This is the next “Escape from Tarkov” schedule

Escape from Tarkov: Last June, Escape From Tarkov was wiped out, so it won’t be long before players lose all their progress and account again. Here’s when to take the next survey.

If you’re not familiar with Escape From Tarkov and curious what a wipe is, it’s simple: once every six months, developer Battlestate Games deletes all player data. All items, quests, levels, and the trader’s reputation will be erased, bringing players back to square one.

Normally, this would be a problem, but in Escape From Tarkov, it’s somewhat helpful to keep the game’s sense of freshness and ensure that new players can enter the competition on roughly equal footing with existing players.

Escape from Tarkov

When is the next “Escape from Tarkov” survey?

The next scheduled sweep of Escape From Tarkov has yet to be announced by developer Battlestate Games. However, wipes occur every six months. Given that the last sweep occurred on June 28, 2022, the next Escape From Tarkov scan will likely happen in late December. However, Battlestate Games rarely officially announces when the survey will take place.

Instead, the survey is usually preceded by events that disrupt Tarkov’s equilibrium and economy. These phenomena are easy to detect and can begin weeks before scanning. Such events previously included the sudden appearance of every chief at customs, the free opening of laboratories, and unexplained shifts in the weather.

On December 19, 2022, new content development began. All indications are that a wipeout is imminent: wipers carry grenade launchers, there are no known harmful side effects to stents, and the economy is undergoing various changes.

The annual Tarkov Twitch drop campaign kicks off on December 29th. So the scan will probably take place over the next couple of days. If scanning is not done, the drops will appear ineffective because they will distribute objects to people just before they are destroyed.

The new escape game Tarkov Map was featured in the game’s latest trailer

Today, Battlestate Games released a patched gameplay trailer for Escape from Tarkov, showcasing the game’s newest map, Streets. The Trailer for Patch 0.13 for Escape From Tarkov was released today by developer Battlestate Games.

The Streets of Tarkov, one of the game’s most anticipated maps, will finally be added in this version. This will be the ninth playable map in the game, joining the previously unplayable city, suburbs, and terminal.

Although there are currently few details about the map, a lot of humor can be extracted. To start, the map appears to only cover the area of ​​one or two blocks. It would have been as big as four blocks, for all I know.

Basic city streets and avenues are the primary features of this map, as the name suggests. Most of the urban areas on this map are marked by roads, cars, and buildings. If my recollections are correct, this is our first look at Tarkov.

While much of the action takes place on the streets of the city, players will also have access to some of the structures within it. Although we won’t be able to go inside every frame, we will explore many exciting locations.

Apartment complexes, shops, workshops and hotels can be seen in the trailer. Since the loot of the map is likely to be located within several structures, players will have to traverse the map from one building to the next in search of loot.

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When it comes to gunfights, players have the option to engage in close or long range encounters. Fights at medium and long ranges will take place on the streets, while short range, or close quarters, combat will occur indoors.

Players must adjust their equipment, whether the game is primarily played on the streets or in a controlled environment. The trailer also features gameplay footage of the players firing grenades behind their barrels. This facility has been the subject of many tips, and would be invaluable on these streets.

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