10 movies every Alfred Hitchcock fan should see

Alfred Hitchcock He was the master of suspense and the genius behind classic thrillers like sociological patientAnd the ‘Trangers on a train.’ And the back window. Over the years, Hitchcock and his work have influenced other notable filmmakers including blue velvet Manager, David Lynch And the Steven Spielberg But there are some directors who follow the true Hitchcockian style.

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Almost all of Hitchcock’s films contain high levels of suspense and a mystery or complex twist that has always managed to surprise audiences found in only a handful of other films. From My cousin Rachel to me Robin Williamspicture for an hour, Here are 10 underrated movies every Alfred Hitchcock fan should watch.

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“Flawless” (2007)

Michael Caine

Set in the 1960s, Laura (Demi Moore) was a dedicated CEO for years at the London Diamond Corporation and has sacrificed any kind of personal life for the sake of her career. When she is passed over again for a promotion, Laura is approached by the company’s janitor (Michael Caine) who convinces her to help him steal the diamond.

Flawless It is a British thriller with a seemingly straightforward story that takes an unexpected turn that sets it apart from other heist films. Along with the plot twist, the movie consistently maintains a certain level of suspense as well as great performances by Moore and Caine as well. Dragon housethe actor, Nicholas Jones And the game of thrones star, Natalie Dormer.

“The Loft” (2014)

Karl Urban standing at a bar next to Eric Stonestreet and Ryan Phillippe who are sitting and looking at him in The Loft

Five friends decide to secretly rent a penthouse in the city where they can have extra marital relations without their wives knowing about it. The situation is a dream come true but when the friends discover the death of an unknown woman in the loft, they suspect each other as they realize one of them is the killer.

The Loft It is a modern psychological thriller filmed by an excellent cast consisting ofKarl UrbanAnd the James MarsdenAnd the Ryan Phillip And the Modern Familystar, Eric Stonestreet. While the story is somewhat bland, it’s an entertaining one with a satisfying ending and Hitchcock qualities including several flashbacks and slow-rising tension as the friends begin to unravel the mystery.

“The Fracture” (2007)

Rosamund Pike faces Ryan Gosling in a bar break

william (Ryan Gosling(He is a Deputy District Attorney who is about to get a job at a private law firm, but before he can leave, his boss presents him with an attempted murder case involving wealthy engineer Ted Crawford)Anthony Hopkins.) Crawford is accused of the attempted murder of his wife and decides to represent himself but while William thinks it’s a straightforward case, Crawford proves to be more cunning and clever than he expected.

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broke down It’s a legal psychological thriller with a slightly far-fetched plot excused by the stellar on-screen performances between Hopkins and Gosling. Hopkins embodies the same sinister style as Dr.. Hannibal LecterBut Crawford is a bit lighter which allows the actor to use more of his wit and charming sense of humor. The movie also has a star-studded supporting cast including Rosamund Pike(The girl is gone), Embeth Davidtz(Matilda)And the David Strathairn(the sopranos).

“The Game” (1997)

Michael Douglas stands alone and looks forward to the game

Nicholas (Michael Douglas(a wealthy banker, who receives an unexpected visit from his estranged brother)Sean Penn) Who has an unusual birthday gift for him. He reluctantly accepts the gift which involves participating in a real-life game and when the game starts out completely harmless, it quickly turns very personal causing Nicholas to fear for his life.

Directed by David Fincher, the game It is a dark and complex thriller that draws audiences intensely as Douglas makes his way through this labyrinth of the game. Douglas recalls that it was the film’s unexpected ending that made it the game One of his favorite movies to work on and often mentioned by movie fans. to me Dark Eye: The David Fincher Films by James SwallowAnd the Jeff Bridges He was originally approached to play Nicholas’ brother but turned it down.

“Greta” (2018)

Isabelle Huppert Chloe Grace Moretz Greta 2018

francis (Chloe Grace Moretz) is a young woman working in New York City who has recently lost her mother and has a strained relationship with her father. One day, she finds a wallet in the subway and manages to return it to a lonely widow named Greta. The two begin to form a bond and grow close, but a seemingly harmless friendship soon takes a toxic turn and puts Francis’ life in danger.

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Greta directed by Neil Jordan which he is famous for Crying game And the Interview with the vampirechampionship Brad PittAnd the Tom Cruise And the Kirsten Dunst. the filmis a suspenseful drama led by Moritz who learns the hard way that real monsters are never quite like the ones hiding under the bed. Between Greta’s ominous behavior and Francis’ paranoia, the audience finds themselves on the edge of their seats anticipating the startling moment when Greta’s true colors are finally revealed.

My Cousin Rachel (1952)

Richard Burton sitting behind Olivia de Havilland watching her comb her hair as she sits at the vanity counter in My Cousin Rachel

when philip (Richard BurtonFinding out that his wealthy cousin has died suddenly, he immediately suspects his cousin’s new wife, Rachel.Olivia de Havilland) but when he finally meets her, his doubts are gone. As the two grow closer, Philip learns that he is the one who will inherit his cousin’s fortune which causes him to question Rachel and her motives.

My cousin Rachel It is an exciting period piece based on a book authored by Daphne Du Mauer It showcases de Havilland’s formidable range and talent as an actress. De Havilland is known for playing sweet and innocent characters like Melanie Wilkes in The Gone with the Wind and Maid Marian in it The Adventures of Robin HoodAnd theBut it’s wickedly magnetic and keeps viewers guessing about Rachel and her intentions throughout the entire movie.

“Innocent Assumptions” (1990)

Bonnie Bedelia stands near Harrison Ford in a courtroom at Presiomed Innocent

rusty (Harrison Ford) is a Deputy District Attorney who was assigned by his boss to investigate the murder of a female colleague but is unaware of Rusty’s past relationship with her. When the evidence pointing to Rusty comes to light, he is arrested and put on trial for the murder of his ex-lover leading to a startling revelation.

innocent is an intensely tough drama as well as one of Ford’s best movies that movie lovers often overlook. In classic Hitchcock fashion, the film’s plot takes unexpected turns making it impossible to know what will happen next. The film is directed by an Oscar nominee. Alan J. grown up Known for other Law & Order classics incl To Kill a Mockingbird And the All the chief’s men championship Dustin Hoffman And the Robert Redford.

“Meat Ranger” (1964)

Bette Davis stands behind herself as her twin holds a gun to her head as she sits on a chair in Dead Ringer 1964

since Margaret (Bette Davis) The man stole her twin sister, whom Edith loved and married, and the sisters have not spoken for over 20 years. After the death of Margaret’s husband, the twins reunite, but Edith came with evil intentions and ended up killing her sister to steal her identity. Everyone is convinced that Edith is Margaret, but when she meets her sister’s mistress (Peter Lawford) Edith reveals a secret that could ruin her whole plan.

dead fling Davis features in dueling roles as the sisters as well as an outstanding supporting cast including Karl MaldenAnd the Jane Hagen And the George McCready. The movie is a roller coaster of suspense directed by Paul Henreid Who did Davis star in one of her best films, Now, Voyager. Davis deeply mesmerizes as polar opposite sisters, and is a shining example of Davis’ exceptional talent and range.

“Photo for an Hour” (2002)

Robin Williams in 'One Hour Photo'

And the (Robin Williams) runs an hour photo shop in a strip mall and is friendly with his regular customers including the Yorkin family. As Si develops the family photos, he discovers that Mr. Yorkin is unfaithful and becomes torn between telling Mrs. Yorkin to risk his job or to stay away from her. As he contemplates what to do, his already fragile mental state begins to crumble under the strain.

image for an hour It is a slow burn scary thriller directed by Mark Romanek Known for directing music videos for artists such as Johnny CashAnd the hot red pepper And theBeyonce. Williams’ performance is exceptionally sinister and surprisingly convincing as many are so used to seeing Williams in comedic roles. According to Romanek, the director was originally approached Jack Nicholson for the role of Sy, but Nicholson turned it down because he thought it was too similar to his character in Gloss.

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