These are my favorite Rowan Atkinson movies, in case you were curious

Rowan Atkinson He is perhaps best known for his role as “Mr. Bean” and his antics have entertained audiences for nearly three decades. It is believed that Rowan created this character while in college, and was always drawn to portraying such a character. He entertained audiences with his physical humor and his relationship with different people and situations. His performance as Mr. Bean was hugely successful and became so popular that two film adaptations followed.

Atkinson discovered his penchant for comedy while attending Oxford University. In collaboration with Richard Curtis, he began writing satires for comedy at the Oxford Theatre. He became famous and achieved a stint on the comedy series, Not the nine o’clock news. Rowan made his motion picture debut with, Never say never againJames Bond thriller,He also displayed his comedic genius The black adder. Atkinson has appeared in several other countriesmovies like Johnny English, The Lion King, and Four Weddings and a Funeral. We could go on and on about Rowan’s illustrious career but first, here are his favorite movies.

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Today’s movie

5/5 Being There (1979)

Being There (1979)
Lorimar Productions

being there Based on a novel by Jerry Kosinski. Chance (Peter Sellers) plays a pure-hearted gardener who is thrust into the real world after the death of his wealthy guardian. He is taken under the wing of a businessman, and the superiors look to him for advice; He also makes millionaire friends. He is accepted into their circles because he carries himself as a well-bred man, manners picked up from the older man he resides in. Class.

4/5 The Apartment (1960)

The Apartment (1960)
Merish Corporation

Flat It is a movie that contains some clever social observations and ironies. CC Baxter (Jack Lemmon) has loaned his Upper West Side apartment to corporate bosses who use it for their extramarital affairs. In return, the bosses give him promises of promotions and bonuses. He develops a crush on one of the elevator girls, Miss Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine) but is disappointed to learn that she is having an affair with the big boss, Mr. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray). Mr. Sheldrake keeps saying he’s going to divorce his wife, but he never does, and CC Baxter must choose whether he pursues a career in the company or his love for Miss Kubelik.

3/5 This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
Embassy photos

This is Spinal Tap is a comedy film about an English heavy metal band trying to comeback on a US tour. Their adventures are documented by a fan who accompanies them and also happens to be a director. There are some great performances by the band, and one deals with the dramatic processes that go into planning and executing a concert. They suffered a dismal reception until their single became a hit in Japan, which led to a series of sold-out shows in the country. The movie is full of bizarre moments, like a drummer exploding on stage, and funny moments like an out-of-band prop that comes down on stage, making a laughing stock.

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2/5 Mr. Hulot’s Holiday (1953)

Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953)

Mr. Holot’s holiday It hardly contains any dialogue – it’s a silent film with background music, à la Charlie Chaplin pictures, And the It is about a relaxing vacation at the seaside. Mr. Hulot (Jacques Tati) decides to take a vacation at a beautiful seaside resort, where he has his way through many misadventures. He is friendly to a bug and is often found with poop in his mouth. He gets along with many of the other resort guests, such as the beautiful and English Martine.

Mr. Hollow is barely noticeable, well, until something goofy happens. For example, there is a time when he leaves the lobby door of his seaside hotel open, and the wind blows and creates a series of minor but amusing annoyances. There is also a case where he made a gruesome attempt at playing tennis. Even though the movie unfolds slowly, viewers will still find it funny once they get the beat.

1/5 Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story (1995)
Pictures of Walt Disney

Toy Story It takes place in a place where games come to life when humans are not present. Andy Davis (John Morris) is a young boy whose favorite toy is Woody (Tom Hanks), a cowboy doll. Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday, which makes Woody jealous and anxious about replacing his favorite toy. Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) is deceived, thinking he is actually a Space Ranger and proudly showing off his many features to the rest of the games.

Woody’s fears are realized when Andy starts playing with Buzz Lightyear more. Andy’s family decides to move, and Buzz and Woody find themselves stuck at a gas station with no idea how to get home. Later, the duo have to escape from Sid Philips (Erik von Detten), a ghastly neighbor who takes his toys apart and puts them back in a strange way.

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