Top 10 Uses of ‘Akira Slide’ in Movies and TV Series

Whenever the topic of the greatest animated film of all time is discussed, Akira Always center stage. from Japan in 1988, Akira It tells the story of Kaneda and Tetsuo, two best friends who are young biker gang members in a dystopian version of Tokyo. When Tetsuo displays supernatural abilities, he is kidnapped by the government, forcing Kaneda to join the resistance movement in order to free him.

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Despite being nearly four decades old, AkiraThe animation is “phenomenal” and still stands favorably against the best in the medium today. It is one of the most influential anime films of all time, and this is best demonstrated by the countless mentions in all forms of media. The moment when Kaneda slides and stops his bike, known as the “Akira Slide,” remains the most iconic scene in the film and has been recreated dozens of times in live-action, animation, and video games.

Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)

Available to stream on HBO Max.

Batman rooftops in silhouette from the opening of 'Batman: The Animated Series'

Best Adaptation Of The Dark Knight Movie, Batman: The Animated Series Help promote character items and the rogues gallery. Featuring the legendary voices of Kevin Conroy And the Mark Hamillthe series depicts a darker look at the iconic superhero as he fights to free his city from crime.

The episode “Robin’s Reckoning” is considered one of the best episodes of Batman and won an Emmy Award. While Batman and Robin discover the whereabouts of the man who killed Robin’s family, The Boy Wonder engages in some crime-fighting aboard his motorcycle, resulting in a high-quality “Akira slide.”

“Pokemon” (1997 -)

Officer Jenny and Pikachu are riding a motorbike

Pokemon is the most popular anime series of all time; Its distinct characters are recognizable by those who have never even seen an episode before. In addition to being a never-ending TV show, the franchise has transmigrated into every form of media imaginable, including a massive video game empire.

In the Diamond and Pearl era of the show, Ash and friends encounter a particularly nasty female officer, Jenny, in the episode “Stealing the Conversation!” After a confrontation with Team Rocket that leaves Pikachu as the one who gets blasted into the air, Jenny arrives on her motorcycle, flips through the air, catches Pikachu, and performs the iconic slide without missing a beat.

Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2005)

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List of characters from 2003's Star Wars: The Clone Wars

While the prequel trilogy was disappointingly busy star Wars fans in the early 2000s, Clone Wars I picked up the slack by being the best star Wars content on TV. Small scale episodes are produced between shows Attack of the Clones And the Revenge of the Sith It follows the Jedi as they battle the armies of the Sith.

Starring the majority of the characters in the prequel trilogy, the fourth episode of the first season features Obi-Wan Kenobi leading an army of clones on a raid on an enemy base. As the conflict rages on, Obi-Wan comes racing on a speeder bike and uses the “Akira slide” while wielding his lightsaber, which of course adds style points.

Carmen Sandiego (2019-2021)

Available to stream on Netflix.

Carmen Sandiego and her crew

The international criminal who taught children everywhere about the world around them, Carmen Sandiego It is a symbol of nostalgia. The fourth TV show to be created for the popular character, Netflix takes Carmen front and center, serving as an origin story and showcase for her Robin Hood-like activities.

“The Need for Speed ​​Caper” is the sixth episode of the second season, and sees Carmen and her friends in Dubai trying to steal a supercar. Badass as she is, Carmen is a pro motorcycle rider and after nearly crashing into her teammates, pulls out a flashy “Akira Slide” to the delight of older viewers.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

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An angry wolverine rises from the water tank

One of the weakest entries in X-Men epic due to its treatment of some characters (namely Didboto), X-Men Origins: Wolverine Serves as an origin story for everyone’s favorite killer (sorry Freddy). Beginning in his childhood, the film depicts the events that lead Logan (Hugh Jackman) to join the X-Men.

While escaping from those who would enslave him, Logan drives a motorcycle as Agent Zero (Daniel Heene) pursues him in a helicopter. Origins: Wolverine It features a twist on the classic slide, as Logan uses his indestructible claws to stop the motorcycle’s momentum, adding a uniquely cute twist to the character.

“You’re Under Arrest” (1996-2008)

A character performing an Akira segment in a movie

An anime series that revolves around female police officers who ride motorcycles, and it would be even more surprising if You are under arrest It does not contain Akira Slide. As Natsumi and Miyuki patrol the streets of Japan each day on their bikes, each episode shows the interactions they share with the cast of colorful characters they meet.

One of these characters is Daimaru Nakajima, the father of one of their classmates. A motorcycle shop owner and former champion rider, the elderly man loses none of his riding ability as he pulls off a perfect “Akira Slide” in Episode 17, his first in the anime since the original. Akira.

“Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” (2005)

Cloud War stares at Buster Sword in Advent Children.

The sequel to the legendary video game, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children It is a CGI movie that catches up with the game’s protagonists two years after the end of that story. When a new evil appears and starts kidnapping children, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and their friends must step in to save the day once again.

Final Fantasy He was never a stranger to excitement and Advent of children It features many silly and entertaining sequences. One sees Cloud and the villain Kadaj do battle while riding fast bikes on a highway, and of course, the villain spins his bike through the air with the famous slider.

“Adventure Time” (2010-2018)

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Marceline performs Akira Slide in Adventure Time

One of the landmark shows of the 2000s decade, Adventure time It quickly became beloved by young and old viewers. Telling the story of Finn the human and Jake the dog, the show follows heroes and wannabe adventurers in each episode as they embark on a new quest and meet a huge cast full of colorful and memorable characters.

One of the most popular characters on the show is Marceline, a rock musician who also happens to be a thousand year old vampire. When the episode “Go With Me” sees Marceline and Finn hanging out with a pack of wolves, feral Marceline unleashes her inner frenzy as she performs a slide on all fours, making it a rare occasion where the action is done without a bike.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2010)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 2003 cartoon.

While most fans would agree that the ’80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of the greatest Saturday morning cartoons of all time, and the 2000s version is still worth a follow. While living in the sewers with their master Splinter, four pizza-loving brothers go out to battle criminals and the evil Shredder’s henchmen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Actually honors the Akira Slide twice, done by Raphael both times. In the intro that runs through each episode, the turtle can be seen performing the move, while the daredevil fighter strikes the trick again in episode four, “Meet Casey Jones.”

“No” (2022)

Available to stream on Peacock.

They watch in horror as the creature approaches
Image via Universal Pictures

Perhaps the most famous use of this movement is, Jordan Peele Creates an interesting moment for the audience by incorporating the slide. When OJ’s siblings (Daniel Kaluuya) and Em (Keke Palmer) inheriting their father’s farm after his death, they soon notice a UFO-like object in the sky and try to capture it on film for profit and fame.

What begins with a simple sighting of flying objects becomes something more sinister as the creature targets the siblings and their neighbors for consumption. During the tumultuous finale of NoEm rides a motorcycle and leads the alien into a trap, which eventually leads to the slide, allowing them to escape Akira Peele fan of the legendary movie tribute.

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