The best horror movies of 2022

With the movie industry still navigating COVID-19, some genres have found a way to succeed even when theater attendance isn’t what it was before 2020. Horror movies have dominated 2022, and it’s time to take a look back at what scares us best, scares us, and thrills us. It drenches us in blood and guts, and fills us with dread.

Horror is a great genre, as it can be anything. This year he embodied this by showing off art pieces, satirical cooking stories, and slapstick comedy. This list comes out of what I’ve seen, so expect to miss some notable movies (sorry, Terrifying 2 fans). Regardless of the different opinions, let’s celebrate what we received.


smiling It may have relied too much on jump scares when it was suited to finesse, but it dominated the box office for good reason. in a manner FollowCurse follows you with a relentless entity trying to kill you. In this case, you have to kill someone to get rid of it, or it will kill you in front of someone to pass it on to its next victim. The story is a gripping one, especially from Susie Bacon’s performance who stands as tall as anything the Academy Awards decide to nominate.


Jordan Peele has become one of the horror greats Get out Follow it up with we And the No. The Master offers the perfect balance of fresh and creative stories; refreshing ways to keep audiences on the edge of their seats and biting their nails; And it manages to balance excitement with thoughtful commentary and a rush to relieve tension. No It was intended to be a spectacle, and it’s as stunning and awe-inspiring as the most action-packed movie you’d get from James Cameron or Marvel.


biggest sin victim He’s over at 20th Century Studios for not giving it a theatrical release. Dan Trachtenberg ignored streaming restrictions to not give his historical view of the Predator in which the Comanche tribe must take on the alien hunter. Its brutal and groundbreaking star, Amber Midthunder, resurrects this moribund franchise that hasn’t seen a good movie in decades.


The most surprising horror movie of 2022 is also one of the best. If there is something to go with knowing nothing, then barbaric Is this movie. A woman (Georgina Campbell) books an Airbnb account while in Detroit, but another man (Bill Skarsgård) books the same house. From there, you get a roller coaster of horror and so much more than your imagination could imagine. It’s a prime example of how studios must allow filmmakers to proliferate because they can end up with lucrative results.


A seemingly perfect Finnish family falls apart after the daughter (Siri Solalina) brings home an egg that soon hatches into a flying-girl creature. hatching It effectively uses various mediums to make you feel the physical terror, the violence, and the slow building of the ensuing chaos. If the Oscars count horror, let alone indie horror darlings, it should take home an award for designing an incredibly disgusting bird creature with beautiful practical effects.


Scream He returned the meta-horror series to its full, bloody glory as one of the best horror movies of 2022. Characters new and old come together as a new Ghostface begins stalking people connected to past killings, with a side of commentary about toxic fans and a growing horror craze. Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette continued to be great, but the focus has shifted to the new cast. With Jack Quaid, Jenna Ortega, Mikey Madison, Melissa Barrera, and more shown, the franchise continues to raise the bar for new talent who have either recently achieved success or embarked on a journey to stardom.


Yes, more than Ortega as she has become a true scream queen. in a X, she and a group of Kid Cudi, Mia Goth, Brittany Snow, Martin Henderson, and Owen Campbell embark on a mission to produce the greatest porn movie ever that tells a true story (with plenty of hardcore sex). Their group on a farm owned by an elderly couple soon turns doomed. Ti West introduced a clever, color-thought-out slash that goes above and beyond The Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibrations.


One and two punch from the west with Pearl And the X It’s amazing. Pearl provides the backstory for the eponymous character, who was played by Guth at the same time as Maxine X. while X The slasher was Technicolor, and the prequel is best described as sociological patient Meets The Wizard of Oz. It’s stylistically different but matches its predecessor by being one of the best horror movies of 2022. You might not think you need a backstory on the killer, but the added context elevates X And it offers a great setting for the trilogy as West and Goth prepare to create Maxinethe conclusion of this story.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies Aim and fix the landing on a comedy horror story set when a group of people who think of themselves as friends turn on each other after a game turns deadly. It has clever satirical comedy that pokes fun at Generation Z, satisfying gore kills, and a cast of characters that, while deeply annoying, are simultaneously irresistible. While we had a lot of scares and scares, director Halina Reijn created a fun ride with a despicable cast as you witness how bad these people are and the consequences of hysteria.

Bones and everything

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell star in the adaptation of Camille DeAngelis’ brilliant novel Bones and everything; While it differs from the source material, it tells a coming-of-age romance between two cannibals (Chalamet and Russell). It is a thoughtful story about identity, loneliness, and the nature of eating meat. While still thought-provoking and beautiful, it doesn’t take away from their haunting nature and sheer brutality as they devour their victims. Among the best horror movies in 2022, this one stands as the most beautiful of all the heart-tugging horror movies and perhaps that’s a saliva for that heart.

black phone

black phone Written by Joe Hill as a short story. After Sinister and Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill continue to be an unstoppable team. The latest of them expands upon the source material with Ethan Hawke as The Grabber, a serial killer who takes children into his lair. It bears the hallmarks of a young adult horror story with its young cast, but strong writing from Cargill makes it more gruesome and dark to suit a mature audience.

food menu

Bring an all-star cast to a remote restaurant with an auteur chef (Ralph Fiennes), and you’ll have a good time with food menu. Director Mark Millhaud and writers Seth Reese and Will Tracy dish up the snobbish rich in this nightmarish comedy that tastes insightful commentary about foodies, the world of high art, and the elite with a side of deadly stakes. Anya Taylor-Joy totally pilots her fuzzy persona; Fiennes brings warmth as the chef; And the rest, from Nicholas Hoult to John Leguizamo, brought a creamy dessert, the comedy. The tension and humor make it one of the best horror movies in 2022 if you want to sit back and laugh while getting that adrenaline fix.

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