Kyogo and Hatate inspire the Celts to beat the Saints

Ryo Hatate grabbed a brace by scoring on either side of Kyogo Furuhashi’s double

Ryo Hatate and Kyogo Furuhashi each scored a brace as Celtic lost to St Johnstone to move nine points clear at the top of the Scottish Premier League.

Kyogo’s double from close range followed Katat’s opening goal after a defensive disaster from St Johnstone.

The caretaker full-back grabbed his second goal after the break, before Dre Wright scored a consolation.

Substitute David Turnbull for Celtic was shown a late red card.

However, the midfielder’s heavy challenge on Remy Matthews made little difference to the outcome with St Johnstone remaining fifth.

More to track.

helpshow to play

Rate players out of 10 during or after the game. The resident will close 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Classification range key1 = give up10 = absolute perfection


  1. band number1player nameHart

  2. band number41player nameThe hatred

  3. band number20player nameCarter Vickers

  4. band number4player namestarfelt

  5. band number3player nameTaylor

  6. band number33player nameO’Reilly

  7. band number42player nameMacGregor

  8. band number13player nameMoy

  9. band number49player nameForrest

  10. band number8player nameFuruhashi

  11. band number38player nameMaeda

  1. band number7player nameGiacomakis

  2. band number9player nameHaksapanovic

  3. band number11player nameforever

  4. band number14player nameTurnbull

  5. band number17player nameFrom

St. Johnston

  1. band number1player nameMatthews

  2. band number14player nameI have seen

  3. band number13player nameMcGowan

  4. band number6player nameGordon

  5. band number4player nameconsiderate

  6. band number2player namebrouwn

  7. band number22player nameHallberg

  8. band number34player namePhillips

  9. band number23player namecurry

  10. band number37player nameClark

  11. band number7player nameCould

  1. band number5player nameMitchell

  2. band number17player nameBear

  3. band number18player nameMacPherson

  4. band number21player nameCrawford

  5. band number26player nameMcLennan

line up


formation – formation 4-3-3

  • 1Hart
  • 41The hatred
  • 20Carter VickersBooked in 33 minutes
  • 4starfelt
  • 3Taylor
  • 33O’Reillyreplaced withHaksapanovicin a 63′Session minutes
  • 42MacGregor
  • 13MoyBooked at 13 minutesreplaced withTurnbullin a 79 ‘Session minutesBooked in 90 minutes
  • 49Forrestreplaced withforeverin a 62 ‘Session minutes
  • 8Furuhashireplaced withGiacomakisin a 68 ‘Session minutes
  • 38Maedareplaced withNevis Philipin a 63′Session minutes


  • 6jeans
  • 7Giacomakis
  • 9Haksapanovic
  • 11forever
  • 14Turnbull
  • 17Nevis Philip
  • 25Burnaby
  • 31winner
  • 50Noal

St. Johnston

formation – formation 5-3-2

  • 1Matthews
  • 14I have seen
  • 13McGowan
  • 6Gordon
  • 4considerate
  • 2brouwn
  • 22Hallbergreplaced withMitchellin a 62 ‘Session minutes
  • 34PhillipsBooked in 16 minutesreplaced withMacPhersonin a 62 ‘Session minutes
  • 23curryreplaced withCrawfordin a 79 ‘Session minutes
  • 37Clarkreplaced withMcLennanin a 62 ‘Session minutes
  • 7Couldreplaced withBearin a 87 ‘Session minutes


  • 5Mitchell
  • 10Weatherspoon
  • 11O’Halloran
  • 12diocese
  • 17Bear
  • 18MacPherson
  • 21Crawford
  • 26McLennan
  • 29Murphy

to rule:
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