“Hereditary” and 9 of the best horror films that are longer than two hours

Horror movies usually come in at or around the 90-minute mark. A good horror movie works when it strikes the delicate balance between adrenaline-pumping scares and quieter moments that allow the audience to catch their breath. A constant barrage of horrific scenes and jump scares will eventually desensitize the audience to them, which means that softer scenes allow the filmmakers to build more tension to really engage the viewer next time around.

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Nailing this shift in momentum is difficult, so horror films usually aim for a shorter running time in an effort to prevent this spooky action from unraveling before its conclusion. However, some films put that fear aside, dragging their stories over two hours to delve deeper into their horrific scenarios. It doesn’t always work out, as some long-form horror movies get boring, but the following ten keep their spooky stories going for two hours and beyond.

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‘The Invisible Man’ (2020) 125 min

A man taking a shower with a handprint on the glass

A modern take on the classic story, Invisible Man stars Elisabeth Moss Like Cecilia, who leaves her abusive boyfriend in the middle of the night. As the police announce that he has committed suicide as a result, Cecilia begins to doubt that he is alive and chases after her with a device he has been working on that makes him invisible.

Anchored by a strong performance from Moss, Invisible Man It is an exciting story opinion Writer Lee and Neil It features plenty of effective jump scares during its two-plus hour runtime. Whannell proves himself an effective tension-builder, a worthy director as well as a frequent collaborator James Wan.

“The Fog” (2007) 126 min

The townspeople stare at the mist outside

Gripping adapt to one of the King Stephenlesser known stories, the fog It centers around a supermarket that becomes the safe haven for survivors during a monster rampage. With a thick fog outside protecting the terrifying creatures, the townspeople trapped inside try to survive even as cracks appear in their alliance.

Most notable for the magnitude of the finale, the remainder of the fog Still makes for quality watch. Led by every reliable man David (Thomas Jane), the dice are stacked with familiar faces incl Andre BraugherAnd the Marcia Gay HardenAnd the Toby Jones. It’s a compelling watch as the talented cast gets pared down.

the fog Available to stream on Netflix.

Hereditary (2018) 127 minutes

The Graham family looks sad around the dinner table in a movie

The first appearance of A24 is my current darling Ari AsterAnd the Hereditary It is one of the best horror movies from the famous production company. Centered around the Graham family, the film is an examination of grief and acts as a dark drama as it explores a family tragedy, before becoming a full-fledged horror movie in its final act.

Toni Collette She is gigantic as Mother Annie, which is another powerful performance she adds to her already impressive play. Able to be heartbreaking in one scene and downright terrifying in the next, Colette is unforgettable while backed by an impressive cast that includes Alex Wolf In a breakthrough role as the tortured son Peter.

Hereditary Available to stream on Tubi.

Bon Tomahawk (2015), 132 minutes

Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins and Matthew Fox in Bone Tomahawk

Bringing thrills and bloodlust to the Old West, bone tomahawk; It is one of the best horror films of that time period. After several townspeople are kidnapped by a native tribe, local Sheriff Hunt (Kurt Russell) and his deputy, Chicory (Richard Jenkins), with two others (Patrick Wilson And the Matthew Fox), they set out to rescue their friends.

While many Western horror films tend to be silly, bone tomahawk; He plays a straight bat because he stays rooted in realism. Writer/Director S. Craig Zahler It goes to great lengths to accurately depict the time period, and makes the horrific violence that occurs at the end all the more effective and disturbing.

“The Exorcist” (1973) 132 minutes

Possessed girl with her head being blown back
Image via Warner Bros.

Often cited as one of the greatest horror films of all time, The Exorcist It’s still effective at scaring viewers. When Young Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) is possessed by a demon, her mother hires a group of priests to help her daughter, and together the men battle the darkness to save the child’s soul.

The Exorcist is a masterpiece of grisly and practical effects, creating tense and frightening scenes that still linger today. Certain parts, such as when Regan’s head spins around, have become iconic moments in horror, and are regularly referenced or parodied in other films of the genre, making it one of the most influential horror films of all time. The Exorcist It ran 122 minutes in 1973, ten minutes longer in the 2000 theatrical rerun.

The Exorcist Available to stream on HBO Max.

The Conjuring 2 (2016), 135 min

Patrick Wilson and Madison Wolfe in The Conjuring 2

highest grossing horror franchise of all time, Sorcery It quickly became an immortal part of pop culture. With Conjuring 2And the James Wan He transfers the action to England, as Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) Come to the rescue of a family where they are haunted by strange events and ghostly sightings.

While the first the Sorcery Already a great work of tension, the sequel reaches even greater heights by making it really feel like our heroes are in danger. This helps focus more on the character, as Wan uses the extra runtime to develop the detectives and victims, so the audience really cares about them.

Conjuring 2 Available to stream on Netflix and HBO Max.

“Information Technology” (2017) 135 minutes

Pennywise the clown from the movie

The most recent modification of one of King Stephenhis most famous novels, He. She It is a timeless classic horror game. Set in the late 1980s, the story follows seven bullied kids who become the target of a shape-shifting, flesh-eating clown known as Pennywise. Dubbed the Losers Club, the kids fight back against the evil plaguing their town.

Besides providing plenty of scares while Pennywise chases after each of the kids, He. She is a wonderful test of the horrors of childhood and the pains of growing up. Even without the killer clown, the movie would still be a captivating watch as the likable characters navigate friendship and first loves on the path to adulthood.

He. She Available to stream on HBO Max, Netflix, and Tubi.

“I Saw the Devil” (2010) 144 minutes

Soo-hyun stares at Kyung-chol

One of the most disturbing films to come out of South Korea, I saw the devil It is a masterpiece of tension and horror. When the pregnant wife of government agent Soo Hyun (Lee Byung-hun(brutally murdered by a sadistic serial killer, Soo-hyun kidnaps the man responsible, Kyung-chul)Choi Min Sik), and subjects him to a brutal match of cat and mouse.

A perfect example of how seeking revenge rarely leads to a satisfactory outcome, I saw the devil Not allergic. Gross violence aside, the film is fascinated by the idea of ​​how far a good person will go to punish the bad, even if it means becoming evil himself.

I saw the devil Available to stream on Hulu and Tubi.

The Shining (1980), 146 minutes

Danny looks on at the twins in the hall of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining

When writer Jack Torrance struggles (Jack Nicholson) accepts an offer to sponsor a closed hotel during the off-season, and moves his family to the snowy region. As the writer continues to control Jack, his mental state deteriorates, and he becomes a danger to his wife, Wendy, and their young son, Danny.

Gloss is one of the most iconic horror films of all time, with many of its iconic scenes moments etched into moviegoers’ minds forever. Despite the changes to the source material, it remains one of the greatest adaptations of all time King StephenWork even if the man himself disagrees.

Gloss Available to stream on HBO Max.

‘Midsummer’ (2019) 171 min

Woman looking upset while covered in flowers

Ari Asterfollow to HereditaryAnd the midsummer is another examination of grief through the lens of a horror film. when danny (Florence Pugh(She loses her family in a horrific scene, her vibrant boyfriend Christian)Jack Raynor) reluctantly invites her and his friends on vacation to Sweden, where they are attending a local festival.

Although set mostly during the day, Aster still manages to evoke a constant mood of dread as the festivities quickly turn sinister. Almost three hours into the original director’s cut for Aster, midsummer It never gets boring as disturbing scenes are freshly thrown at Danny and the viewer, creating a uniquely unsettling experience.

midsummer Available to stream on Showtime.

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