Almost 9 actors have starred in Quentin Tarantino movies

Few directors are so easily recognizable Quentin Tarantino. Less than a minute into any of the famous director’s work, and you know you’re in the middle of one of his creations. A gritty feel mixed with a comic book aura is quintessentially Tarantino. A throwback to the old school form of Hollywood storytelling with a hard edge that outsiders usually show, there is a very distinct charm to his work. That’s why high-profile actors have always sought out the Tarantino treatment.

In his illustrious film career, Tarantino has created masterpieces. From Pulp Fiction to me kill bill, His legendary works have made their way to the Hollywood cinema treasure chest. But how different are these movies with different actors? How will the careers of some of Tinsel Town’s best players (and Tarantino himself) be affected by some of these casting choices? It’s like stepping into an alternate universe. What would have happened if these nine actors who were almost cast in Quentin Tarantino’s films actually were them?

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9/9 Charlie Day – Charles Manson, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Charlie Day
RCG Productions

day man. Night fighter. cult leader? He is best known for his wonderfully good portrayal of Charlie Kelly It’s always sunny in PhiladelphiaAnd the Charlie Day He is one of the least likely stars of the Tarantino flick. However, it almost happened. Day was almost cast for another famous Charlie: Charlie Manson in The Once upon a time in hollywood.

seriously? seriously. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Day had a very reasonable explanation for his refusal to turn down the role and honorably offer it. He explained, “The truth is, I couldn’t really see myself as a character, and Damon Herman was amazing.”

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8/9 Will Smith – Django Unchained

Twentieth Century Fox

It’s funny to imagine that will Smith, donning a suit and sipping a large kahuna soft drink, they ask Brett, “What’s Uncle Phil like?” Unfortunately, this was not the role he was destined to be. The former Fresh Prince of Bel Air was actually one of the elite few considered for the role of Django in Django Unchained.

Smith ultimately decided against the part, and, speaking with Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch, revealed the family details behind his decision: “I would DjangoSmith remembers. “We had a family meeting, and we all talked about it Django. I wasn’t all the way. “

7/9 Jack Nicholson – Bill, Kill Bill

Jack Nicholson in The Shining
Universal Pictures

Jack Nicholson embodied the legend. Simply associating this iconic actor with a movie project is enough to generate a buzz that will last for decades. From his early days until today, there are few movies that Nicholson doesn’t live up to simply with his smirk.

Kill Bill It was almost one of those movies where the award-winning actor was about to land the titular role. In the end, he was not chosen. However, the shortlist was filled with superstars like David Carradine, Kevin Costner, and Warren Beatty. In a famous story, Betty told Tarantino that he “didn’t understand what the story was about.”

6/9 Daniel Day-Lewis – Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction

Daniel Day-Lewis at Phantom Thread
Focus features

Imagine an iconic actor and three-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis He traded barbs about French Big Macs while driving to blackmail with Samuel L. Jackson. The scene looks less like it Pulp Fiction More like pure fantasy. However, it is true. He played John Travolta as one of the most iconic actors of his generation.

In Vanity Fair Oral History Pulp Fiction, the truth came out. According to Tarantino’s agent Mike Sampson, “Daniel Day-Lewis and Bruce Willis, who was the biggest star in Hollywood, got their hands on the script and wanted to play Vincent Vega.” Simpson and Tarantino lobbied hard for Travolta to get the role, which he eventually did.

5/9 Michelle Pfeiffer – Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction

The Return of Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Cat
Warner Bros.

Not only Michelle Pfeiffer Auditioning for the role of Marcellus Wallace’s wife, Mia Pulp Fiction, but Tarantino is said to have preferred her for the role. She sat down for an interview with the casting director, and unlike other actors like Meg Ryan, Pfeiffer was competitive right up until the end. For most fans, though, anyone other than Uma Thurman in the role wouldn’t feel right.

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4/9 Matt Dillon – Butch Coolidge, Pulp Fiction

Matt Dillon stares at his bloody hands in a truck at the house that Jack built
Trust Nordisk

picture Matt Dillon He played Butch in Pulp Fiction. A bumbling boxer, who turns his nose up at individual makers who pay him off, seems like a perfect fit for Dion. With the powerful charm of a young boxer, he had the looks and attitude from the part.

Perhaps, however, he just didn’t have the heart for it. Reportedly, Tarantino offered Dillon the role, but then turned it down after voicing concerns once he read the script. Instead of explaining his vision and getting him to work, the director decided to go with someone else. From?

3/9 Mickey Rourke – Baywatch, Pulp Fiction

Fox Searchlight Pictures

No no Mickey Rourke. Tarantino finally chose Bruce Willis for the famous role, but Rourke was another contender to play Butch in the movie. Indeed, while Rourke wasn’t the last choice to play Butch, he was the first. Wanting to have a real actor in the role, Tarantino offered it to him. However, Rourke refused and humbly explained his reasons to People magazine: “I let myself be proud and angry that I could do acting.”

2/9 Drew Barrymore: Alabama Whitman, True Romance

Wedding singer Drew Barrymore
New Line Cinema

Alabama Whitman True romance She is one of Tarantino’s deepest characters. Narrating her love life and embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Alabama was originally written with Joan Cusack in mind. However, it was Drew Barrymore who seemed to be the chosen one for the 1993 film. According to Patricia Arquette in an interview with Maxim, co-director Tony Scott was very intent on Barrymore. She called him “obsessed” wedding singer He co-starred and said, “He had pictures of her in a little outfit. But I guess she just wasn’t available.”

1/9 Kurt Cobain – Lance, Pulp Fiction

Kurt Cobain
Home Box Office (USA) and Universal Pictures

This is hard to believe, but it can be very true. Before starring Eric Stolz as the frantic drug dealer Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction Tarantino reportedly wanted and got close Kurt Cobain for the part. The story is hard to imagine, but Courtney Love swears it’s true. According to the Widow Hole Singer, many scripts were sent to Cobain over the years, and eventually this particular part was pitched. She also stated that she was earmarked for the role of Patricia Arquette as Judy. TRUE? Who do you know. Could. Maybe not. Although Cobain’s thanks to Tarantino in the liner notes to In Utero make a lot more sense now.

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