An online survey shows that more people regularly use Chromebooks than you might think

We’re Chromebook advocates here. There are probably a few statements out there that are clearly true. But even our ChromeOS fandom isn’t keeping us away from it The fact that there are still large segments of laptop users who either choose not to use a Chromebook on a daily basis or simply don’t know about it as a legitimate option.

Sometimes these truths are stronger than others, and I have to reconcile the fact that I’ve been spreading the ChromeOS gospel for nearly a decade and There are a lot of people who are not interested. That’s fine and that’s part of why we do what we do, but there are days when this reality is hard to deal with and part of me just wants to stop my contradictory ways and go with the flow. Those days are few, but they do exist, and when I see articles like this latest one from Android Authority, I’m glad it did.

In a survey of its readers (of which there are many), Android Authority simply asked how often these readers used a Chromebook in 2022. The answer choices were simple: Yes, all the time. Yes, from time to time; rarely; no. And if you asked me to predict this chart, it wouldn’t look like what we see above. Instead, it is “Yes, all the time.” The crowd will be the youngest with ‘No’ Crowd takes the cake. Call me sarcastic, but I was a little shocked by the results.

From the comments we see on videos and on our website, there are simply too many trolls who don’t want to see ChromeOS succeed and can’t help themselves to identify the shortcomings of Chromebooks without taking the time to try them out and see the benefits for themselves. After years of fighting these arguments, I suppose I got a little salty about it and gave up fighting for Chromebooks for a lot longer than I thought I would have to.

However, what we see in this survey of 1,600 or so Android site readers is that just over 75% of them use a Chromebook and majority of those surveyed Using Chromebooks Regularly. Those numbers might veer in another direction on the Apple or Windows blog, sure, but it’s really encouraging to see Android users starting to use Chromebooks as regularly used devices.

What else does he mean General consumers are finally getting on the ChromeOS train, too. We know that education and enterprise are two huge areas for Chromebooks, but the general consumer sector is always a little behind when it comes to Chromebook adoption. This survey has me feeling that the tide may finally be turning and that with some great devices coming in 2023 (we can share them soon), we could see the first appearance of Chromebooks in the consumer market.

Sure, this survey is (relatively) small, but it also tells us about a trend that seems long overdue. I hope some other big tech blogs will run similar polls in the future to gauge ChromeOS popularity at this point. Chromebooks are so capable, fun to use, and easy to recommend that you feel their growth in the consumer market should be taken for granted. This hasn’t been the case until now, but with ChromeOS more capable than ever and more great hardware on the way, I hope that changes in 2023.

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