The 10 best Hulu original movies, according to IMDb

Consistency is always needed to stay ahead in the highly competitive streaming landscape and Hulu has managed to achieve that with its original content. In 2022 alone, the platform released 17 new original films, which is well above the films of major studios.

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Overall, Hulu has more than 30 exclusive movies. While most of them were well received by critics, fans had their own opinions. It’s best to see the fan consensus on IMDb, which usually gives an overall rating based on all reviews. Through it, potential viewers can now find out the most recommended Hulu Original Movies.

the big adolescence The trailer contains signs with mature language and medicaments.

10/10 Fire Island is a rom-com

IMDb rating – 6.7

There are still a few LGBTQ+ rom-coms out there in Hollywood, but thankfully Hulu has made an effort to fill the void. Based on Jane Austen’s 1813 novel, Pride and prejudiceAnd the Fire Island It follows a group of friends who are on vacation. The island they visit is known for welcoming the LGBTQ+ community.

Aside from portraying the joys of love and laughter in same-sex relationships, Fire Island He expertly addresses themes of classism and racism. Given the island setting, the cinematography is amazing. The performances by the main cast, who are all members of the LGBTQ+ community in real life, are very memorable.

9/10 Running exposes the horrors of parenting

IMDb rating – 6.7

Horror movie fans will be quick to notice how this is done He runs He has a mother-daughter rivalry similar to the one in curry. Here, events look even darker, as a mother gives her daughter the wrong medicine to ensure she stays sick for the rest of her life.

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Manipulation and abuse occur He runs Guaranteed to infuriate any viewer, but the movie also works as a psychological thriller. The tension keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as the daughter conducts her own undercover investigations and tries to break free from her mother’s control.

8/10 Servant is a hilarious story of a Hollywood scandal

IMDb rating – 6.7

server It takes what could ideally be a tabloid thriller and turns it into a great movie. All events intertwine with chaos as the actress is photographed with her married lover and tries to argue that the valet, who was in the same photo, is the person she was actually on a date with.

server It is one of the versions that is better remade than the original, thanks to its lovable main characters whose lives are always hectic and comical. The jokes are hilarious and witty, which isn’t always the case with shows in this genre. In addition, the dialogue about multiculturalism and capitalism comes off as normal rather than exposed.

7/10 It highlights skepticism about modern dating

IMDb rating – 6.7

Sebastian Stan’s career has been defined by his role as one of the MCU’s most skilled fighters, the Winter Soldier. at Hulu’s Freshproves that he can be a terrifying villain. In a film that highlights the darker side of courtship, Stan plays a serial killer who murders his dates and sells their flesh to wealthy clients.

Aside from just scaring the masses, Fresh is a two-hour lament about how bad dating is in the modern age. The woman who kidnaps Stan’s character decides to start looking for dates physically after encountering only rude men on dating sites, only to run into a killer. Audiences get the impression that there is no hope in modern dating.

6/10 Plan B is a delightful approach to reproductive health

IMDb rating – 6.7

Movies in the rush-against-time category usually focus on issues such as espionage or crime, however plan b Makes a nice surprise by making it all about emergency contraception. The events take place after a romantic meeting between two friends who both regret it.

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Although the tension is palpable, the main characters seem to be having so much fun while being chased that it’s almost easy to forget about their troubles. As the proceedings went on, plenty of educational tips revolving around peer pressure, teenage love, and female reproductive health were added to ensure audiences had an educational hour.

5/10 Leader level sees Frank Grillo at his best

IMDb rating – 6.8

Frank Grillo has emerged as one of the most prolific Hollywood actors in recent years. Among the nine films that he starred in in 2021 is the science fiction film, Leader level. In it, he is a retired special ops soldier trying to escape a time loop that always ends up killing him.

Leader level He has a great concept, hence the reason some view this as Grillo’s best work. Throughout the 100-minute runtime, enough action sequences are sprinkled in to ensure the actor’s strength is put to good use. These scenes also play into the strengths of the supporting cast, including Mel Gibson and Michelle Yeoh. The different outcomes of the episode also make fans feel like they’ve watched several mini-movies.

4/10 The big adolescence period shows the effects of bad influence

IMDb rating – 6.9

Ideally, mentoring should include like-minded people, however big adolescence It shows a scenario where a smart teen ends up looking for advice from his sister’s lazy ex-boyfriend. Predictably, the boy’s new friendship ends up hurting his academics.

The effects of bad influence seen in the upcoming film are unfortunate, but Pete Davidson is making a case for himself as an actor who should be taken seriously. Although the main character is quite the Joker, big adolescence He carefully delves into various serious topics, including drug addiction, alcoholism, and the justice system.

3/10 Good luck to you, Leo Grande handles sex gracefully

IMDb rating – 7.2

Loneliness after the death of a spouse is an issue that is not dealt with often. Luckily , Good luck, Leo Grande He does so in a half-hearted manner. The plot revolves around a widow who hires an escort to help her have a sexual experience.

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Good luck, Leo Grande It has a lot to offer fans as it is not just a story about sex and infatuation. It’s also a discussion about age gaps in relationships, lack of sexual fulfillment, body positivity, cyberstalking, career choices, and the difficulties of parenting. Even better is an ending that leaves the escort and the widow very happy with their lives.

2/10 Prey is a solid addition to a solid franchise

IMDb rating – 7.2

predator is one of the longest-running movie franchises and maintains its V-section appeal by taking things back to the year 1719. In victimHowever, it is the Comanche warriors who must deal with an evil alien determined to spare no living being.

Although sequels are often considered by fans to be inferior to their predecessors, victim Doesn’t disappoint. The action sequences are still as good as ever, only the conventional weapons used, instead of guns and explosives. Amber Midthunder stars as the Comanche warrior.

1/10 Palm Springs blends love and science

IMDb rating – 7.4

Hulu slowly owns the time loop concept and Palm Springs He gladly walks the same path. The film, which stars JK Simmons, Andy Samberg, and Christine Milioti, sees two wedding guests develop feelings for each other after having to relive the same day over and over again.

Considering the strong cast, the performance is solid. There is a sense of anticipation as the audience continues to wonder if the two guest stars will walk out of the episode and if it will ruin their budding romance. Total, Palm Springs It is a feast for the eyes, with stunning visuals throughout.

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