The 10 best films of all time, ranked by the British Film Institute

Every 10 years, the British Film Institute organizes an international poll of critics and asks them to rank the 100 best films of all time. The results of their latest survey have been published in the BFI’s Journal Sight and sound, and it has some logical, but also some very surprising implications. Here are the 10 best films of all time, ranked by the British Film Institute poll:

Today’s movie

10/10 Singin’ in the Rain (1951)

Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, one of the best musicals of the 1950s
Loew’s, Inc.

A musical about performing musicals, this movie with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds is pure fun and fun. One of those movies that even after all these years, upon first viewing, strikes the viewer from start to finish, especially in the Gene Kelly number that gives the movie its title. Stanley Donen’s film (who also co-choreographed it) is back in the BFI Top 10 list after 2012, when it finished 20th. singing in the rain It also explains the many great musicals that came after that, the roots of which can be traced back to films like Red Mill! And the La La Land.

Kelly’s widow and biographer, Patricia Ward, told IndieWire that she thought her husband would find today’s musicals: “A bit retro, honestly. I think he thinks maybe we’re going back a little bit because you look a lot at the dance; the dance is very much like the ’30s and ’40s.” “It’s a line of people lined up. And they’re more like Pepsi ads and stuff, as opposed to the camera that’s in there. Often the camera is still, or the camera moves almost out of control, and then you see body parts flying around. That was anathema to Jane.”

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9/10 Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

man with camera
Dovzhenko Film Studios

This Russian film by Dziga Vertov is a documentary that proves that the medium of film can be beautiful even without a lot of artifice. Vertov uses only camera footage, camera movement, editing, and the score to create an incredible film that shows the life of a Soviet city. In this film, Vertov searches for the power of the depicted images, and with them he creates a unique picture of his world. The original format of the film has been lost, and now it is only possible to watch this film at an inaccurate speed that does not match the original score. However, it is an expression of Vertov’s talent which, even in the circumstances, is not perfect, Man with a movie camera He still works and can create emotions in his viewers.

8/10 Mulholland Drive (2001)

Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Haring at Mulholland Drive.
Universal Pictures

David Lynch Mulholland Drive It may be one of the best fantasy films ever made; A puzzle within a puzzle in question. Her sense of atmosphere and dream logic win over viewers every year, as her separate world becomes more real for those perpetually fogged by social media and the news. “Lynchian” has become an adjective over the years to explain films with some dream logic, which have no end that can be easily explained, and as the author of this film, Mulholland Drive He might be the most “Lynxian” of them all. Even in this bizarre and unique fantasy, Naomi Watts and Laura Haring give incredible performances that make us sympathize with them as they are as lost as they are in this movie that takes many views to fully understand.

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7/10 Good Work (1998)

pyramid distribution

Gallop (Denis Lavant) recalls his time as a former Foreign Legion officer commanding troops in Djibouti, and his jealousy of new recruit Sentin (Grégoire Collin). Claire Denis has served as a director with whom many amazing actors have worked with over the years. This movie is one of the reasons for that. She is one of the only directors who can do poetry with pictures, and good job It is the perfect example of that ability. Dennis can mix genres and tones so masterfully, as he does in this movie, with his final sequence, which is so different from everything that’s come before, it also makes perfect sense with what the protagonist has in mind. Greta Gerwig has said in the past that this movie is what inspired her to become a director, and by watching her films, it makes perfect sense.

6/10 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)


2001: A Space Odyssey It is a movie that, like its story, has gone where no one has gone before. Kubrick has created a film that is as beautiful as it is philosophical; scary as magic; And as advanced as anyone would think. This is Stanley Kubrick’s best movie, period. One where all his obsession with perfection and his clever mind blend in the best way, creating visuals that are still inspiring today, from start to finish, and with one of the best evil robots we’ve ever had. Without HAL, it wouldn’t be there Battlestar Galacticaor she has. This movie is unique. One of those that creates a before and after effect, as everyone who has seen this movie in the cinema knows that movies can be so much more.

5/10 In the Mood for Love (2000)

In the mood for love
Jet Tone Productions

In the mood for love It tells the story of Chow Mo-Wan (Tony Leung) and Su Li-Zhen (Maggie Cheung), two neighbors who suspect a couple is having an affair. During their conversations, they start to fall in love with each other, but don’t want to cross any lines. Wong Kar Wai is a beautiful, moody, wistful and unique show of what true romance can be like on film. It may not end like most Hollywood romances, but it explores desire and yearning like no other. This film moved from twenty-fourth to fifth place in the BFI ratings in 2002, ten years proving that this masterpiece may have been more impactful than it seemed at the time.

Director Wong Kar-wai told IndieWire, “At first, I thought this was an easy movie, because we have two characters and the whole movie is about those two characters, and then I realized it was much more difficult than my previous 10-character films because we had to put a lot of detail into it. We shot the movie [following the characters from] From 1962 to 1972 and in the editing room, I think the movie stopped in 1966, which is the movie you’re watching now.”

4/10 Tokyo Story (1953)


Yasuhiro Ozu’s masterpiece sounds like a simple story of an old couple who realize they are no longer needed by their family, but it is much more than that. It is a story about life and how it never stops; A movie about the passage of time. A film that uses small excerpts to tell the most tragic of stories: time stops for no one. Ozu’s style is always simple, but in this movie, he takes it to an extreme, as he not only does more with less, but also makes for a movie that makes a lot more sense once it’s finished, and you surprise yourself thinking about it every once in a while. With all that in mind, it’s not surprising Tokyo Story The first was in 2002, which was the last time the BFI did a poll.

3/10 Citizen Kane (1941)


Orson Welles as Kane in Citizen Kane
RKO Radio Pictures

Citizen Kane It is the best Orson Welles movie. One played with story and structure, but also with what the movie can technically do in telling Charles Foster Kane’s story. The rumor is that this movie was about Charles Randolph Hearst, and that he did everything he could to discredit the movie, but what everyone remembers is the significance of the “rosebud”, and the inventive photography tricks Welles invented for the movie. What’s even more surprising is the fact that this was Welles’ first movie, and he directed it when he was just 26 years old. The film remained at the top of the BFI list from 1962 to 2002, proving that Welles’ ideas made one of the best films ever made, even as methods and techniques updated, Citizen Kane It was still the best movie ever made.

2/10 Vertigo (1958)

Jimmy Stewart hugs Kim Novak in Vertigo
Paramount Pictures

Hitchcock is one of the greatest directors ever, and this movie is one of his best. vertigo It tells the story of Detective John “Scotty” Ferguson (James Stewart), as he becomes obsessed with Madeline Esther (Kim Novak) and follows her on his latest job. Madeline looks like someone from Scotty’s past, which makes everything even more difficult and confusing. This Hitchcock film is a unique exploration of fears, vices, compulsions, and vertigo. In this movie, nothing is what it seems, and everything, from the direction to the music, editing, art direction, and cast, work together to create the perfect, exciting recipe for this movie.

1/10 Jane Dillmann, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Brussels (1975)

Jane Dillman
Olympic films

The film that took first place in the BFI poll is not a movie known by many, it has never been a blockbuster, and in the latest poll it was ranked 35th. This is the first film directed by a woman, not only to reach the first position, but also to reach the top ten. What is Chantal Ackermann? Jane Dillmann, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Brussels To be totally feminist. The film depicts women’s oppression through the story of the Belgian housewife. A mother, a part-time sex worker, and a mystery. The movie only contains three days of this woman’s existence, but it’s enough to make us understand the world she lives in, and how it feels to be a prisoner. This avant-garde film is the best weapon to show women’s oppression at the time, while also being used to liberate them.

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