7 Great Urban Fantasy Movies

While it can be great trying to create a completely unique fantasy world in which to set a story, it is very difficult due to languages, geography and various other forms of world building that need to be done before stories can be told in their stories. own world.

Related: The Franchises That Changed Creative Hands for the BetterFor this reason, many films are set in the real world but use fictional elements and characters. This type of film is called urban fantasy and it was popularized because fantasy concepts are easy to explain to the audience if some of the characters in the movie are not familiar with the fantasy concepts as well.

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7/7 Big problem in little China

Image of a big problem in little China

Director John Carpenter is a master of the strange and the unusual, and his works starring Kurt Russell are all legendary for various reasons. Big problem in little China It was Carpenter’s way of circumventing many martial arts action films of the time, and mocking the “white savior” ideas other filmmakers had about those films.

Jack Burton is a truck driver who gets involved in a fight against an old wizard named Lo Pan in Chinatown. There are many witches and a lot of magic all told within the confines of a real-life Chinatown Big problem in little China A prime case of how urban fantasy works as a genre.

6/7 Harry Potter series

Harry Potter poster

Although many consider the Wizarding World to be a fantasy realm of its own, the… Harry Potter And the Fantastic Beasts Still set within the confines of the real world, the films only present places hidden from the view of ordinary mortals where fantastical creatures and magic users can live and learn in peace.

Despite this, there are several sequels, particularly in later times Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts Movies set in and around the human world. These movies are major urban fantasy because they began with pioneering learning about magical items along with the audience.

5/7 the crow

image of crow

Showcasing the darker, darker side of urban fantasy movies, the crow The film is about a young guitarist who rises from the dead one year after he and his fiancée are brutally murdered in pursuit of revenge. The powers he gains when he becomes a vengeful spirit are similar to those of a dark superhero, and it’s great to see this early cinematic version of such a dark superhero genre.

The film was the last to star Brandon Lee before his untimely death on schedule, and while it was a success in that time and spawned three sequels, it is relatively forgotten today by all but a small cult that follows in its wake. than many other superhero movies that have been released.

4/7 Highlander

Highlander sticker

classic urban fantasy movie, Highlander It was made in 1986 and features Christopher Lambert as an immortal from Scotland who has walked the earth for centuries, fighting and killing other immortals as they all know there can only be one person left to absorb the great power of all immortals throughout history.

Related topics: Fantasy films with fantastic world-buildingChasing the police, who don’t understand the ancient conflict between these various immortal beings, helps make this a clear case of how magical items conflict with the real world. It’s a wonderfully memorable story that still has the status of a cult classic today for the unique fantasy ideas it used.

3/7 Rosy day

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One of the most recent examples of urban fiction, Rosy day Vampire hunter pits Jamie Foxx against an army of vampires trying to set up shop in Los Angeles. Creating a market for vampire teeth and a vampire hunters union was a great way to bring vampire fighting into the 21st century, and it made for a hilariously funny movie.

Foxx is in top shape and the way he goes about his business, trying to get enough money to pay for his family in a realistic way, but with killing vampires as his profession, makes a strange mixture of family melodrama and comedy thriller-fantasy-fantasy in this Netflix movie.

2/7 onwards

image from now on

It’s easier to set an animated movie in a completely fictional world, and so it was somewhat surprising to see Disney Pixar set one of their films in an urban fantasy world. This world is the same as the modern world, but instead of humans, the world is populated with all sorts of domesticated fantasy creatures.

Story of the onwards The film is about two brothers who go on an adventure to try to bring back their dead father to see them for just one day. Instead of succeeding with their first attempt at the spell, they only bring his legs back and are forced to race against time to fix it before it’s too late. The movie is a beautiful family tale set within the larger confines of an intriguing fantasy world.

1/7 What do we do in the shadows?

A picture of what we do in the shadows

Taika Waititi is mostly known today for his major successes in Hollywood such as Motorcycle rental And the Jojo Rabbit. However, his name rose to prominence prior to those projects due to his satirical film about vampires living in modern New Zealand.

What do we do in the shadows? is deeply funny and deserves credit for the subversive way it blends the absurd nature of vampires and other magical creatures with the real world, and the results are as hilariously fun as it is downright realistic for how these creatures do today.

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