Death Star in Paradise explains ‘disordered’ appearance

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death in heaven Star Les Dennis explained his ‘unhinged’ look on the BBC police programme.

The TV icon made a guest appearance as a moderator on Christmas Eve (Dec. 26) and Last Night (Dec. 26), and had a very different look in the process.

“I suppose it was Danny Sheridan’s black hair,” he said, “someone said I looked like some kind of deranged Jack Nicholson.” Radio Times. “I was happy about that because it means I’m inhabiting a role and they’re interested in finding out who that character is.

Keira Lister as Alicia McCoy, Les Denise as Danny Sheridan, Death in Heaven Christmas Special

BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guenon

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“At first I didn’t realize they were going to make my character look so different. The first day I was thinking, ‘Is that right? This is for sure. This is Danny Sheridan.

The special, which precedes the upcoming twelfth series, was recently previewed by stars Jenny Holder and Tahj Miles, with the duo expressing hope for more festive episodes in the future.

“The Christmas Special was exceptional last year, but this one takes it to a whole new level. I think it would be great if the Christmas Special was something that happened every year,” Holder said. digital spy and other press. “The killing in the story makes me want to cry just thinking about it… There’s a beautiful family bond that comes along.”

Chantol Jackson, Ralph Little, Death in Paradise Christmas Special

BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guenon

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Miles, who plays Marlon Price on the show, expanded, “We’ve been doing the regular show for 12 years now, and it gets better every year. This is only the second Christmas special and we’ve really raised the bar compared to last year.”

“It’s a really personal story. Christmas is a time to come together as a family. The main theme of the story is if you watch it as a family, the story will make you feel more impactful as a family from beginning to end.”

death in heaven Series 12 begins on 6 January 2023. beyond paradiseis in production.

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