Underrated horror films of the 2000s, in order

Whereas the 1990s revived the slasher genre and brought international horror into the spotlight, horror in the 2000s took an outside-the-box approach, with a variety of subversive and original films often flying under the radar. MLM like FateAnd the opinionAnd the download They were headline-grabbing hits, gripping audiences with gore and horrific death.

However, a lot of other horror films from the 2000s were unfairly ignored. From innovative creature features to psychological thrillers, these horror films from the 2000s deserve more attention. Here is a ranked list of some of the best ones.

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10/10 When a stranger calls

Jill Johnson in When a Stranger Calls
Sony Pictures launch

The 2006 remake of the 1979 cult classic was terrifying in its simplicity. When a stranger calls It begins with a young babysitter who receives a series of disturbing phone calls from an unknown stalker who may or may not be home with her. A big part of the success of this film lies in the small ways in which it stays true to the original while giving it a more modern twist.

Instead of relying on jump scares and bloody set pieces, director Simon West has created true psychological horror, in which the suspense slowly builds as the babysitter’s terror grows. With a steady pace and an unforgettable ending, When a stranger calls is a brilliantly crafted 2000s movie that should not be missed.

9/10 cabin fever

cabin fever
Lions gate movies

cabin fever is a 2003 horror film co-written and directed by Eli Roth, just a few years before he became a household name with his own hostel franchise. The plot follows when five college friends go out on a trek into the woods and find themselves terrified by a flesh-eating virus. It’s a fairly simple story, but Roth does an admirable job of creating suspense and horror through special effects and atmosphere.

what makes cabin fever is a mixture of horror and comedy, which ranges from gory slapstick to black humor. It’s a unique take on the classic cabin cab and features a touch of cannibal for added bumper value. If you are a fan of other Roth films, this is one to add to your watch list.

8/10 wrong turn

Wrong Turn 2003
Twentieth Century Fox

This often overlooked franchise has many entries, but the original wrong turn A movie from 2003 is still one of the best. It stars Elisha Cuthbert and Desmond Harrington as two of six friends who are lost in the Appalachian Mountains after a car accident and are pursued by a family of deformed cannibals. wrong turn It creates an intense atmosphere of suspense and dread as the group is tracked through the jungle by their attackers.

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The highlight of the movie is the final suspenseful action, in which the survivors desperately try to escape the cannibals while escaping their deadly traps. It’s a thrilling ride that has spawned six sequels, and its most recent wrong turn The reboot will be released in 2021.

7/10 white noise

White Noise is a 2005 horror film starring Michael Keaton
Universal Pictures

white noise is a 2005 horror drama starring Michael Keaton as an architect who finds solace in Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings after the sudden death of his wife. He begins to believe that her spirit is somehow communicating with him through the recordings, however when he delves deeper into the mysterious recordings, he discovers that they are coming from an evil, supernatural force.

This movie is a psychological thriller and part ghost story which is very well paced and full of jump scares and suspense. white noise (Not to be confused with Adam Driver’s bizarre new masterpiece) is a great example of how to effectively blend horror and drama while delivering plenty of tension throughout.

6/10 scream 3

Maureen Prescott in Scream Window 3
Dimension movies

The third installment of the programme Scream The franchise may not be as beloved by fans as its predecessors, but it deserves credit for how perfectly it ties together all the plot threads from the previous two films. With Scream Originally intended to be a trilogy, the series comes full circle in this film with Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) fighting off the return of Ghostface. It has the perfect blend of comedy and horror, with undertones important to the dark side of Hollywood.

scream 3 It’s arguably one of Neve Campbell’s best performances, as it takes her character to a new level of strength and determination. It was the perfect conclusion to what is arguably a trilogy, and has a touch of Wes Craven’s signature style that makes the first films of the franchise timeless.

5/10 ghost ship

Ghost Ship opening
Warner Bros.

Horror movie 2002 ghost ship Written by Steve Peck, starring Gabriel Byrne as the captain of a salvage team that discovers a seemingly abandoned cruise ship in the Bering Sea. As they explore the ship, supernatural forces begin to attack the crew, revealing a mysterious past the ship has been hiding. Julianna Margulies and Ron Eldard appear as captains of the salvage crew, as well as Emily Browning as the ghost of a little girl who haunts the ship.

With one of the greatest cold-blooded performances in horror movie history, ghost ship It is a journey full of excitement and special effects. It may not be the scariest movie on this list, but the ghost ship sequence is sure to keep viewers engrossed until the shocking finale.

4/10 Poughkeepsie bars

Screenshots from the Poughkeepsie tapes
MGM Distribution Company

A 2007 found footage horror film directed by John Eric Dowdle that follows the investigation of a serial killer who records murders on videotapes. His snuff films were found in an abandoned apartment, and his victims included adults and children. The movie is a powerful exploration of the inner workings of the mind of a serial killer and features some truly terrifying scenes.

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Poughkeepsie bars It is a unique film that is as much a psychological thriller as it is a horror film, focusing on the killer’s motives and horrific methods. While some horror movies focus too much on jump scares and gore, this one is a disturbing insight into the mind of a deranged killer.

3/10 vacant

Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson in Vacancy
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Excellent suspense movie of 2007 vacant It follows a couple played by Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. After suffering a series of unfortunate events, they find themselves having to spend the night in a hotel miles away from civilization. Once settled into their room, something is clearly off about the hotel and its staff. The pair realize they are being watched by cameras in their room, and are soon targeted by a sadistic hotel owner.

vacant It truly is an edge-of-your-seat movie experience. While some parts of the script are a bit weak, the movie is still incredibly intense and suspense-packed thanks to excellent direction from Nimrud Antal, who followed up on his amazing train-based thriller. controls With this movie in English. Wilson and Beckinsale’s performances stand out as they are placed in increasingly dire situations throughout the film. The way the film reaches its climax is powerful and satisfying, proving that Vacancy is great for fans of thrillers and horror films.

2/10 Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo
Arclight Movies

This 2008 Australian fantasy film is a found footage horror film about a family trying to uncover the cause of the mysterious death of their daughter. The investigation leads them to Lake Mungo, where they soon discover dark secrets about its past that have been hidden for years. It is as much a ghost story as it is a psychological thriller, offering a look at the family’s struggles as they deal with her death.

Lake Mungo is a wonderfully made movie that creates a truly unsettling atmosphere throughout. The way the family’s story is told through found footage gives it a strong and intimate feel, making for an eerily affecting film. It’s different than most of the other horror movies on this list, but overall it’s a great watch.

1/10 Session 9

Session 9 movie
American Movies

2001 psychological horror movie Session 9 It is directed by Brad Anderson and stars David Caruso and Peter Mullan. It follows an asbestos removal team that has to clean up an abandoned mental institution, although each member of the team struggles with their own personal issues. This makes it difficult for them to focus on the job, especially when they start listening to tapes from old therapy sessions.

Session 9 Another excellent example of horror without excessive gore or a built story. The film is a slow burn, relying on its deep characters and intense atmosphere to keep viewers engaged. It builds suspense slowly and has an overwhelming sense of dread throughout. If you are a fan of slow burn horror movies like Gloss or The ExorcistThen be sure to add this to your list.

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