrella looks at someone off-screen in Transformers The Last Knight

in a Transformers: The Last Knight, Transformers are a hunted species and the rest hide on the ground to survive. One of them, Kanopi, is hiding in the ruins of Chicago, disguised as ruins. He made friends with an orphan girl, his only companion.

But in the end, his lair is found, and the Transformers’ reaction force kills him. Canopy’s final moments thank the girl for her friendship. It’s an early look at how unnecessary the military’s violent methods are against the Autobots, who just want to live in peace.

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