Margot Robbie is no failure, even if her movies are

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Is it a crime to be beautiful and talented? Let’s ask the audience! If we were to poll Twitter, the answer would sound like a resounding “yes,” based on the response to BabylonWeekend box office opening. Damien Chazelle’s second “Love Letter to Hollywood” earned just under $5 million over the weekend. Against a budget of $80 million (before merchandising costs), that’s a disastrous start. It also makes Babylon The lowest domestic wide box office number for its star, Margot Robbie, in her entire career so far.

BabylonThe epic flop can be attributed to quite a few things. First, it was badly marketed. No two people can bet the same guess on a plot: there are parties? There are drugs? Jean Smart is in it, somehow? The movie is also devoid of any franchise attachment, which is a tricky maneuver in the post-Marvel era. And despite the slew of A-List stars attached to it (including Robbie’s co-lead Brad Pitt), there’s simply no way a stylish mystery can win when stacked against something like Avatar: Water Road or new Puss in Boots The movie that just put a second pool in the home of Antonio Banderas.

Yet for all factors actively opposed BabylonMargot Robbie’s success captured all the pressure on Twitter – which, as we all know, is what the whole world thinks. User: “Margot Robbie is on her way to turning her life around.” chirp. else Frankly Margot Robbie’s films have lost Hollywood nearly $200 [million this year],” Referring to BabylonNumbers associated with numbers Amsterdamanother huge bombshell that Robbie starred in earlier this year.

How is “Babylon” such an epic disaster?

Sure, if we connect the dots, it looks like a pattern is starting to emerge. Robbie received top billing in two films stacked with other household names within just two months of each other, and both films returned dismal numbers. But why is Robbie alone catching all the strays here? Lest we forget it Babylon Also starring the aforementioned Jean Smart, it also features Pitt, Tobey Maguire, and Olivia Wilde, just to name a few big names.

Based on the sound of Twitter horns, Brad Pitt is out BabylonBombshell is relatively undamaged, despite being twice as active in the industry as Ruby. Pete has also been the subject of glowing bits in recent months (and years), declaring himself the “definitive movie star” of the century and praising him for simply turning on Zoom to appear at a virtual table reading “The Initial Pandemic.” I wear pants most days in 2020, and I don’t even have millions of dollars; Where are my applause flowers?

Express trainwhich was released last summer, felt like an AI-generated movie made by someone who really loves cameos, but Pete is still receive praise him and his performance in Babylon. Although there are also those who are in a hurry Mentionsed Allegations of abuse followed Pitt, and the conversation remained focused on Robbie — and has now turned toward the virtue of her star power.

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Despite having helmed major blockbusters, breathing thrilling life into the DC antihero franchise, and being nominated for two Oscars over the past five years, Robbie has found herself dismissed from social media as a box office poison. You’re not one in this town for the public to turn on you — just ask Jennifer Lawrence, who similarly had been churning out franchises with more bizarre and surprising fare for years, until audiences decided to cast her as a villain.

It all boils down to a simple truth: We continue to set absolutely impossible standards for women in Hollywood to live up to. If a woman doesn’t make hundreds of millions during her opening weekend, then her career must be over. You must not be the type of actor who can lead the audience!

“Amsterdam” and the star-studded worst Hollywood movies of all time

One Twitter user: “She’s not a bench star.” I assume Regarding Ruby, echoing this idea. else claimed That “no one goes to see Margot Robbie [movie] Specifically for Margot. That’s an idea that I’ve seen emerge in recent years, as we’ve become more online as a culture — that audiences go to the movies just to see certain stars. That may be true, but according to the very careful survey I just conducted of family members who knock on my parents’ house after Christmas, Most people still go to movies because they look interesting.I love Nicole Kidman, but I’ve seen her (and co-star Margot Robbie) in them bomb Because I wanted to see how ridiculously bad Hollywood portrayed Fox News, not because of Kidman herself. Not even a double bill from Kidman and Meryl.”Minaj“Streep can make me watch the prom!

The social media echo chamber has people confusing being a failed actor with making bold, fun, and committed career choices. I appreciate Margot Robbie getting a movie script, reading it, and saying to herself, “This would just be bunk — where do I sign?” In fact, I think today’s actors are very careful, and take their time to nurture their careers so they don’t get on the audience’s bad side.

Margot Robbie may be stunningly beautiful (as many have noted in criticism), but she isn’t afraid of a completely outlandish choice. Mary Queen of Scots? A self-produced biography of Tonya Harding in the style of a confessional documentary by the man who directed the movie about Ryan Gosling falling in love with a supermodel? a Tarzan Movie?! Give some credit where it’s due: Margot Robbie’s got a little stinky, but at least she’s interesting.

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There is a better case to be made as to why there is no one to run to see Babylon. Not knowing what the damn movie is about seems like a huge hurdle. And people — including the lovely, lovable entertainment critic you’re reading now — probably wouldn’t feel skeptical about paying $20 to watch three hours of this year’s Million Pleasure Ode to Hollywood’s Golden Age. This simply does not scream holiday cheer.

So, no, Margot Robbie is not a failure. She just takes big swings, and whether or not she bumps into Homer is none of her concern. If she’s got any criticisms, she should take it upon herself to sign up Amsterdama film made by someone admitted to abuse – ironically perpetuating the same systems of power that bomb So she prides herself on thinking It was dismantled. This is something I would happily reprimand her with. Well, that and her accented New Jersey accent always seem to be enjoyed by her characters. Mark my words: when Barbie Driving her pink convertible to the top of the box office in six months, the volatile conversation will swing in Ruby’s favor again.

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