Jabba Movies: Avatar: The Way of Water

It’s one of the most ambitious projects ever attempted in motion picture history, and better late than never.

The second installment of what James Cameron hopes will be a five-film Avatar series, Avatar: The Way of Water was initially scheduled for December 2020, but was delayed due to Disney’s takeover of 20th Century Fox and the global pandemic.

Watch the video above: Jabba talks to the stars of Avatar: The Waterway.

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For Australian actor Sam Worthington, being the star of the biggest movie ever made was a game-changer.

“Jim[James Cameron]advised us to go do normal things,” Worthington said before the film’s premiere in 2009.

“Sometimes if a movie comes out, you’ll be surrounded by people who will say to you, ‘Oh, the movie does great, it makes that amount of money’ and the world suddenly turns on its head, so we went away and then when you came back, your life turned 180 degrees.”

“But that’s a good thing — any actor and any filmmaker just hopes to see their movie, and if it’s something that gets accepted as much as we did, that’s amazing.”

As for the point at which it became apparent that a sequel was being seriously considered, the star said, “Well, someone had been working on this since about 2013, so it wasn’t like everyone just disappeared for 10 years.

“There was always some capacity, some design, some technology being created.

“I think I got a call about 2015 that Jim wanted to expand the world and expand the scope of these characters, get a little more emotional with them and get a little deeper into the relationships, so I think 2017 is when we really got to the mud and start making it.”

new faces

Worthington co-star Clive Curtis’s three decades career spanned films including The Piano and Once Were Warriors.

He said his invitation to join the film as Tonwari, chief of the Myitkyina Reef Clan, came over the phone.

Sam Worthington and Clive Curtis. credit: seven network

“I got a call that Jim wanted to talk to me,” Curtis said.

“I’ve met him before and we got along really well.

“I was in New Zealand at my house, and he invited me a lot to join the Pandora family, to do four movies — I wasn’t expecting that and I just asked him, ‘Can you say that again?'” “

It’s all about the family

There’s an underlying theme to director James Cameron, the man behind box office blockbusters like Titanic, Alien, and Terminator, Worthington said.

“The most important thing is protecting the family — and that’s what Jim really got into us.”

“In the first movie, Jake Sully says, ‘Open your eyes and find something worth fighting for,’ and I think culture and the environment is one of the things he definitely protects and fights for.

“But the main thing he has is something we all have in common, which is mom, family, siblings and children – if we’re lucky enough – and what you’re going to do to protect that.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is in cinemas now.

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