The 10 weirdest family movies that make you wonder what the writers were thinking

Movements aimed at children can lead to some very interesting products. Because they’re allowed to get away with more of the films aimed at older audiences, it allows the writers to try more out-of-the-box ideas. This is especially seen in the world of live-action films.

Related: The best family and kids movies on Hulu right nowUnfortunately, this indulgence can lead to a project that ends up going too far. When one looks at their plots, writings, and characters, one has to wonder if someone on set is giving a second opinion.

Garbage Pail Kids (1987)

He made most of the garbage pail kids in the movie

A boy named Dodger works in an antique store, where he is told not to touch a certain trash can. One day, some older bullies come over and knock the can over, releasing a group of ill-behaved creatures called the Garbage Babies. Although the kids are obnoxious and love to cause trouble, they befriend Dodger and try to help him out with his problems.

Related: 10 Iconic ’90s Movies That Kids Loved That Adults Didn’tHow the writers of this movie thought this plot would be funny or appealing to anyone, let alone children, is a question for the ages. The plot makes no sense, and includes plot points such as a prison/death camp for ugly people and children being forced to work in a workhouse, so Dodger can get a girlfriend. The kids themselves are also sad, with unlikeable characters and some of the worst animation ever seen in a movie.

“Little Monsters” (1989)

Brian and Maurice are sitting together

After moving into a new home, 11-year-old Brian finds it hard to adjust. He is being bullied at his new school, and strange things are happening around the house, which he blames on him. When Brian tries to catch the perpetrator, he meets Maurice, an otherworldly monster who loves pranks.

While the world of monsters and the effects are both very creative, the movie is a bit too zany for its own good. Many of Morris’s pranks go too far, and most of the human characters act just as, if not more cruelly, than the monsters. The film’s humor is also quite sloppy, with many unnecessary sexual innuendos.

“My Father’s Ghost” (1990)

Elliot talks with Edith about his new paranormal situation

An outrageous flop directed by an all-time great actor Sydney PoitiersAnd the Dad’s ghost The film is about a widower named Elliot (a disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, at the height of his television fame), and is so committed to work that he misses his children’s lives. After getting into a taxi driven by a demon man, they get into an accident and return as a ghost. Knowing that next Thursday will likely pass, Elliot decides to use the time he has, and his new ghost powers, to help his family.

while Dad’s ghost She gets credit for a creative idea, spoiled by her comedic tone. The fact that children can be left without a surviving father is sidelined by bad jokes, and Elliot uses his new powers to help his son with magic tricks. And the rules about what a ghost can and can’t do are poorly defined and contradicted all the time.

“North” (1994)

North and a man dressed as an Easter bunny are sitting together

A young boy named North is praised by every pair of parents except his own, who indulge their work much in his appreciation. One day, after talking to a man in an Easter Bunny suit. North decides to divorce his parents. The judge gives him one month to find a new family, which takes him around the world.

north It has earned a reputation as one of the worst films ever made. While it is full of talented actors including youngsters Elijah wood It is marred by poor writing choices, unfunny comedy, and just about every cultural stereotype imaginable. The best you can say about the movie is that it bred a film critic Roger Ebert “Hated, hated, hated.” quotes.

“Milk Money” (1994)

Frank brings the prostitute, V, into his classroom for a sexual display

When their school begins sex education, three boys, Brad, Frank and Kevin, become obsessed with seeing a naked woman. After saving their money, they head into town and hire an escort named V, who agrees to show her breasts. She also agrees to drive them home, but when her car breaks down, Frank offers to let her stay in his treehouse and pose as a math teacher.

Related: 10 Disney Movie Jokes That Were Directed To AdultsIf this premise wasn’t awkward and confusing enough, the movie is presented in a lighthearted, hilarious tone. The music is whimsical and charming, the kids all act innocent about the sexual themes around them, and every joke is some kind of innuendo. This leaves the movie feeling uncomfortable and unfocused.

“Jack” (1996)

Jack is walking with his classmates

When the baby is fully delivered in the 10th week, everyone is left scratching their heads. After some examinations, the doctors told his parents that their son Jack is four times the age of a normal human being. At the age of ten, he seems to have reached forty, which makes it difficult for him to lead a normal social life and education.

jack It almost works like a movie: it’s a good direction and all the cast in particular Robin Williams Do a good job with the given material. Unfortunately, the story is predictable and contrived, the jokes aren’t that funny, and the movie hits the mark for the emotional moments. Although there is a well-meaning message about the importance of life, it remains the director’s lowest point Francis Ford Coppola Career path Career path.

Kazam (1996)

Image via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

On the run from some school bullies, twelve-year-old Max heads to an abandoned building and discovers a magic boom box. Inside it is a 5,000-year-old genie named Kazaam, who is bound to serve Max until he makes three wishes. Meanwhile, Max learns that his estranged father is close to him, and tries to reconnect with him.

This movie is an ad cliche and follows popular trends of the time, leaving it with little to no identity. One moment it’s about a boy trying to bond with his dad, and the next it’s about a magical genie becoming a rap star with lyrics like, “Let’s get the eggs and protect them.” It also doesn’t help Shaquille O’Neal She can neither act nor rap, which adds to the film’s awkwardness.

“Child Geniuses” (1999)

Child geniuses

Behind the walls of BabyCo, experiments are being conducted on children based on the theory that all humans start out as geniuses, only to lose their minds when they grow up. One kid, Sly, manages to escape from the facility and runs into his twin brother, Whit. The two are switched, but thanks to a telepathic link, they form a plan to free the captured children.

Literally, nothing about it Child geniuses Works for children or adults. The effects looked fake at launch, the unfunny jokes repeated over and over, and the kid’s range of abilities seemed to be just what the book needed at the moment. Somehow, this movie managed to get a sequel in 2004, which many considered even worse.

“Son of the Mask” (2005)

son of the mask

in 1994, the mask It became a resounding hit thanks to its memorable humor and performance from before Jim Carrey. Eleven years later, the sequel sees the Magic Mask fall to a struggling cartoonist. He ends up having a baby while wearing the mask, who is born with the same powers of Pandemonium, while Loki is sent to retrieve the mask by Odin.

Related: Top 10 Adult-Friendly Kids Moviesson of the mask He tries to fill in the voice Carey left with childish slapstick comedy. Early CGI often seems more terrifying than silly, especially when the family dog ​​dons the mask and Tom and Jerry play with the baby. The story with Loki and Odin’s father-son relationship is meant to be emotionally compelling, but more often than not it feels disconnected and pointless.

“The Nutcracker 3D” (2010)

The Nutcracker has never looked more terrifying

In 1920s Austria, Albert Einstein He visits his niece and nephew and leaves them with the Nutcracker and the dollhouse while their parents go to a Christmas party. That night, the Nutcracker and his friends appear and reveal that the Rat King and his army have taken over their kingdom. When the rats learn of this, they invade the children’s home.

Related: The 10 Worst Family & Kids Movies Of All Time, According To Rotten Tomatoesexit Andrei Konchalovsky He spent more than twenty years on this dream project, which makes the results quite baffling. Among the more questionable decisions include the disturbing Nutcracker design, adding words to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky famous ballet music, and the depiction of rats as Nazi soldiers burning games like the Holocaust. The best that can be said is that Nathan Lane And the John Turturro They play themselves as Albert Einstein and the Rat King.

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