The Cowboys beat the Eagles and set a record-setting win for the Vikings

Dak Prescott had 347 yards and three TDs against the Eagles

A chilly NFL Christmas Eve saw some heated performances as the Dallas Cowboys handed the Philadelphia Eagles their second loss of the season.

The Minnesota Vikings made more NFL history with another close win, while the San Francisco 49ers made it eight in a row at the end of the season storming.

The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs are still locked in a battle for first place in the AFC after both claimed their 12th win of the season.

Dallas drops the Eagles as the historic Vikings close the gap

The Philadelphia Eagles, without injured star quarterback Jalen Hurts, missed the chance to claim first place in the NFC after fierce rivals the Dallas Cowboys came from behind to win 40-34.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott threw three touchdown passes to erase a 10-point lead opened by Eagles backup Gardner Minchio, who threw two TDs but came away with the winner at the last second.

The Eagles still lead the way in the NFC at 13-2 and need to win one of their last two to be absolutely certain of earning the precious first round playoffs, but they’ll want to see Hurts get back on the field ASAP.

Greg Joseph
Vikings kicker Greg Joseph hangs high after he kicks another game-winning field goal

The Minnesota Vikings are just a game behind Philadelphia after proving they are the undisputed kings of the close game with their 11th by one score win of the season – the most in a single season in NFL history.

It’s always been a close game against the New York Giants, who have won eight Division 1 games this season, so it was ultimately unexpected to expect as the Vikings followed last week’s game. Biggest comeback in NFL history With another league record.

A Saquon Barkley touchdown put the Giants level with just two minutes left in the game, but Kirk Cousins ​​had enough time to drive kicker Greg Joseph to make a record-breaking 61-yard field goal as time expired.

It was Joseph’s fifth winning kick of the season as the Vikings improved to 12-3 with a 27-24 win highlighting once again how hard they have been to beat in close games.

“You don’t blink,” Joseph said. “You don’t hesitate. You don’t hesitate.” “Because we know where we’ve been, and we know what we’re capable of.”

The Bills & Chiefs are still in the fight to become the AFC’s top dogs

Josh Allen
Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will be spending Christmas morning in Chicago

In the AFC, the Buffalo Bills remained the top seed after defeating the Chicago Bears in the second half 35-13 and won the AFC East title for the third year in a row after going 23 years without one.

The Bills weren’t in top shape for their sixth straight win, but a clinical second half in a freezing Chicago meant two more would pick up a top seed, a week off, and most importantly, home court advantage throughout playoff games. .

The win, though, wasn’t enough to earn the team a get up home on Christmas morning as blizzard conditions at Buffalo closed the airport, meaning the Bills had to stay the night in Chicago before attempting to fly to another airport. .

“Yeah, it’s a shame we can’t go home,” Bills coach Sean McDermott said. “But there are a lot of people who have had far worse than we do there, including some people back home now.”

Buffalo holds the tiebreaker over the Kansas City Chiefs, who are also 12-3 after a comprehensive 24-10 win over the Seattle Seahawks in cooler conditions throughout the Midwest than in America.

The Chiefs and Bills have been played One of the best games ever Last season, they look poised to battle it out again for a better rating and possibly a rematch place.

The Patriots are shooting themselves in the foot… again

For the second week in a row, the New England Patriots committed an uncharacteristically blunder to cost them a potential victory after hitting back from 22-0 down to lose to the Cincinnati Bengals 22-18.

Bill Belichick’s teams are usually the best-trained in the league, but last week it was a failed attempt at a trick on the last game of the game. They cost the Las Vegas Raiders While this week, a Ramondry Stephenson fumble outside the end zone resulted in a fourth loss in five.

“I was trying to make something happen, maybe doing more than I was supposed to. Maybe I should have just fallen,” said Stevenson, after a fumble left New England’s chances of the playoffs hanging by a thread.

A seventh straight win should have been much easier for the Bengals after they went down 22-0 at halftime, but with a playoff spot they are still fighting for the AFC North title as they look to make a comeback. to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row.

Joe Burrow
Bengals QB Joe Burrow (No. 9) said the team wants to return to the Super Bowl

“We have to do a better job on the teams exclusion offense,” Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow said. “Teams that want to win the Super Bowl put it away a little earlier.”

New England’s defeat means the Baltimore Ravens belatedly book their playoff spot as head coach John Harbaugh attends his post-game press conference following their 17-9 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Still playing behind Cincinnati in the AFC North, Baltimore will want Lamar Jackson back as soon as possible to stir something up on offense, but their defense has stood out lately as they only allowed more than 14 points once in seven games.

San Francisco makes it eight in a row

The San Francisco 49ers posted an eight-game winning streak with rookie Brock Purdy continuing to impress with two more TD throws in their 37-20 win over the Washington Chiefs.

Purdy came right in and played at a much higher level than many thought a rookie recently selected in the NFL Draft would do when he stepped in as the third pick starter for San Francisco after Tre Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo were injured.

“I’m not really thinking about feeling more comfortable or anything like that,” Purdy said. “I still have the same enthusiasm and drive as before when I wasn’t playing. I want to come in and I want to prove to my teammates and earn respect with every game, every shot and every drive.”

Elsewhere on Christmas Eve, the Detroit Lions saw their run come to a halt again with a 37-23 defeat to the Carolina Panthers, while the New Orleans Saints beat the Cleveland Browns 17-10 and the Houston Texans upset the Tennessee Titans 19-14.

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