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The Witcher: Blood Origin is almost here, and with its debut on Christmas Day, it’s sure to give fans of The Witcher something to talk about over the weekend. This prequel is set in the distant past, 1,200 years before the events of the main series, and delights in introducing a compelling cast of new characters throughout its four episodes. Although there is no Geralt, there are plenty of new tales and treats for longtime fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel series and the multimedia franchise that spawned from it.

Fans of The Witcher will recognize some notable changes from the world they knew. When we meet the Elven clans in the main series, they are so scattered and afraid that they will soon cease to exist at all, while here we see some of the key events that lead to the downfall of the Elven Empire. Learning more about the subjugation of the dwarves that allowed the elves to rise in the beginning and glimpsing their strict class adds a bit of context as to why few non-elfs in the main series are so keen to see their empire rise again.

While there are a lot of differences in this mini-series and the main show, there are still some familiar faces and themes here and there. Showrunner and writing partner Declan de Barra is no stranger to The Witcher, having written episodes of the main series and even sung vocals on many of the songs on the soundtrack. Since we only have one main character from the main series of The Witcher appearing here due to the big time jump, there are still two other main characters that appear. With all this going on, longtime fans may find themselves needing a scorecard to keep all these new additions in perspective. Fortunately, we have you covered.

Buttercup (Joy Batty)

As the series opens, Jasker is the first main character we see drenched in battlefield blood and certain to meet his end. However, he soon becomes acquainted with Seanchai, who seeks to capitalize on his abilities as a poet as she asks him to bring her story lyric to life. Although his role in Blood Origin is mostly to copy the epic tale Seanchai describes, the wit and penchant for pouting that we saw from Jaskier in the main series is on full display as he attempts to exclude Seanchai only to be promptly pulled back into her tale. For longtime fans of the series, Jaskier, based on the character Dandelion from the novel series, needs a bit of an introduction, and his conflicted mix of admiration, impatience, love, and jealousy for Geralt is certainly what he has in mind in Blood Origin.

Knife (Michelle Yeoh)

When we meet her here, Scian is the only surviving member of the esteemed Ghost Clan, now living in seclusion after spending years as a sword mother, or trainer of young fighters, in the service of the Queen. Fans of Michelle Yeoh will be well aware of her ability to steal every scene she appears in, and that doubles down here, as Scian possesses biting wisdom and delivers some amazing one-liners along the way. One of Blood Origin’s main strengths is the fight scenes, and Scian rates among the best, which won’t surprise anyone who’s followed the many martial arts movies of Michelle Yeoh’s career. While this isn’t one of Yeoh’s most notable roles in recent years (and that honor likely goes to A24’s recent Everything Everywhere Every Time), it’s still a solid supporting role that allows her to show some of her greatest strengths as an actor.

Fjall (Laurence O’Fuarain)

A member of the ruthless and brave dog clan, Fjall is disgraced for a mistake he made early in the series and banished from the service, the family, and the city he has protected his whole life. Naturally, this leaves him reeling, looking for work as a mercenary and drowning his sorrows with a spare coin. When he meets Elle, this all changes, as the two become aware of the great threat to Elven civilization and quickly discover that they will have to work together to try to prevent Ithlinne’s disastrous prophecies from coming true. Fjall is a ruthless and bumbling warrior who hides his heart, making him a perfect counterbalance to the more emotionally attuned Eile.

Other (Sofia Brown)

Although she was born to life as one of the Raven Clan, a proud group of warriors who often came into conflict with the Dog Clan, Eile longed for a life away from the battlefield. Turning away from her intended life path and choosing instead to pursue her existence as a touring musician named The Lark, we meet Ellie at a crossroads as she feels she has let her family down. Although she tries to make things right, fate takes control of her and sends her down another path. Now the series’ older main protagonist for Ciri, the events of Blood Origin see Eile undergo massive changes and epic battles, though her contributions as a songwriter may be her most impactful.

Iridine (Jacob Collins-Levy) and Ethelin (Ella Shrey Yates)

Although neither of these characters play huge roles in Blood Origin, they will be very familiar to fans of the franchise in general. We meet Eredin here when he was very young and still has a lot to lose, though longtime Witcher fans will know him better as the terrifying leader of the Elven clan known as The Wild Hunt, who served as a general until he killed the king and took his place. Meanwhile, Ethelin is only a child when we meet her in Blood Origin, though she’s known in the larger franchise for being an ancient oracle and healer who predicted a cataclysmic future in which only elves would survive. These two shed some major glimpses into the people they would one day become all over Blood Origin.

Marwen (Meryn Mack)

We’ve heard references to the famous “conjugation of domains,” where the individual realms of monsters, men, and elves merged into one. In The Witcher: Blood Origin, we see some of the events that caused this to happen, including the fall of the Elven Empire. Behind many of these events is the naive but frivolous Merwen, an Elven princess who aims to marry in order to unite the kingdoms but finds herself being manipulated behind the scenes and working to seize her power during a pivotal moment in Elven history. Merwen is a character that is hard to outright hate due to the complexities of her position, but she is likewise highly complicit in many of the major events in the series, making her one of the many antagonists of The Witcher.

Balor (Lenny Henry) and Fenric (Amy Murray)

Chief Druid Balor is what is referred to among the Elves as a “low-born”, meaning that his chances in life would necessarily be limited by the power structures of the Elven culture. Although he was taken in by the royal family and given opportunities for advancement, the lessons of the caste system stayed with him throughout his life. Here, he works alongside Fenrick, with whom he shares the strongest emotional bond, but it is his quest for greater power in hopes of somehow erasing the influence of Elven class cruelty on him that controls his ambitions.

Cinderella (Zach White) and Zachar (Lizzy Anais)

Syndril and Zacare are celestial twins, born when a comet was passing across the sky. Cinderel was taken in by Zachar’s mother, making them siblings in all but blood. Although we meet the two after a falling out over their mother’s death, the complexity of their feelings for each other is evident, as is the need to put those things aside for the good of the group. Both elven sages who work with the elements in hopes of creating a greater global balance, these two don’t see much of an individual focus, but they are both dedicated to creating a better world, making them increasingly crucial characters as the series unfolds.

Callan (he’s novelli)

Zacare’s partner, we meet Callan when the group is in need of a healer and he invites them to take advantage of her special skills. A dwarf with little clear understanding about the way the elves have conquered the dwarves through the centuries, his friendship with the dwarf Mildov becomes an essential part of his growth as a person. Although he’s out of his league in the presence of Syndril and Zacare’s magical abilities, he brings a sense of empathy and a genuine desire to help to the table that lights up every scene he’s in.

Mildov (Francesca Mills)

One of the most delightful new additions to the Witcher mythos is the dwarf Meldof, who is on a mission of revenge against a very specific group of Elves. She travels from town to town, finding everyone on her hitlist and offering them a quick end with her war hammer, who goes by the name of Gwen, with whom she has complete conversations. As the series progresses, we discover that there is much more to Meldof than meets the eye, but her unique insights into the ability of the lower classes to rise and her desire to right cosmic wrongs cement her status as one of The Witcher’s most beloved. Characters.

Seanchai (mini driver)

Of all the Blood Origin characters, Seanchai is among the most enigmatic as well as tops the list of characters who are very likely to be seen again in the main series. Seanchai’s drive, as an inveterate collector of ancient traditions, seems to depend entirely on reviving ancient stories in a modern context when the world needs them most. We meet her as she chooses Gasquier to provide the details of the story she tells, that of the birth of the first Witcher. Gasquier hesitates before realizing that songwriting is gold, and takes pen to paper in hopes of spinning the yarn into a tune. The versatility of a shape-shifting time-travel chronicler with a willingness to set the record straight through the ages is exactly what makes us confident that this won’t be the last we see of Seanchai.

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