Why Vikram is one of the best Hindi films of 2022

2022 has been a great year for Indian cinema. The multiple films released this year have taken up a large space in the cultural zeitgeist, and have become massive trends nationwide. South Indian films continued to dominate Indian cinema, with some of the biggest films of the year coming out of regional industries in South India: KGF2And the Bunyan Sylvanand international films $$$$.

By all appearances, a Tamil movie Vikram belong to the same league; The public acknowledged the same. It featured some of the most formidable performers from Hindi cinema, like Kamal Haasan and Vijay Sethupathi, displaying a huge range of action that was on par with KGF2 or Pushpa. But the film has not gained the same cultural foothold as its peers. for all its brilliance, Vikram Boast a completely different kind of mastery than $$$$ or KGF2. While director SS Rajamouli sought to focus on one big emotion, Vikram They wove an intriguing and complex story that found its merits in its perfect execution.

Today’s movie

Somewhere along the way, the movie lost the mass appeal it deserved. But based entirely on her cinematic brilliance, Vikram It is clearly one of the best Hindi films of 2022. Here is why.

The storytelling genius of Lokesh Kannaraj

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the man behind VikramLokesh Kanagaraj is a relative novice in the Tamil film industry, having directed only three other feature films before that. But the young writer-director quickly established himself as a capable storyteller, with a very private vision. His stylistic preferences can be seen even in his first film, Mahanagaramwhich was a crime thriller with many interwoven narratives.

Kanagaraj showed a deep understanding of this narrative technique in his first film, starting with what is practically the second act and using flashbacks to plot the show. Tense dialogues act as glue in every scene, setting the perfect tone for a crime-thriller and elevating a dull experience into a movie with real heart and substance.

Vikram It displays the same cinematic signatures in a highly sophisticated format. Within the first ten minutes, the film makes complex stakes and establishes a whole cast of suspect characters. The film then takes the narrative perspective of a black ops squad recruited to hunt down a secret group of cop-killing terrorists. While this is happening, the viewer gets a sense of a lot going on behind the scenes — they just don’t have the details yet. Vikram It moves forward at a fast pace, but never conflicts with the storytelling. By the end of the first ten minutes, the viewer is effectively engaged, and more likely to trust the hands that made the movie.

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Art of the opening scene

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It is impossible to overestimate the importance of a good opening scene. It separates the good movie from the bad, and Vikram A one-minute opening scene is nothing short of a masterclass in the way it grips the audience and grounds the plot.

Vikram It opens as if on the heels of a whole other series of events, revealing an enormous stash of drugs hidden in a building. It is shown to be the handiwork of a single police officer, who coordinates closely with a superior officer over the phone. As with mahanagaram, This actor and his dialogues set the tone for the scene. Obviously, the mission is very risky. The feeling of mortal danger is palpable all the time.

A short phone call deepens the foundation for this terrifying tune. The officer speaks in short, clipped sentences, each of which strengthens the sense of intrigue. It was revealed that only two of the call participants knew about this website. Excessive secrecy appears to be crucial. The viewer feels the powerful forces swirling around him. The stakes placed in the minute-long opening scene overshadow the entire rest of the movie, as all parties involved search for that very treasure.

Heavyweight crew

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Despite Lokesh Kanagaraj’s strong writing, he starred in some of the most respected acting talents from India to bring Vikram to life. Kanagaraj chose to cast actors who were not only known for their stardom, but were revered for their acting prowess. At the forefront of the strong actors are three names: Kamal Hassan, Vijay Sethupathi and Fahad Vasil. Each of these actors has their own legend attached to them, with Hassan holding the most reputation.

South Indian cinema has a unique tradition where fans give their idols affectionate nicknames. The veteran Hassan became famous by the nickname Ulaganayagan, meaning ‘world champion’. According to the Times of India, the title denotes that he “belongs to the global association of acting talent” and that he “came into existence at a time when fans thought he was going to win an Oscar for his acting prowess.”

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On the other hand, Sethupathi has witnessed a meteoric rise in Tamil cinema after being recognized as a natural talent. His filmography is full of diverse roles, and he has garnered exceptional reviews for his work, with critics often complimenting his natural instincts and his ability to construct unique characterizations for even the most general roles. Vikram His most memorable role to date is as the charismatic and ruthless leader of a drug-manufacturing gang.

Meanwhile, Fasil plays the leader of a black ops team in Vikram, and his perspective drives the plot through most of the first half. Vasil has something of a cult following as his filmography is full of experimental roles. The subtle, dark quality he brings to his performances serves as a valuable element for him Vikram overall tone.

The most interesting part about Vikram The cast is such that none of the actors stand out in any way that is exaggerated. Even iconic actors with their oversized mythos serve the story with their own distinct qualities, and the supporting characters can come across as more nuanced than the main characters at times.

Lokesh Cinematic Universe

Kethi Karthi Lokesh Kanagraj
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Building a cinematic universe in the style of the MCU seems a reasonable stretch for Kanagaraj, whose style of filmmaking mainly includes elaborate backstories and interwoven stories. with the release of VikramKanagaraj officially announced his desire to create his own cinematic universe. But he really kicked off this cinematic world with his latest movie, Al-Kaythiwhich are seamlessly connected Vikram as well as its direct prequel.

This planned cinematic universe has been dubbed the Lokesh Cinematic Universe, sometimes stylized as the Lokiverse. This is not the first attempt to create a cinematic universe within Indian cinema. A few others are currently in the works. But the Lokiverse has the best and credible chance of becoming a truly organic cinematic universe, and it’s also a really impressive body of art. Rather than just being a thread holding this cinematic universe together, Vikram And the Al-Kaythi Both succeed in uplifting themselves on the basis of their interconnected traditions. You can watch any of these movies without the other and still find a complete and satisfying cinematic experience. The fact that there’s more to the story that you can dig up in a different movie is just icing on the cake.

Vikram It has all the hallmarks of a great movie with the promise of more to come with time. Although Kanagaraj’s stylistic preferences draw him toward complex cinematic structures, Vikram It presents a perfect balance between complex structure and elements of mass appeal. while $$$$ She manages to win hearts with her unabashed melodrama, Vikram He also deserves recognition for his cinematic achievements.

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