The MCU’s code can’t contain as many vampires as the original films did

The first Blade movies treated vampires as if they were everywhere. The MCU’s Blade movie would be wise to take a different approach.

for the MCU’s code To really shine, it needs fewer vampires than the original films did. The pre-MCU Blade movies starring Wesley Snipes treated vampires like they were everywhere. Blade was often seen killing hordes of vampires rather than being a true vampire hunter. It would be wise for the MCU to put vampires more in the dark, allowing the character to operate from the shadows, and having fewer vampires would do just that.

With LokiAnd the Strong woman, And the Werewolf by night Making monsters such as vampires canon in the MCU, it opens the way for Blade to do what he does best. The hunters who appeared in the Disney special worked behind the scenes, apparently separate from the main MCU storyline events. Work this chapter Werewolf by night It could also work with Blade, who tends to work alone except on special occasions. Not only could the presence of small numbers of vampires infiltrate the upper echelon of society to remain hidden explain their absence in other Marvel media, but it makes Blade a true hunter stalking his prey.

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One vampire change may explain where vampires have been in the MCU so far


Vampires have yet to be shown in the MCU, but they are now known to exist. Quite possibly with monster hunters like Elsa’s Bloodstone, they found ways to survive by infiltrating positions of power in various societies. Similar to how shape-shifting Skrulls infiltrated the MCU, vampires could do the same. It would be a huge mistake for the MCU code A movie to show dozens of vampires hiding in plain sight.

Last code The comics may have revealed fewer vampires that could work in the MCU. in a The Blade: Vampire Nation, Under Dracula’s rule, vampires inhabit places like Chernobyl where radiation prevents humans from living there. Before the creation of the Vampire Nation, they were scattered, with many of them being the only vampires in a particular city, and claiming territory. The upcoming Blade movie could quote from the comics, as there are fewer vampires ruling their own realm through infiltration of various societies.

This change in vampirism will make Blade a literal hunter

Blade attacks vampires in Blade II

While the pre-MCU Blade films did a good job of establishing the character for a mainstream audience, making Blade a literal hunter would better serve the new movie. Showing up in a crowded rave and killing dozens of vampires is undeniably aesthetic, but it just doesn’t fit with the established continuity of the MCU. Having fewer vampires will allow Blade to become a true hunter and make his hunting more important. Through the time difference associationLoki He’s already established that vampires are on par with galactic beings like the Kree or Titans, so giving Blade solid single targets can ground the character and give vampires more nuance.

Having fewer vampires will make each one they hunt unique. Some may display strengths, weaknesses, and appearances that others do not have. The vampire shown in Werewolf by night It is similar to the nosferatu, a sect of vampires used in the comics. The comics feature different types of vampires with varying abilities, so it’s possible for Blade to come into contact with a group of powerful vampires.

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The original vampire in Marvel Comics was an Atlantean wizard named Varnae, from whom all of his vampire lines stem. With the MCU abandoning Atlantis for the Talokan, which is only a few centuries old, it’s unlikely that Varnae will appear in this capacity. There are rumors that Dracula is slated to appear in code movie, and he will likely appear as the ancestor of the vampire race, as he did in the previous one code Movies.

Having fewer vampires would really make Blade stand out. The MCU is vast and known for having multiple pockets that eventually cut across, culminating in an even more significant movie like The Avengers. Blade’s infiltration into a secret society of vampires could lead to him cross paths with other characters, possibly even leading to the eventual teaming up of the Midnight Sons. With many characters already established, including Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, Jack Russell, and Dane Whitman, code It is the last piece of the puzzle to establish the Midnight Sons. Along the way, vampire lore can be established, peeling back the layers of monsters in the MCU.

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