6 Movies That Break Up Hollywood Action Movies

Deconstruction and self-awareness have become a much larger part of the film and television industry over the past 20 years, as the old tropes that once made up the biggest movies in Hollywood and the world have become even more laughable.

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Writers, directors, and actors have enjoyed using humor to poke fun at Hollywood action films for a variety of reasons and in many different ways. While the types of films that manage to do these deconstructions vary, there is usually an element of comedy in the way they will separate the action genre.

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6/6 Big problem in little China

Image of a big problem in little China

John Carpenter has managed to create many of the haunting and horror tropes known today through his work on films such as Halloween And the thing. He even made many of the infamous action tropes known today for his work in films like Escape from New York. But he reunited with Kurt Russell, who appeared in two of those three films, for the sake of Big problem in little China.

By comparison, this film takes a truck-driving American Russell, and makes him a confused and useless figure amidst the Asian heroes and villains of this fantasy version of Chinatown. Mostly comedic but considered a cult classic action movie, Big problem in little China is a perfect take on martial arts films of the time and the way they were commonly “Americanized” to try and make them more appealing to Western audiences.

5/6 hot fluff

Image via Hot Fuzz

hot fluff It is the middle entry of what is known as the Cornetto trilogy. All three of these films parodied different genres of film. Shaun the dead zombie movie treatment, the end of the world Space invasions took over, however hot fluff It dealt with buddy cop action movies and how Hollywood has romanticized them greatly over the years.

Starring Simon Pegg as the sexy London police officer who takes down too many criminals and is sent to a small town where nothing ever happens, he gets a junior cop partner and begins to uncover a massive conspiracy within the city. It starkly mentions some of Hollywood’s most famous action films such as bad boys 2 And the Breaking pointAnd the hot fluff It was a perfect move for them and how over the top they could be.

4/6 21 Jump Street

Poster for 21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill helped make their careers happen with appearances in another take on the buddy cop action genre. 21 Jump Street It is actually a remake of the 1980s TV series of the same name, which featured the likes of a young Johnny Depp and more young police officers who could infiltrate high schools and solve crimes in the guise of students.

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It was an interesting concept, and 21 Jump Street She boldly played with both that and many other high school movie ideas and action movies that Hollywood has become so focused on over the years. Mostly, it broke them up, but some played him so that he could go completely over the limit, and in similar ways to some of the other comedies like hot fluff.

3/6 shoot m app

Photo courtesy of Shoot Em Up

Of all the ways the movies have gone over the top in their comedic attempts to deconstruct the action genre, shoot m app He may have gone further than that. Clive Owen appears as a mostly silent hero who finds a newborn and tries to keep it alive against hordes of enemies with the help of a prostitute.

The extremely gory sequences and utterly insane style of editing helped this film become an instant classic, with many memorable moments that confused and alienated some viewers, but created a sense of sheer insane genius that made the film immensely endearing to so many others.

2/6 The man who knew very little

Portrait of the man who knew very little

Bill Murray’s films are responsible for creating entire subgenres of cinema. for example, hard day It is remembered as the first and largest example of a “time loop movie” where a person or people repeat the same day over and over. The man who knew very little is one of the first examples of an ordinary person getting caught up in espionage, another trope that has been used in many films.

while The man who knew very little Not as well remembered as some of Bill Murray’s movies, it deserves to be for the hilarious way in which the usually deadpan Murray is thrown into this crazy situation and completely deconstructs both covert and spy action films.

1/6 Kiss kiss bang bang

Image from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr. will always be best remembered for his performances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man. However, three years before his run as Tony Stark began, he appeared in The Kiss kiss bang banga film by Shane Black was a masterful parody of many other covert and investigative police films.

A petty thief is mistaken for an actor and sent to Hollywood to train for a role under a detective, and becomes entangled in an investigation involving the most ridiculous case of mistaken identities ever featured on film. This was Shane Black’s directorial debut, but given that he has previously written films such as lethal Weaponwas the perfect guy to deconstruct the action genre in such a brutal, funny way.

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