Games Inbox: PlayStation 6 release date estimate, The Last Of Us vs. Halo TV, and the excitement of PSVR2

Does Sony still believe in generations? (photo: Sony)

The Wednesday Letters page wonders if Nintendo will make a tie-in game for a Mario movie, as one reader dreams of Advance Wars.

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another generation
Rumors that Sony is working on a PlayStation 6 may not be surprising by normal standards, but I think it’s interesting that Sony seems to think there will definitely be a new generation and that it will be something similar to the usual. Any talk of taking over streaming seems to have been deferred for another generation and should be well into 2030.

Sony might be hedging their bets, and even if they’re not, they could just change their plans if there’s a sudden increase in broadband speeds and reliability, but I think the consoles will still be here for a long time to come.

As for the question of when the PlayStation 6 will be released, I think it will just be the usual five years, plus an additional two years due to the pandemic. So somewhere around 2027. I could see it would be a year or two before that although Sony didn’t continue with the PS5 Pro and felt it needed an upgrade. Although I feel like they make a lot of these choices interactively, depending on what Microsoft is doing.

TV battle
Very interested to see what Microsoft has to show off at the Xbox Showcase tonight, though I have a feeling maybe the new Tango Gameworks game was supposed to be the big surprise. I also wonder if Microsoft has also kicked off its plans for the next generation, as rumors have it that work on the PlayStation 6 has already begun.

Will Microsoft end up back in this current generation of consoles? It probably depends on Nintendo’s next console, but it looks like a strong possibility. Will there ever be a point where Microsoft gives up and admits it will never be number one? It’s hard to imagine, but it’s also hard to imagine them ever winning either, when Sony’s first-party lineup seems so irreproachable.

I can’t help but think about the difference between The Last Of Us and Halo TV, one being a massive hit worldwide while the other a minor hit on a service that hardly exists outside the US. Kind of sums up the PlayStation vs. Xbox battle in a nutshell.

Never ending story
I think we all got sick of hearing about last year’s Activision Blizzard deal, but the whole thing is so ridiculous now that it’s actually quite amusing. Microsoft now wants to sue Sony for revealing its game lineup, in order to “prove” that Xbox isn’t a threat?

I’d like to say I’ve heard it all by now, but I’m sure there will be something more absurd tomorrow. I can only imagine that the person who suggested the purchase first is now cleaning the toilets at Xbox HQ. Unless it’s Phil Spencer, in which case I imagine the questions get asked.

What a waste of time, money and goodwill. Especially since people were expecting layoffs even before Microsoft decided to fire 10,000 people for no reason.

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release excitement
I have all the pessimism about PlayStation VR 2 – it’s certainly unfortunate timing for the launch – but I’m still excited about it and have no intention of canceling my pre-order. I will only get the Horizon VR bundle at launch but I think that will be more than enough to get a feel for the hardware. Plus, I’m sure I’ll pick up some cheap titles too and there’s a free update for Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village.

As others have tried to say, the headset is actually a good value considering the technology inside and the fact that it comes with good quality controls. The PlayStation Move controllers were pretty bad, and having proper new controllers would be a real game-changer all on its own.

It’s a lot of money, but just as I try to support indie games, I also like to give my support to anything that tries to do something a little different. I don’t know why Sony puts so much into VR but I at least appreciate it, especially compared to Microsoft’s wait-and-see approach.

asymmetric control
I don’t understand why Sony didn’t opt ​​for the edge controller’s asymmetric design. Sony’s design team has already integrated asymmetric analog sticks on the Backbone One handheld controller which can be found here.

There was even a short interview and chat about this product on a podcast called Gamertag Radio but I can’t remember the episode number right now.

GC: The Backbone One is a licensed product, not made by Sony itself.

Game movie game
So what exactly can we expect from Nintendo for the Mario movie, in terms of additional tie-ins? Video game companies are notoriously bad at admitting a new game or movie is coming out. I think The Last Of Us Part 1 is probably the only example I can think of of that had nothing to do with the show.

The rumors about new DLC for Super Mario Odyssey seemed convincing but I wonder if they will get past that. The pandemic may have stopped that, but I’m kind of surprised there’s no 2D Mario to tie in with the movie and as a way to start a new series of 2D titles.

How about taking advantage of the Donkey Kong redesign? Was this the idea behind the rumors about a 3D game? I also don’t mind the new standalone Princess Peach game, because the only game I got was Super Princess Peach on the DS.

I realize we’re back predicting the Nintendo region, but this region could go any way. I would be surprised and disappointed if they didn’t do anything at all.
the host

Three-headed money not included
Just pointing it out to say that you can pre-order a physical version of Return To Monkey Island on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch from Limited Run Games until March 5th. Games are free from the region.

Having played the original games on the Amiga, and then again on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, I was going to get a boxed copy of the PlayStation 5. There are special editions for all of the consoles mentioned, as well as the game alone.
Andrew J.
Note: I look forward to the Xbox Gallery later!

The rise of machines
I totally agree with Onibee on the technical outlook for Switch 2. However, I think the key factor for Switch 2 will be Nvidia’s DLSS support – AI-powered, performance-boosting graphics. All PC gamers are familiar with this technology, which can capture a lower resolution image and greatly increase image quality while providing performance. AMD has similar technology, although it is behind its competitor in its development.

Nintendo’s partnership with Nvidia almost guarantees that it will be a Switch 2 feature and will go some way to make up for the lower specs. The original resolution is no longer a thing; Fortunately, tech experts are back to evaluating the score rather than the numbers.

When AI technology can achieve similar or better results with native resolution and significant performance savings, this is an aspect that may influence future console designs. FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) was introduced to current gen consoles and has been used in a few titles. The Xbox Series S benefits the most.

incoming mail also rans
Haven’t we reached the point where we can admit that both Sonic Adventure games were terrible? They looked bad in the 2000’s and I can’t believe anyone is still pretending otherwise 20+ years later.

What I’d like to see from Fire Emblem is some kind of modern spin-off with a less stupid story and more strategy, involving tanks and planes and the like. Surely it would be a dead certification, right? Oh.

Hot topic for this week
This weekend’s Inbox theme was suggested by reader Paulie, who asks what’s more important to you: graphics or gameplay?

Even if you consider both important, do you have minimum requirements for either? Do you really not care how bad the graphics are if you enjoy the rest of the game and how bad the gameplay is before it becomes an issue, if you value other elements like visuals and story?

What are the best examples of games that excel in one area over others, and can you still appreciate them, or does everything have to have a good balance of features?

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