“White Noise” and 9 other films about great and strange disasters

Apocalyptic scenarios have always been a popular idea for exploration in the medium of film. Disasters – natural or human-caused – can make for a great spectacle and thrill, especially when seen on the big screen. Of course, dealing with large-scale disasters in real life is anything but fun, though seeing it in a work of fiction is another matter entirely and allows viewers to vicariously live through a dangerous situation without actually being in danger.

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Even if the golden age of disaster movies came and went in the ’70s and ’80s, the subgenre still lives on in interesting, less formulaic ways. This is what the new showed Noah Baumbach Movie white noise, which sees a family dealing with the aftermath of an “airborne toxic event”. It’s an offbeat, unexpected, and quirky take on the disaster movie genre, as are the nine other movies listed below.

White Noise (2022)

Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver in White Noise with the family
Image via Netflix

To call white noise Just a slightly misleading disaster movie. The movie is built around a toxic chemical spill that affects the main characters and the city they live in, but structurally it’s the middle act that feels like a disaster movie. The story is equally interested in exploring people’s lives before and after things are thrown into disarray.

white noise is also a social satire, featuring a great deal of dark, surreal humor throughout its most tense scenes. It’s a very strange and uneven movie, but it’s easy to admire its ambition and the always compelling performance of the persuasive one Adam Driver.

“In the Night and the Snow” (1912)

In the Night and Snow - 1912

At first glance, At night and ice It might not sound particularly strange by silent movie standards. After all, it runs for about half an hour and tells a straightforward, no-nonsense story of the sinking of the Titanic, focusing most of its running time on the disaster itself.

The weirdness sinks in when you realize they wasted no time in making the movie, as it was shot and released the same year as the accident. Apparently, the filmmakers weren’t too nervous about the idea of ​​something “too early” in 1912.

Shin Godzilla (2016)

Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla It may be the latest Japanese live action Godzilla Film, but it has already earned the right to be considered one of the best in the long series. It looks at what could realistically happen if the titular monster deck wreaks havoc on 21st-century Japan, making for a surprisingly tense monster movie.

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By staying away from scenes of fighting monsters, Shin Godzilla It embraces the disaster movie genre, just as it did the original in 1954. Making it a disaster movie also allows the filmmakers to poke fun at the procrastination of modern bureaucracy and politicians and how systems of power stand in the way of helping people during disasters.

‘Don’t Search’ (2021)

Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence in Don't Look Up
Image via Netflix

A black comedy targeting American politics and culture in general, do not search is a deliberately divisive head-to-head movie about a comet rapidly approaching Earth. Scientists insist that humanity must act quickly if catastrophe is to be averted, while those in power—namely, the President and her staff—do not feel the comet is a real threat.

It’s the comedic tone behind the fast-paced, angst that makes up do not search It stands out in the disaster movie genre. It’s certainly not just a comedy, and can get a little heavy-handed at points, but it does show another way to approach a story involving an impending world-ending cataclysm.

Left Behind (2014)

left behind (2014)

left behind is a disaster movie about a world spiraling out of control after what appears to be a trance on a global scale. Millions of people suddenly disappear one day, with the survivors left on Earth to fend for themselves, with no indication (at least early on) as to the cause of the mass disappearance.

in danger of being blunt, left behind It simply isn’t a good disaster movie. Nicolas Cage stars and does its best with its bizarre premise and inappropriate dialogue, but it’s a disaster film that’s more likely to be enjoyed ironically – as a “so bad it’s good” movie – than as a truly interesting piece of post-apocalyptic science-fiction.

“Sharks” (2013)

A man with a chainsaw fights off a flying shark at Sharknado - 2013

You don’t really have to know in advance Sharknado To act immediately on it would be a silly disaster movie. The title says it all, in all honesty, as someone obviously thought, “It would be cool to combine a shark movie with a movie about a hurricane,” then the title came along and it’s likely to go from there.

Perhaps due to the strength (or silliness) of the title alone, the original Sharknado spawned a low-budget franchise, of which there are now six Sharknado Movies. There seems to be an enthusiastic audience for movies about tornadoes full of sharks that want to kill people… do with that info what you will.

“The Legend of the Titanic” (1999)

The Legend of the Titanic - 1999

There are a surprising number of movies that take place on the Titanic, although few are quite as surprising or bizarre as this animated family movie. Titanic legend. It combines the well-known story of the legendary shipwreck with children’s movie characters made famous by classic Disney films, including showcasing musical numbers and talking animal characters.

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It’s also bizarre because of how it depicts the disaster itself. There were no casualties Titanic legend version of the shipwreck, with the day being saved by a shape-shifting octopus holding the broken Titanic together long enough for all of its passengers to disembark safely. This only scratches the surface when it comes to the specifics of how brutal this movie is; It must be seen to be believed.

Virus (1980)

Virus_The End (1980)

One of the many disaster movies that are hard to watch right now in a post-2020 world, virus It is a disaster movie on an epic scale. Running over 2.5 hours long, it features a cast of Japanese and American actors, and focuses on a group of survivors who are forced to live in Antarctica to escape a deadly airborne virus that has wiped out much of the world’s population.

virus It’s a weird movie, parts of which feel like a typical disaster movie but other parts that are darker, scarier, and stranger than you would normally get from this genre. It doesn’t necessarily achieve this by being realistic, appearing torn between being grim and gritty while also providing horrific and horrific entertainment. It may not put together coherently, but the end result sure is interesting.

“Knowledge” (2009)

Nicolas Cage deals with the aftermath of the plane crash in his book Knowing.

One of the underrated Nicolas Cage movies, knowledge It revolves around a series of escalating disasters that shake the world. Cage plays a teacher who opens a time capsule shortly before these disasters and realizes that there may be information that predicts the tragedies that will befall the world, even though the time capsule was buried decades ago.

It’s a movie that doesn’t quite stick to its landing, as after two strong first acts, the third and final act gets a little weird. Even if the ending hurt the movie overall for some viewers, the first two-thirds of knowledge makes for a surprisingly good disaster movie, in which the masterpiece’s big moments – including a terrifying plane crash – still pack a punch over its 13-year run. Knowledge Release.

“It Happens” (2008)

Mark Wahlberg talking to a house plant.

Occurrence Known (or legendary, depending on your point of view) for being an absurd, offbeat disaster movie. Its plot involves a bizarre kind of natural disaster, in which the plants of the world seem to drive huge portions of the population to suicide. Therefore, the main characters need to fight for their safety, albeit against an enemy they don’t fully understand or know how to fight.

beyond the bizarre hypothesis, Occurrence It’s also a weird disaster movie because of how it’s executed. It could be an intentional throwback to old sci-fi movies, or it could be clumsy writing, but either way, the characters are at their best. Occurrence Talking and acting very strange, which could make the movie very funny. It’s the kind of movie where if the humor is intended, it’s a pretty clever comedy, but if it’s unintentional… well, it might not be a “good” movie. However, it is still entertaining and unpredictable.

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