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since its debut Saturday Night Live In the 1990’s, Adam Sandler was a staple in the comedy world. He has a movie or special about every year, and 2022 was no different Accelerates Debuted on Netflix.

For nearly 30 years, Sandler has starred in comedies that range from absurdist absurdities to charming romances. Each movie has a central heart that makes the jokes funnier, and each movie is full of hilarious lines, scenarios, and moments of physical comedy that never get old.

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Get into your house

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Adam Sandler screaming at a golf ball in Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore Provides one half of the studio’s name for Adam Sandler productions: Happy Madison. This goes to show how important the golf movie is to legend Adam Sandler. Like many of his comedies, the plot is simple: Gilmore must win a golf tournament to save his grandmother’s house.

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But this simple history streak belies a myriad of funny moments, one of which is the scene in which Happy misses out as he sinks an inch. The ball sits on the edge of the hole in the center frame, and Sandler comes to lay on the floor with his face directly in front of the camera to exclaim, “This is your house! Are you too good for your house?” in the ball.

caught my eye yesterday

The Wedding Singer (1998)

Adam Sandler on The Wedding Singer

wedding singer It is one of the best Adam Sandler movies, with some of the most charming and honest scenes in any of his films. Sandler plays a wedding singer who lacks the ambition to move on from his simple hometown life. Early in the movie, his fiancée leaves him at the altar for this reason.

The next day she comes to visit him and explains why she is standing up for him. She says she will never marry him, to which Sanders replies, “That information was probably more useful to me yesterday.” Their argument escalated leading to Sanders directing his iconic rage and shouting the same point about making these points yesterday.

Microsoft fell three points

Big Daddy (1999)

Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann at a grocery store in Big Daddy

big daddy Puts an interesting twist on the standard Sandler formula. He’s still a man and a baby, but now he’s responsible for taking care of an actual baby. The comedy that comes from his attempt to navigate adulthood and fatherhood at the same time is funny and heartwarming making it one of the most rewatchable Adam Sandler movies.

In one scene, Sandler takes the five-year-old grocery shopping. He picks up a box of noodles and throws it on the floor, saying the dented boxes are on sale. They need it because “Microsoft is down three points,” which means its investments aren’t doing well. The joke returns a minute later when the child hits a can and repeats the same line.

Tennis with Mr. Deeds

Mr. Deeds (2002)

adam sandler plays tennis in the works of mr

Adam Sandler channels Happy Gilmore in this sports scene from Mr. Deeds, the 2002 comedy about Longfellow Deeds, the owner of a pizzeria who happens to be the last remaining heir to a billionaire. His down-to-earth persona clashes with the wealthy upper-class people he is introduced to.

One scene at the beginning of the film has Deeds playing his first tennis match against Chuck Cedar, played by Peter Gallagher, who he is secretly working against. Instead of gently hitting the ball back and forth, Deeds rockets each tennis ball either back into Cedar’s face or at the ball boy sitting at the net. It gets funnier with each wince.

simple mistake …

Billy Madison (1995)

James Downey in Billy Madison

The other source for the name “Happy Madison Productions”, Billy Madison It was many people’s first introduction to Adam Sandler if they missed his relatively short tenure SNL. in a Billy Madison Sandler plays Madison, who must complete middle school and high school in order to inherit his father’s company.

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It’s a movie where every scene deserves a laugh, but one of the best comes during the academic showdown between Sandler’s character and Bradley Whitford in an academic decathlon. Sandler A Danger The question is incorrect and the host’s response is a 30-second monologue about how stupid Sandler is. Sandler’s response — “Well, a simple ‘mistake’ would have done” — buttons one of the best jokes in the movie.

Rhyme with the shooter

Happy Gilmore (1996)

The shooter points at Happy leaving the bar at Happy Gilmore's

Adam Sandler’s turn in Happy Gilmore isn’t the only reason the film is a comedy classic, and a special mention must go to Christopher McDonald as Shooter McGavin. Shooter is a model of a savvy country club golfer who thinks he’s the greatest. If there is a sequel to happy Gilmore, Should be a shooter in it.

When Sandler and McDonald share a scene together, it’s sure to be hilarious. One such scene involves Shooter and Happy exchanging barbs over cocktails, and Shooter ends up making a goofy beat and Happy doesn’t let go. “How about I eat some hay. I can make things out of clay…” is a hilarious response to sarcasm from someone who takes themselves so seriously.

cat bag

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (2008)

Adam Sandler plays hacky-sack with your inner cat and don't mess with the zohan

Adam Sandler’s 2008 comedy about an Israeli special forces soldier could have been a disaster if it hadn’t carefully balanced comedy with sensitive material. but in the end, You are Don’t mess with Zohan Treat its topics fairly and honestly while still enjoying the material.

In one scene, Sandler, Nick Swardson, Laini Kazan, and Edu Mosseri gather to discuss Zohan’s interest in a girl. When the conversation is over, they celebrate their speech by playing a game of “cat-sack,” which is just Hacky Sack with a live cat. It comes out of nowhere and is treated as a completely normal game. A cat who lands in the curtains safe and sound makes it more ridiculous than mean.

Make it look good

50 First Date (2004)

Barrymore drew a swinging bat at Rob Schneider on his first 50 dates

50 first dates is a romantic comedy with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as an amnesiac woman who forgets the past day every 24 hours. It’s the setting for many great jokes as Sandler tries new ways to woo her each day.

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In one attempt, he and a friend played by Rob Schneider stage an attack so Barrymore can rescue Sandler. But their staged fight is a little too real because Barrymore ends up punching Schneider into submission with a metal baseball bat while Sandler grimaces and silently apologizes.

absorb water

Waterboy (1998)

Henry Winkler's head on the bodies of a football player in the water

water boy is one of the most underrated Adam Sandler movies. It is about a water boy for the college football team who ends up becoming the captain of the team and leading them to the best season in the school. Bobby Boucher is one of Sandler’s most iconic characters and is one of the best examples of a “Sandler-voice” that is part child, part grumpy, and part sarcastic – adult.

It’s one of Sandler’s most absurd movies. One of the funniest moments in the movie is a surreal scene where his trainer Boucher says “Water sucks, Gatorade is better.” This enrages Boucher so much that he envisions every player on the opposite team with their coach’s head taunting him about how great Gatorade is compared to water.

That Veronica Vaughn

Billy Madison (1995)

Adam Sandler and Chris Farley look at each other in Billy Madison

Chris Farley died very young, so he only has a few movies to his name that show what could have been. As a friend of the “Bad Boys”. SNL’, a nickname for Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, and David Spade, who often worked together, has appeared on a number of Happy Madison Productions.

In one scene Billy MadisonChris Farley plays the crazy bus driver in Sandler’s middle school class. Farley tries to talk the teacher down, “That’s Veronica Vaughn,” he says, and tries to befriend Sandler about how he’d like to date the woman. The way Sandler calls “guy talk” is just hilarious.

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