Latin holiday movies to round out your year

It’s December, and while the month winds down, there’s still time to enjoy festive holiday décor, quality family time, delicious food, fun gift-giving, and of course, delightful seasonal movies. Every year, I get in the spirit by watching classic productions like it’s a a Fabulous lifeAnd the a birthday a storyAnd the the nightmare Before birthday. But where are the Latinx holiday movies?! We want — and need — to see ourselves on screen, and that includes the holidays! So check out these cute and comforting Latino holiday movies while it’s still 2022. They’re all Latino star actors playing Latino characters – finally!

Nothing like the holidays (2008)

We only support movies with one Latin star. But 2008 no thing Such as the holidays He’s got a crew full of them, including Elizabeth Peña, Luis Guzmán, John Leguizamo, Jay Hernandez, and Melonie Diaz. It follows a Puerto Rican family who meets in Chicago to spend the holidays together. Of course, drama ensues. And you can (re?) Watch no thing Such as the holidays on many online platforms, including YouTube.

Enchanted Christmas (2017)

Enchanted Christmas

Couples who star in holiday movies together, stay together. Latinx Alex Penavega and her husband, Carlos Penavega, are no exception. topping the 2017 Hallmark Movie, fascinated birthday. In groovy rom-com fashion, the main character, Laura, returns home, this time to Utah, to renovate a hotel. It turns out that her ex-husband, Ricardo, runs the annual Christmas Eve show. When the former dance partners meet again, will sparks fly? You’ll have to watch on Hallmark to find out.

Merry Christmas (2020)

Merry Christmas

We will be awarding 2020 Lifetime Movie Points for the Smart Title only. Phillies birthday Stars Mario Lopez, as David Morales, an Arizona manager who loses his wife during the holiday season. He now works over Christmas as a delivery driver so he doesn’t have to deal with his grief. His daughter and sister decide to help out, and David quickly becomes part of the online dating world. When he gets a match, is this a chance at new love? Find out by watching this cute rom-com, also starring Latinas Paulina Chavez and Maricarmen Lopez.

Sugar plum twist (2021)

Sugar plum twist

Another Hallmark Channel holiday movie you need to check out is sugar Decent job torsion. The 2021 film stars real-life ballerina Cubana Laura Rosguer and Puerto Rican actor Ector Rivera. This time, the character going home to find love is professional ballerina Natalia, who “works with a ballerina who has a penchant for Latin dancing.”

Santa Fe vacation (2021)

Santa Fe vacation

Is Mario Lopez the Latino Vacation Movie Star?! It seems. In the 2021 Lifetime movie holiday in a Santa Fe, driving alongside Emeraude Toubia and Aimee Garcia. Emeraude plays Belinda Sawyer, an executive from a greeting card company who arrives in Santa Fe to purchase a family business focused on making Mexican Christmas decorations. There she meets Tony Ortega, played by Lopez who also directed the production (Cristela Alonzo wrote the screenplay!). Of course, love, culture, family, and what really matters all factor into this comforting holiday movie. Watch it for life!

Christmas with you (2022)

Christmas with you.  (L to R) Amy Garcia as Angelina and Freddie Prinze Jr. as Miguel on Christmas With You.  Commercial Record.  Jessica Kourkounis / Netflix © 2022.

The last entry on our list of must-see Latin holiday movies is also the latest, released this year. birthday With You are It is about a pop star, Angelina, played by Amy Garcia, who decides to grant a fan her birthday wish by visiting her. This good deed leads Angelina to meet the teen’s music teacher’s father, portrayed by Freddie Prinze Jr. (they end up making sweet music together – in more ways than one!). making it more realistic, birthday With You are It also starred Latinxs Deja Monique Cruz, Gabriel Sloyer, and Socorro Santiago, it was directed by Gabriela Tagliavini, produced by Herman Torres, and there were Latinxes in the writing room.

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