The best Marvel TV news and movies revealed for 2022

In addition to being a year full of new MCU Content, 2022 saw a long list of memorable shows related to Marvel movies and shows. The slew of breaking news, movie announcements, and shocking returns has allowed for an exciting year for MCU fans. Some of these revelations have already come to fruition, while others relate to projects that will be launched in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

By 2022, there was already a lot to look forward to in the next few years. In addition to the three films hitting theaters and the Marvel Disney+ offerings being released in 2022, films like Guardians on the Galaxy Vol. 3And the Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaAnd the Marvels They were on their way. But, there was still a lot of uncertainty about Marvel’s plans for 2024 and beyond. But after 2022, the future of the MCU is becoming more and more clear. Here’s a look back at the best Marvel news of the year.

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8/8 Professor X’s Doctor Strange 2 Cameo

Professor X talks to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel started the year off strong when they released the first full trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. His highlight was easily a line from Patrick Stewart ruining his cameo as Professor X. And with the use of the character, Marvel basically proved that Fox’s X-Men The franchise is taking its corner of the MCU’s multiverse and is making all sorts of theories that the X-Men character could join the MCU canon next.

7/8 Charlie Cox returns as gritty She-Hulk (and beyond)

Daredevil on She-Hulk

As it turns out, Charlie Cox cameo as Daredevil Spider-Man: No way home It was just the beginning of Cox’s presence in the MCU proper. At SDCC 2022, the trailer release for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law He confirmed that Cox would not only be appearing in the series as a character, but would be in a Daredevil costume, which is something No going home never offered. On the same day, there is speculation surrounding the possibility reckless Season 4 has ended on Disney+ with Marvel’s Daredevil: Born Again advertisement. We’ve yet to see how closely the new show relates to the events of the original show, but The Man Without Fear playing an active role in the MCU (and spearheading his own series again) is a scenario that’s been discussed for years at this point.

6/8 Ms. Marvel is a mutant in the MCU

different mutant origins ms marvel mcu

Despite being the MCU’s least-watched Disney+ show to date, Ms. Marvel She dropped a bombshell in her season finale when she revealed that Kamala Khan’s powers stemmed from “leap. Just that one word on its own generated a massive response given its implications. By including that line, the MCU officially introduced its first-ever mutant, and in turn laid the groundwork for the X-Men to be introduced in Marvel’s spare time. Ms. Marvel She is an inhuman in the comic books, making her a mutant wasn’t an obvious path for Marvel, which is the main reason why this moment came as such a huge surprise.

5/8 The Avengers return twice

A banner of the Avengers Kang Dynasty appears.

Ahead of SDCC 2022, there were hopes Marvel would finally announce a fifth installment in the Avengers franchise. The studio more than met those expectations when it unveiled titles for not one, however two Movies that focus on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers: Kang Dynasty And the Avengers: Secret Wars. Years after saving the world from Thanos, he will reunite the heroes to do battle with them Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s Conqueror Kang. One year later, The Avengers will return to the big screen for the sixth time in the series Avengers: Secret Wars against an undetected threat.

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Marvel hasn’t revealed the team lineups for either movie, but confirmation that both films have taken place sets up a roadmap for their current slate of films. Until this announcement, there had been a lack of clarity as to where Marvel was taking its characters in Phase 4. Now, it appears that the two films will be the culmination of everything that happens in the multiverse saga, unlike how Avengers: Endgame The Infinity Saga has concluded.

4/8 Hugh Jackman and Wolverine join Deadpool 3


Of all the characters yet to appear in the MCU, the one arguably getting the most attention is Wolverine. However, there have long been concerns that if Marvel used him, his portrayal of the character would not be able to surpass that of Fox’s. X-Men did the franchise with Hugh Jackman taking on the character. Those concerns were at least partially allayed when a video released by Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Jackman would return as Wolverine in the MCU. Deadpool 3. Regardless of whether his role is a one-off in the same vein as Stewart’s Professor X cameo Doctor Strange 2Jackman’s foray into the MCU is sure to be an unforgettable experience, especially since it will incorporate a popular pair of Marvel Comics heroes via Deadpool and Wolverine.

3/8 Harrison Ford is joining the MCU as Thunderbolt Ross

Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross

Marvel has been added to the list of notable actors in the MCU with its decision to cast Harrison Ford in the MCU Captain America: New World Order. In the Phase 5 movie, Ford will replace William Hurt as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Hurt’s death in March of this year left doubts about Ross’ continuing relationship with the MCU, but with Ford playing the character in a movie with the Leader (the Hulk’s main villain), chances are he’ll follow in the footsteps of his comic counterpart and become the Red Hulk greater than ever.

2/8 After 16 years, Tim Blake Nelson will return as captain

MCU leader Power

For Sam Wilson’s first villain as Captain America, Marvel chose to opt out of the surprisingly impressive rogue’s gallery of heroes. Not only that, but the specific character he picked for the role that many are so used to accepting will never return to the big screen. At the end of Incredible HulkMarvel set up a prequel to the Hulk’s greatest villain by teasing Samuel Sterns’ transformation into the Leader. That was more than a decade ago, but what happened to him has never been explained. At the D23 Expo, Marvel Studios announced that Tim Blake Nelson will be returning to the MCU as the lead in the MCU Captain America: New World Order. The Leader serving as the film’s main villain makes it possible for Marvel to finally do justice to the character and reveal what he’s been up to all these years.

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1/8 Cast from Marvel’s Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts mcu lineup

Lightning It is one of the many Marvel properties that have been subject to numerous rumors over the years. It wasn’t long after that was confirmed Lightning It was in development for the Phase 5 slate, and the studio released a photo of the cast at D23. The image showed the all-star group of anti-heroes, with every member of the team being an existing MCU character. Since there aren’t many reasons to suspect that Ghost and Taskmaster still have a place in the MCU, their inclusion was welcome news. in cases MCU Fan favorites like Winter Soldier and Yelena Belova were expected to make MCU appearances in the future, but it wasn’t known exactly where they would end up. The idea that many of these characters would be together in one movie created a lot of hype for the movie Lightning One of the most anticipated Phase 5 releases.

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