10 Overlooked Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve Sequels

A great sci-fi movie will create a world in which audiences will want to keep coming back. With stunning visuals, compelling and relatable characters, unique world-building, and thought-provoking themes, many science fiction films do just that. Despite checking many of these boxes, many films fail to get a sequel green-lit.

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Many films have become disgraced due to low box office results, yet still manage to develop a cult following after proving that a few weekends of underwhelming earnings don’t define a film’s ability to tell great stories. Even films that do well at the box office seem to never get the attention of a sequel or get caught in development, but fans keep asking for more.

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“District 9” (2009)

District 9

District 9 is a gritty sci-fi documentary that follows the events surrounding an abandoned spaceship filled with a million malnourished aliens and stops in Johannesburg, South Africa. Made by the director Neil Blomkamp As a play about xenophobia during the apartheid period, the movie stars Sharlto Copley Like Wikus van de Merwe of the MNU Ministry of Foreign Affairs who leads an operation to move millions of foreign refugees out of the local slums.

The action-packed film follows Wikos who are exposed to rare alien fuel and begin to transform into an alien race, the Shrimp. Partnering with a more intellectual alien named Christopher (Jason Cobb), the two attempt a daring extraction to recover the fuel and plan their escape from the planet. At the conclusion of the film, Christopher promises to return and return Wykos to human form, calling for the long-awaited sequel that fans have been waiting for. In August 2022, Copley hinted that a sequel was still possible, but that it was currently still in development.

‘Alita: Battle Angel’ (2019)

Robot girl holding a sword
Image via 20th Century Fox

Adapted from the manga series Gun by Yukito Kiichirothe 2017 live-action movie Alita: Battle Angel It does a lot to set up the universe and a final teaser to set up even more. movie stars Rosa Salazar as Alita, a cyborg retriever trying to remember their past. Brought back to life by Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz), Alita navigates a dystopian future landscape filled with cybernetically-enhanced humans, killers, and a violent sport called Motorball.

Throughout the main characters’ existential quests, there is also a class struggle as the ruling power structure is controlled by the sky city Zalem, a place where the rich live while the poor look up from the crowded city below. In the film’s final sequence, Alita stares down Zalem, cut into a cameo Edward Norton As Nova, the geeky pulls the strings from above and, for the sake of the sequel, hints at Alita’s next target.

“Underwater” (2020)

Kristen Stewart underwater
Image via 20th Century Fox

Reminiscent of horror and sci-fi classics like alien (1979) and abyss (1989), Underwater Follows a surviving crew at a deep-sea drilling site after it suffers a massive earthquake. Leading the cast Kristen Stewart Nora Price, a mechanical engineer, discovers that there is more going on in the depths of their crumbling facilities. One by one, the aquatic creatures start catching the crew as they try to escape to the surface.

Since the story follows this single group of survivors, not much explanation is given about the creatures that appear in the movie. However, after the release of the movie Underwater Manager William Eubanks He confirmed that the creature is Cthulhu. While the movie kept the explanations vague, that certainly allows the sequel to delve deeper into understanding the creature of Cthulhu and his minions.

‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ (2005)

Hikers' Guide 2

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Equipped with a witch set incl Martin Freeman Like Arthur Dent the gentleman, Mos Def As a contributor to the exotic encyclopedia Ford Perver, Zooey Deschanel Like the adventurous human Trillian, W.J Sam Rockwell As the mysterious and formidable galactic boss, Zaphod Pebblebrooks.

The 2005 live-action science fiction comedy film based on the novel series of the same name by the comic writer. Douglas Adams. With the first novel published in 1979, Adams humorously wrote a five-book “trilogy” set in the Hitchhiker’s world that provides more than enough source material for a sequel to the 2005 film.

“Pandora” (2009)


Pandorum It saw gradual recognition after it was rated as a box office bomb on its initial release. Mediocre critical reviews and a wildly underfunded marketing campaign left the film widely unseen until the DVD releases garnered a cult following, and even petitions mounted for a sequel. Despite growing fan support and more people experiencing apocalyptic sci-fi horror, there is still a lot of appeal for a sequel, but there has to be.

Pandorum stars Ben Foster As Corporal Bower, a mechanical engineer who is on a 123-year journey to an Earth-like planet. With a payload of 60,000 colonists, Bauer and the other survivors awaken with amnesia to find the ship infested with a terrifyingly evil inhabitant. The film’s final moments see the remaining survivors finally arrive at the planet Tanis drawn on a map, captioned “Tanis Year One”, and set up many trials and tribulations to come.

“Ghost in the Shell” (2017)

Scarlett Johansson is a ghost in the Hollywood shell of Bleach

Ghost in a bowl is a visually stunning sci-fi flick adapted from Manga by Masamune ShiroAnd the anime of the same name is directed by Mamoru Oishi. The 1995 anime historical leap started a franchise, including an animated sequel, several TV series, and a video game, which provides a large number of source materials and different paths to a live-action sequel.

2017 live action movie stars Scarlett Johansson As Major Mira Killian, the anti-terrorism operative who totally predicts her mind online. Visions shake her and question her memories of pioneer and fellow activist Pato (below aspicTrack down a mysterious entity known as Kuze.Michael Carmen Pete). Introspective themes surrounding the body and consciousness, the franchise as a whole has more to say about existence than any sequel could detail further.

“Brightburn” (2019)

A child in the rain prepares to shoot laser beams from his eyes

In a shocking twist to the classic Superman story, Brightburn It tells the story of a fallen alien boy on Earth who is taken in by two loving rural farmers. In contrast to Clark Kent’s heroic tales, V.I BrightburnConfused little boy Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. den) becomes increasingly more violent after discovering his latent powers and harnesses his superhuman-like abilities for a sinister purpose.

What transpires is that Brandon has been sent from an unknown alien origin as a sleeper cell that will eventually mature to age and take over the world. The conclusion is an ironic one, implying that nature will prevail over nurture as Brandon chooses to follow his violent purpose rather than retain his compassionate upbringing. This opens up the possibility of a sequel finding out more about who sent Brandon and if there’s any room for his humanity to be restored.

Dredd (2012)


Located in the wasteland of a criminally infested city, Dredd Judge Dredd follows (Karl Urban), a law enforcement official is given the right to be judge, jury, and executioner. In another routine blood-soaked day, Dredd is tasked with training new judge and psychic Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby(when they are packed into one of the city’s megastructures and forced to fight off waves of thugs unleashed by the ruthless drug lord, Ma-Ma)Lena Headey). Fight countless baddies in a stylish display of raw brutality.

Dredd is yet another sci-fi movie that was dismissed as a financial flop despite having positive critical response. Face the box office giants in 2012 like The Avengers And the The Dark Knight Rises, nobody went to see this r-rated niche comic book movie and hoped for a sequel. With a steadily rising cult following and both Urban and Thirlby going on record several times saying they’d like to return, the momentum for a sequel hasn’t waned.

“Chronicle” (2012)

Three friends are exploring a cave
Image via 20th Century Fox

Get out of the found footage craze, Chronicle Make an impression with its simplistic plot of three high school teens who find a mysterious glowing rock and develop telekinetic powers. championship Dean DeHaanAnd the Michael B And the Alex RussellThe friends’ growing powers begin to spiral out of control as petty pranks and high school antics turn violent and vengeful.

Since the success of the first film, the sequel has been in development for a long time, with several swings in momentum. In 2021, Davis revealed that a sequel is already in development, but instead of following established characters, the sequel will follow a new female cast through their college years.

Alien: Covenant (2017)

David's Strange Testament

After years of alien Sequel fans rejoiced when Ridley Scott announced that he would return to the franchise with a series of prequel films. Prometheus (2012) Things are starting to go, with Scott stating that three more films are planned to fill the gap alien. However, the divided fan base, mediocre critical responses, Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, and most notably the box office failure of Alien: CovenantAny sequel to Scott is currently unconfirmed.

Alien: Covenant Follows a colonial mission detours to investigate a mysterious human transmission. Following the sci-fi formula, new actors are chosen one by one, but pulling the strings is the android David (Michael Fassbender). Obsessed with playing god and engineering the perfect species, in the film’s final moments, David pilots colonists with pre-xenomorph embryos and countless hibernating passengers, giving fans anticipation of how David’s journey unfolds in Scott’s ongoing sequel.

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