The MCU theory claims that the X-Men are already on Earth-616 – but that’s not how you’d think

The inclusion of X-men actors in the MCU has many fans thinking. One theory claims that the X-men do exist in the MCU, but it’s not how the audience thinks.

Since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in 2018, theories have circulated about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will introduce the X-Men, and through the mutants, to its continuity. While it was already confirmed that Ms. Marvel and Namor were mutants within the MCU canon, she’s without a connection to the X-Men or Charles Xavier. However, one Reddit user’s theory claims that the X-Men do exist within the MCU but not in the way fans might think.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It revealed a lot about the nature of the MCU and the future of the franchise. Outside of cameos by Charles Xavier and Earth-838’s More Dangerous Reed Richards, fans were also introduced to the concept of the Multiverse within the MCU in general, and with that reveal came another. The audience has learned that some of the dreams that occur on Earth-616 are actually dreamers who see through the eyes of their own multiverse variants, witnessing real events, rather than in their own reality. This is a key part of u/RogerRara’s theory.

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Fox’s X-Men movies could exist in the MCU

Reddit user u/RogerRara’s theory is simple at first glance, but it covers some complex aspects. Basically, they assume the X-Men movies exist in the MCU canon but as movies. This is due to the appearance of Evan Peters as Ralph Bonner WandaVision And Kevin Bacon in Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. These appearances confirm their presence as actors within the MCU and thus indicate that their movie catalogs are in the works as well. That includes the X-Men movies. The theory goes on to suggest that the person who wrote those films in the context of the MCU may also have been a mutant in another reality and that his creation is simply an expression of the meandering of his multiverse.

A point was also made about including DC characters within the MCU. Before eternal In the foundations of Secret Wars, there is a reference to both Superman and the most underrated member of the Bat-Family, Alfred. The reference to these characters suggests that other franchises already exist within the MCU’s confines, albeit in the form of fictional characters. If that’s the case, it sets a precedent that makes the inclusion of X-Men movies more plausible.

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The merger of the X-Men series could cause a lot of confusion

Evan Peters and Elizabeth Olsen at WandaVision

As interesting as it is, there are some obvious holes in u/RogerRara’s theory. For starters, if the Peter Maximoff character actually exists within the MCU as a fictional character, it would be strange for Wanda to never hear of him, considering he shares the last name and power with her brother. Even if one ignores this fact, though, other issues begin to arise when considering representation and characters within the X-Men and the MCU, such as cases of actors playing multiple characters across franchises or rights disputes like the MCU/Fox and Quicksilver.

Fans of the MCU and X-Men franchises have long waited for their favorite mutants to arrive in the MCU, but few believe the claims that they simply missed out on their inclusion. While this theory has some problems when one considers it in relation to the MCU continuity, it doesn’t make it any less fun to look at. The multiverse is sprawling in front of MCU fans, and the X-Men could indeed exist on Earth-616 – but not as one might think.

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