8 of the best Christmas movies on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a relatively new streaming service, having launched just a few years ago in November 2019. However, the platform has quickly gained the necessary momentum to stand shoulder to shoulder with other major streaming subscriptions, as it is proud to award winning titles among its small but carefully curated. Its lineup of fun media is similarly limited, but subscribers will find there are still quite a few gems in the Apple TV+ repertoire to queue this fun season.

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The majority of her festive selections consist of her wide range of Peanuts Holiday specials are where Apple TV+ has secured exclusive streaming rights to the franchise, but there are many other great movies on offer on the platform as well.

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8/8 Lusty

Peppy 2022 Ferrell Reynolds

There is no shortage of Charles Dickens Christmas carol alterations, but this newest entry really puts a fresh spin on the Christmas classic. Directed by Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, a man with an iconic holiday movie tucked already under his belt, Lusty It follows the Ghost of Christmas Gift as he sets about reshaping the morality of Clint Briggs, a media consultant who is considered “unredeemable” by the other spirits of Christmas.

The Apple TV+ exclusive is a must-have for anyone who loves catchy musical numbers, new takes on old stories, and a healthy dose of holiday spirit.

7/8 Mariah Carey’s Magical Birthday Special

birthday party

The face of modern Christmas music takes center stage in this original holiday show for Apple TV+. Mariah Carey teams up with Santa Claus’s elves to throw a Christmas party in an effort to boost alarmingly low holiday spirits after the coronavirus pandemic brings the world to its knees. With the help of Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, Misty Copeland, Jennifer Hudson, Jermaine Dupri, and a few other friendly faces from Peanuts Gallery, Maria puts on a show that is sure to put viewers in a celebratory mood.

The special is a versatile treat that can be streamed to entertain adults or children, enjoyed as background noise or watched with the viewer’s full attention. Those interested in getting more from Mariah can also check out her follow up special, Maria’s Birthday: The magic continues.

6/8 Charlie Brown’s birthday

Charlie Brown Christmas

Even those who haven’t watched this beloved Christmas cartoon know very well its name. More than half a century after its original release, Charlie Brown’s birthday It is still considered one of the best holiday specials, and one of the most influential shows ever broadcast.

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Viewers who adore Charlie Brown but don’t have access to an Apple TV+ subscription will be able to watch the animated special for free on the platform this year from December 22-25. An Apple ID is necessary for limited free streaming, but even those without an Apple device can create an Apple ID for free.

5/8 It’s Christmas again, Charlie Brown

Snowman making gang

After nearly thirty years Charlie Brown’s birthday He left his permanent mark on holiday programmes, Peanuts He released his second full-length Christmas special, It’s Christmas again, Charlie Brown.

Unlike its predecessor, this fun special consists of several holiday tales revolving around lovable cartoon characters as they indulge in the festivities of the fun season. From Christmas book reports to questionable Santa impersonations to the struggle to find (and supply) the perfect gift, there’s nothing quite like watching Charlie Brown and his gang scurry through their hilarious shenanigans over a cup of hot chocolate.

4/8 A Charlie Brown Christmas Tales

Cover of Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

For those who can’t get enough of Charlie Brown and Snoopy during the holiday season, A Charlie Brown Christmas Tales she has Peanuts Fanatics covered. The special features Charlie Brown and his friends participating in holiday shenanigans through five festive shorts.

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Based on the comic strip by Charles M. Schulz Peanuts Gang to Life, each short film focuses on one of the likable characters as they get into the hilarious spirit in their own charmingly individual and quirky ways. Stories range from Linus’ attempts to send a Christmas card to a girl who temporarily calls herself Jezebel to Lucy’s struggle to ensure she receives unwrapped gifts.

3/8 I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

Snoopy hugging restart

Rerun himself catches a case of puppy fever this winter after his older brothers, Lucy and Linus, snub him several times. Rerun soon realizes that adopting a dog isn’t as simple as asking for one in his letter to Santa Claus, as the realities of the costs and effort required to care for a pet begin to weigh on him.

I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown Nothing more than memorable Peanuts“Holiday specials yet remains a beloved seasonal watch for franchise fans.”

2/8 for old lang sync

Lucy is upset at Christmas

Unlike the rest Peanuts holiday specials, Snoopy presents: For Auld Lang Syne is a recent addition to the lineup, the first in nearly twenty years. In a similar but distinct cartoon style, Talking Peanuts Special highlights on Lucy.

Featuring a double holiday celebration, the story follows Lucy as she attempts to cheer herself up by throwing a New Year’s Eve party after her grandmother crush does not show up on Christmas Day, leaving Lucy in fear that her grandmother does not like her.

1/8 Tawas fighting before Christmas

'Twas The Fight Before Christmas (promotional art)

Viewers can switch things up at the Christmas party with this holiday documentary. The true tale tells of an Idaho man’s fight against his district’s homeowners’ association over what he believed to be the meaning and celebration of Christmas but what was said in court as the right to stage a holiday show of biblical proportions.

What begins as a celebratory story of a man with hilarious, ambitious aspirations soon turns into a darker (yet undeniably comic) look at the nationwide divide Americans often find themselves holding back as a result.

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