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Soren Farinholtz – 2022: Video: Matt Miles.

Connor McFarlane – New Zealand occupies: Connor MacFarlane is the active type! When he’s not on a construction site, the New Zealander is on his bike. So when the opportunity presents itself to go forming massive jumps in the wilds of Queenstown, Conor is quick to combine business with pleasure. With a shovel and an axe, he heads to the spot on Meta Power. His philosophy is clear: With or without a motor, the limits of what’s possible on a mountain bike are to be crossed. In this video are great new EMTB tricks from the guy we used to see at competitions like Fest Series and Red Bull Rampage.

Jess Blewitt at Red Bull Hardline: Jess Blewitt was the first female contestant ever invited to compete in the Red Bull Hardline. Get a behind-the-scenes look at her journey through the most brutal downhill mountain bike racing ever created. Video: Louis Citadel.

Dusty Weigel – What If? Why not? Thinking outside the box is no stranger to Dusty Wygle. Check out his new video of him riding unique trail features while throwing tricks only Dusty’s mind can wrap around! Video: John Reynolds.

Jonas Finari – My Kona: If we put our collective brains together at Kona to see who embodies what we love most about bikes, we’d be hard-pressed to find someone who fits the bill better than Joonas Vinnari. Joonas picked up his first Kona in 20 years with the ambition of having a career in freestyle soccer. The scene was small in his native Finland, but his dedication to success was not. He drew inspiration from old New World turmoil films and embodied the free-spirited lifestyle he saw in the movies. After all, what’s not to love about drinking beer and eating for free all day? He had the talent and drive to make serious moves, but along the way he found a new passion: making movies. Our European marketing team started giving him product support and hiring him to shoot projects for Kona. The movies Jonas has made have been more than just bits and pieces. They were heavy on creativity and relied on proper storytelling. And he was ahead of his time. Fifteen years later and Jonas is still making films for Kona. In fact, he’s our filmmaker, editor, and director for some of the best films we’ve ever made. Having the skills to be a professional racer in front of the camera has helped him how to excel behind it as well. He’s our only ambassador from Finland, has a sense of humor like no other, loves a good nekkid sauna, and can still ride like he’s an 18-year-old with nothing to lose.

Bentley McKinnon – Bentdog: Snapshots from 2021-2022. Video: Dylan Craig and Liam Morgan. Additional footage: August Nesbitt. Editor: Dylan Craig. Rider: Bentley McKinnon.

GB Maverick 2022: It’s been a minute since we’ve seen some new footage of JP Maffret and just like that, he comes up with a fresh mix of riding clips collected during the 2022 season. There’s just something about the way this dude rides that’s unique and we love it. Take a look at what he’s been shredding lately, and we love that he’s included some clips of his local friends out there too, and it’s always best to have a session with his buddies!

Yoan Bareilly – Santa Shreds: It’s that time of year again, there’s a lot of snow and it’s very cold everywhere in British Columbia, Canada, the kids are excited, Santa Claus is swinging at you! This year he was very busy and he asked Nate and I to help him deliver the gifts. Let’s go! Merry Christmas to all; love and peace. Video: Matthew Lisson.

Gary Young – Forever Young: 2022 marks Gary Young’s 20th anniversary with Odyssey, and the man is aging like a fine wine. This new Forever Young video is proof of that. 10 minutes of Gary’s all-terrain classic. Sit back and enjoy. Filmed in California, Arizona and Philadelphia. Video: Zack Kremas.

F-It All – Full Movie: Featuring: Milky, Tom Dugan, Jordan Hango, Matt Nordstrom, Max Miller, John Nelson, Riley Abramyk, Coltin Knudson, Cory Nastazio, and many more!

Mike Holock – Fuse Protection: Fuse Protection rider Mike Hullock is back at it after cutting some ligaments in his ankle, and he’s not slowing down one bit. The fact that this video was only shot in two sessions is crazy — there are so many amazing things throughout. Get it right away. “So, I had some big plans for this year, travel, photography, competitions, etc., but it didn’t go exactly as I wanted it to. Halfway through January I cut some ligaments in my ankle at the local park which kept me out until mid-July.” When I had the surgery needed to get me back on my feet.Recovery was quick considering I had some contacts in Belfast to help speed up the recovery and my aim was to get a video boxed in before the year was out.I can’t thank Pete enough for taking the time to help me out Job done! Filmed over two sessions at Deeside Skatepark, I was blown away by the final piece!” – Mike Holock

Element “Deux Rives” skateboards video: César Dubroca and Victor Casgarigny pounce on Paris, bashing the city’s epic terrain on both sides of the Seine while Guillaume Permimony captures the magic.

Fragment “Horror Vacui” by Petar Stanchev: Out on the streets and at his best, Petar plows through Catalonia with a sinister flick and power, conquering impossible areas and making it look easy.

Easier said than done tactics video: Silas marches through Portland alongside a killer cast including Cody Lockwood, Romel Torres, Nathan Vitale, and more.

Unexpected beauty: Three amateur riders of different levels and different riding skills experience the enduro of a lifetime in Sicily. The South Island is nothing like what the three riders expected, prompting them to ride the soft volcanic sands of Mount Etna and the amazing ride lines; All while experiencing a new culture.

Craig Engels – What are you working on: love is not easy. It is complicated. It takes practice…and sometimes, we have to fall in love to learn how to keep it. Long-distance runner Craig Ingalls’ relationship to his profession is no different. After a series of disappointing setbacks, Engels went on to find himself through the very sport he had once considered leaving behind. But this time, he’s doing things differently. He does it his way. Being a professional runner means immersing yourself in his community and all aspects that bring him joy.

Brian Fox – Concert: Celebration is a short film that showcases the beauty and simplicity of riding a snowboard down a snow covered hill. Brian wanted to create a timeless piece of cinema that would make the viewer feel as if they were there with him, moving down the mountain and through the forest. As you watch the movie, put yourself in Bryan’s clothes and imagine that every turn you take, the air you breathe now is the air you breathe, and imagine that the pink board under your feet is a way to another world. Have fun.

confluence of two rivers: Last winter was strange in the West. A strong start followed by a prolonged lull saw several skiers scramble to finish their segments before the snow tap closed for the season. Fortunately, Mother Nature changed late in the season and delivered the goods in March and April, resulting in some of the best conditions for the entire winter. With the clock ticking and snow piling up, outdoor research ambassadors Sofia Roches, Mica Evangelista, and company loaded the platform. They head to the sacred terrain of Alta, Utah, Mt. Baker, Washington, BC, Canada, where untouched pillow lines, heart-pounding road gaps, and miles of gorgeous leather trail await their arrival. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back and join them on their wild journey through the famous winter landscapes of western North America.

Tom Cruise – the biggest stunt in the history of cinema: New World turmoil did it first.

Richard Moss – What the camera can’t see: Artist Richard Moss documents humanitarian crises and environmental disasters by making the unseen visible. This film follows Moss and collaborators Ben Frost and Trevor Tweten as they travel the world filming unreported global events in conflict zones, repurposing observational techniques and scientific tools to capture stories and scenes that spark deeper understanding and galvanize audiences into action. . In locations such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where more than 50 armed groups are involved in the fighting, or along migration routes from the Middle East and North Africa into the European Union, the artist works to draw attention to conflict and the suffering around it. the scientist. “My strength,” says Moses, “is to be able to show you the things I have seen in a more powerful way than the pictures I have seen in the newspaper of the thing itself.”

picture: Lear Miller

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