9 of the best Christmas movies that don’t die hard

What makes something a Christmas movie? A general sense of good news and joy? snow? A dead henchman in a Santa hat with “Now I have a machine gun” written across his crew neck?

Related: The 10 Best Christmas Movies Starring Queer CharactersYes to all. clearly, Die hardIt is a Christmas movie. It’s not even a big discussion anymore. The question is: what else Do action movies sit with John McClane and Hans Gruber? here 9 else Action movies that have too much (or enough) to do this Christmas.

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Die Hard 2 (1990)

Die Hard 2

This is kind of cheating, but you should see all the same. Die hard 2 It is unequivocally a Christmas movie while also being a solid follow up to the classic. This time, a gang of terrorists has taken over an airport on Christmas Eve and guess who’s trying to catch a flight? John Stop Ruining Christmas McClane.

While it’s not the original lightning-in-the-bottle experience, this follow-up is still some of the finest Christmas action fare. It might even include the best “Yippee Ki-Yay” from the entire series.

“Violent Night” (2022)

violent night -1

Although a recent film is less than perfect, violent night It remains one of the best Christmas action films ever released. When a group of criminals threatens the life of a (highly) dysfunctional family, a frustrated Santa Claus turns to a Navy SEAL to save the day (and yes, Christmas).

The film is a little rough around the edges, however David HarborRude and funny lead performance as Santa carries violent night From start to finish. one part Tim AllenSanta Claus, Ten Parts Rambo.

Batman Returns (1992)

Batman Returns The Bat Mark
Image via Warner Bros.

many of Tim Burton The movies have a subtle Christmas proposal, thanks in large part to his frequent collaborator Danny Elfman. Batman Returns is a blatant Christmas treat, and one of the great action movies of all time.

The film takes place entirely in the winter season. The main villain is the penguin. One of his dastardly plots centers on the lighting of Gotham’s Christmas tree. Most Batman movies might not stir up a lot of holiday fun, but this one certainly does.

“Lethal Weapon” (1987)

Pigmag - 2022-03-02T114444.932

When a seasoned bookish detective and a loose cannon partner up on a murder case, the two will have to work together to solve the crime…and save Christmas?

Related: The 25 Best Action Movies of the ’80sDanny Glover And the Mel Gibson star in Shane BlackThe classic cop companion. Yes, it is about murder, prostitution and the underground drug trade. But it’s also about having people around you at Christmas. It’s kind of like Christmas carol Except there is a shootout in the Christmas tree plot. And instead of Tiny Tim getting too sick to walk, Danny Glover got really big, quote, “This shit.”

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (2005)

Image via Warner Bros.

Like Burton, Shane Black has a serious affinity for Christmas. His directorial debut in 2005 takes place in Los Angeles during the holiday season as an aspiring actor and private investigator involved in a murder investigation.

The holidays don’t get much ahead of them Kiss kiss bang bang Tree, also provide tinsel. Robert Downey Jr. She is smacked in the middle of a small Christmas tree circle, and Michelle Monaghan is dressed as Santa Claus. Such as lethal Weapon And the Die hardAnd the Kiss kiss bang bang Not full of glamour, but she sure had enough to make this list.

LA Confidential (1997)

No secret Kim Basinger

Ah, Christmas in L.A. It’s kind of like… every day at the L.A. Inn Curtis Hanson The 1997 neo-noir thriller, three detectives try to get to the bottom of a deadly plot – without getting themselves killed.

Related: From ‘Home Alone’ to ‘Toy Story’: The 10 Most Wanted Toys After Christmas and Birthdays in the MoviesYou won’t find Santa, reindeer, or many Christmas greetings in this satirical portrayal of corruption and greed, however LA ConfidentialThe wallpaper is certainly delightful – even if its story isn’t.

“Enemy of the State” (1998)

Will Smith in Enemy of the State

will Smith He plays a Washington attorney who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving murder in Congress, government agents, and the looming threat of the surveillance state. Merry Christmas.

Even though it takes place in December, there isn’t much going on enemy of the state Christmas movie. However, one scene separates her: Will Smith’s holiday shopping, trying to buy his wife lingerie. This scene alone justifies its place on this list (along with the other 131 minutes of its running time).

Gremlins (1984)

Gremlins go caroling Christmas
Image via Warner Bros.

Don’t feed Gremlins after midnight. Why? They will turn into horrible, horrible killers whose only goal is to destroy Christmas.

That’s, more or less, how it goes Joe Dante 1984 Horror – Action – Comedy Gremlins. It might not be the first movie people think of about Christmas, but it certainly qualifies here. Or did you forget the sight of the Gremlins singing carols? Really, the stuff of nightmares.

Home Alone (1990)

Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern
Image via 20th Century Fox

Classic Christmas Home Alone It qualifies as an action movie, thanks to the third act of non-stop slapstick violence. Everyone knows the plot: a family accidentally forgets to bring eight-year-old Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) on a Christmas trip. He left home…alone. He’s alone…at home.

What begins as an exhilarating break from parental supervision becomes a cat-and-mouse battle as Kevin tries to fend off two robbers with his booby traps. Home Alone is just like Die hardHowever, instead of fighting German terrorists, Culkin has to deal with them Joe Pesci And the Daniel Stern. Merry Christmas to all of us.

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