Killer Santas: When the phrase “he knows if you’re good or bad” takes on a whole new meaning

The string lights are red, dripping in blood. Christmas log crackling, while necks are snapped. Black Christmas (1974) A murderer hides inside a sorority. Krampus (2015) Welcomes in a monster from Austrian folklore. What happens when Santa Claus unleashes all the Christmas mayhem? Perhaps his motive depends on who is naughty or nice. Maybe in order to survive. He’ll climb up the chimney, ax in hand and ready to start swinging it. But of all the weapons out there, why this one?

Silent night, deadly night (1984) he in turn posted the image there, promotional content depicting Santa Claus holding an axe. documentary, Go to cutting (2006), showing the moral panic that erupted from this flick, the rage is swift and conservative. After all that time later, you can’t keep the killer Santa down. Not every one is the same. There is St. Nick who is as lively as a rotten slice of fruitcake. There are those who bring gifts from the North Pole who are simply trying to make up for stressful vacations. He’s dressed in red and white, and he probably has a taste for bloodshed.

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7. A Bloody Christmas (2022)

Bloody Christmas Robo Santa's Christmas in the snow

Christmas Bloody Christmas He finds two co-workers who decide to get drunk to celebrate the holidays. Their plans don’t pan out well. In the town’s toy store, a new military-grade animated Santa turns into an animatronic and a human in close proximity to it causes collateral damage. Despite knowing 90,000 words, the bot is unfortunately stuck as a silent killer. No “Ho Ho Hoing” for all murders. The atmosphere rules, with string lights and neon lights giving off a giallo-like glow to almost every setting. It also causes scenes to appear blurry, which doesn’t help when the kills look great, if you can see them better. Still, this position or terminator (1984) by communicating Christmas obsessions. He won’t stop, like any real killing machine.

6. Fatman (2020)

Photo of Fatman Mel Gibson
Image via Saban Films

Kris Kringle (Mel Gibson) gives coal to a spoiled child. Displeased with Santa, this brat hires an assassin to take out the gift-giver. The gritty realism makes this take on the North Pole and Santa feel all the more real. Everyone plays everything seriously too, which just makes everything darker and funnier. Walton Goggins A stylish killer for hire, he collects the special gifts adults got from Santa when he was a child, and who now need to pawn them for cash. Marianne Jean-Baptiste She is the faithful Mrs. Ruth Kringle.

To do some world building, the Arctic is really a Canadian factory. Although the work was not very hot. A big problem for Chris this year, too, as his US government support is declining. Not enough, so he makes the executive decision to approve the military contract. You don’t have to worry about a hitman. In many ways, however, it helps Chris find the Christmas spirit he lacks. “The fat man has his eye on you, boy.” When Mr. Kringle says this, you better believe him.

5- Slaughter Santa (2005)

Santas slay 1
Image via Media 8 Entertainment

Hell Town, Canada. Nicholas Ullison (Douglas Smith) lives with his wacky inventor grandfather who built a bunker. This particular shelter is not for nuclear fallout; To get through the Christmas season, Alive. In the old book that Nicholas’ grandfather shows, the holiday has a crafty truth. santa (Bill Goldberg) was a demonic entity that lost a curling match. For 1,000 years, Santa stopped handing out gifts. Time’s up and this Santa is ready to get back in bad shape. A strip club turns into a morgue. Candlestick is used to impress the owner of the deli.

The DVD cover art is even scarier than the movie itself. Thank you so much for having professional football player and wrestler Bill Goldberg. Goldberg uses his formidable determination to challenge the warm and fuzzy Santa from old Coca-Cola ads. This is definitely not the same dude. Not only did he lose a bet and had to take on the role, but this Santa loved toilet humor and outrageous death scenes. Watch out for the reindeer, the lonely creature is a beast like Goldberg’s villain.

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4. Tales from the Crypt – “And All Over the House” (1989)

Tales from the encryption house and all through the main house

Joan CollinsIn the original 1972 movie, she tries to deal with a murderous Santa outside her home. This clip highlights Collins, the killer peeking out his head through a window. It’s scary, but this remake offers a stylishly sinister spin. output from Robert Zemeckis“And all over the house” like crazy Looney Tunes. greedy woman (Mary Ellen Trainor) Know exactly what you want for this year’s holiday. Her husband is deceased and all his money is hers, so she takes her daughter and runs away with her lover.

There is a problem with this plan is that there is a killer on the loose, dressed as what you know. Neither of these two characters are good at committing violence. killer santa (Larry Drake) stuttered. As for the woman, it also takes her a long time to realize that she has an amazing opportunity right on her doorstep. The escaped killer is a new guest. Couldn’t that have been used to kill her husband – some way to free her from suspicion? Neither Santa nor she are major offenders. But the ending does not forget that this is a horror show.

3. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Billy from Silent Knight, Deadly Night carries a gun

Pur Bailey (Robert Brian Wilson). For new fans who think they’re watching another bloody Santa Claus, they’re wrong. This is one of the darker holiday horror movies. Horribly traumatized from childhood, when he witnessed a criminal in a Santa Claus suit rape his mother and kill both his parents, Billy suppresses it all with his strict Catholic orphanage in order to wash away his sins. The attempt holds out for a while – until all the cracks in the funnel open. The Christmas season is not happy and merry for everyone. Billy’s here to drive that home. There is bitter criticism of the lack of help. Strict faith plays a role in improving mental health. But this is also a flick where the victim is impaled on the antlers of an immobilized deer head.

2. American Horror Story: Asylum (2012)


The song “Unholy Night” begins with the symbol Ian McShane He becomes psychotic, playing with his prey before shooting them. for the sophomore season, American Horror Story It landed guest stars in an episode that combined independent storytelling with the expansion of the bigger picture. McShane’s inmate at Briarcliff, Lee Emerson, is a violent criminal with a dark past. He went on a Christmas Revolution, Santa Claus costume broke his sanity. Stuck in the asylum, he appears to be locked up forever. There could be no way for him to pounce. All it takes is a possessed nun to lure him back into killer mode. Where McShane really shines is in his sense of humor. “Do you know the difference between this Santa Claus and me? He only comes once a year.” Lee Emerson is grizzly, gruff, and climbs in reverse Jessica LangeSolid Nun in the finale of the episode. Talk about the perfect holiday gift from AHS.

1. A violent night (2022)

Santa with a bloodied nose wielding a hammer with an armed mercenary watching in fear

santa (David Harbor) not too keen on another year of giving. After all, Amazon Prime and cash envelopes take on more importance. He is a sad drunk who eventually finds his way home with a rich family who pretty much hate each other. Then an armed robbery occurs. “Scrooge” (John Leguizamo) is the leader of this group of mercenaries and will receive 300 million dollars. Santa Claus just happens to be in the wrong place at the right time. He listens to a baby’s cry for help and enters full hero mode. Feelings of oblivion are about to change.

Like many of the versions on this list, Harbor’s Santa has a dark past, this time going back to the Vikings. But violent night Remember to add in that dose of Christmas spirit. Instead of an ax, Santa has a weapon of choice: the hammer. But he knows how to change it. Star tree cap can be eye gouging and electrocution. You must lick a piece of candy into a piercing dagger. Like other holiday movies, Needle Drops helps with the Christmas atmosphere. from now on , Auggie Rios The song “¿Donde Está Santa Claus?” A must play at any and every birthday party or brawl.

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